Natasha Mayers
Community Artist

Natasha Mayers is Whitefield's prime mover when it comes to the ARTS ! Since the 1970's she has been  the single handed force behind making sure that ART is up front and in our town, and in our schools and everywhere else it belongs. 
When our school boards felt forced with their limited funds to cut the important Art program , it was Natasha who researched, motivated, created and got funding for some of the most innovative volunteer Arts programs in Maine - for our  children. 

One of Natasha's most innovative projects was useing the utility poles in Whitefield as "canvases" for the school children's work. Since these paintings were to be in front of us all the time, themes were chosen that had a focus on our town, its people and history. She became so enthralled at the potential of this method of presentation that she chose to paint the poles on Hollywood Boulevard  ( formerly Carleton Road in our south eastern section)
  Click here to see a page of poles by Natasha and her students.

Not content to enrich only the visual Arts program, Natasha is also responsible for bringing the highly
acclaimed Sarah Lawrence College Theater Outreach team to our School each of the past 5 years.

Natasha had helped children and adults in scores of towns create murals. From Maine to Ohio, from the Soviet Union to Granada, Nicaragua - from Nigeria to our State Prison, She has helped people express themselves. Some of her most rewarding work has been with people at the Augusta Mental Health Institute.

Roads and maps have been a consistent theme in  her work. One of Natasha's map pictures even graced the cover of our
 Whitefield Annual Report.

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