Textures, Patterns and Colors at Indian Rocks Beach, Florida 2001




Richard Curewitz

Richard Curewitz lives to create with wood. He works with Barbara Vanderbilt at their Gothic Tile workshop on Doyle Road in the north western section of our town. With his combination of artistic and mechanical skills, Richard has managed to solve a myriad of design and function conundrums around their architecturally fanciful studio / home.

Visit their great web site at:  www.gothictile.com

Although the application of his skills is diverse (from custom home building to hydraulic pug mill design), he is most interested in the creation of fine pieces of furniture - intricate many drawered cabinets, tables with delicately turned legs and attractive inlays.

Richard has a modern portable sawmill that allows him to custom cut his own hardwood for his creations. He is a magician when it come to convincing wood to take the shape of his whimsy.

Richard Curewitz can be found at 85 Doyle Road, Whitefield , ME 04353

205-549-5761  -  fax 207-549-3946

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