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Tom Benne

Paula Benne

William Bunting

Lorene Burman

Richard Curewitz

Ed Hamilton

Frances Hodsdon

Diane Hoppe

Sherrill Hunnibell

Malley Houghton

Genevieve Keller

Leo Marcus

Anthony Marple

Barbara Meyer

Natasha Mayers

Roger Majorowicz

Gustav Moore

Leane Morin

Toki Oshima

Eric Paetow

Judith Powell

John Pranio

Jon Robbins

Judith Robbins

Julian Sacks

Jimmy Silin

Tom Sweet

Barbara Vanderbilt

Elmer Wilson

Charles & Julia Yelton



It could be the water, it could be the air or it could be just because Whitefield is an inspirational place to live - in any case, many people who have an active interest in the Arts  choose our town as their home - as their place to create.

Painters, woodworkers, fabric artists, sculptors, bookbinders, printmakers, music makers, writers, potters, illustrators, photographers, and folk artists of all creative ilk enrich our town.

You can see their work in the fields, in the gardens, in the school, and even on the telephone poles. One cannot help but notice that this is a place where art is part of life.

This purpose of this page is to celebrate these creative people and their work and to thank them for making our town, Whitefield - a better place !

click on the artist's name to learn more about them and their work.


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