Tom Benne

folk artist

Tom Benne has lived with his wife, Paula on Townhouse Road for 20 years. They are farmers, woods workers and artists . Art is an important part of their lives. (Click here to visit Paula's webpage)

Tom makes folk art creations that have including a series of wooden jewelry pins, fanciful fish lures and whimsical garden whirly-gigs and spur of the moment sculptures.

His artistic whimsy has delighted people for decades. This creative drive is not
limited to the traditions materials. Even their car and pickup truck are fair game. 

A spark plug chickadee stands on a branch in my garden, a gift from my neighbor. Tom's famous "tin people" occupy unexpected perches in trees and woodpiles, and are sold in many craft shops in the area.

The Benne's creativity extends to things domestic, like their "homemade hot water" - Tom devised a water heating coil for his wood stove.


click here to see Tom's Tin people                                  click here for Tom's wooden fish

As an avid fisherman, Tom is currently working on a series of Maine's fish sculptures. These attractive creations are made from native woods and crafted with metal fins and painted bodies - both sides. 
His collection include: Striped Bass, Mackerel, Brook Trout, Brown Trout, Yellow Perch, Pickerel, Pike, Flounder, Atlantic Cod, Sun Fish and our own elusive Atlantic Salmon. These are popular gifts for people who love Maine's creatures and Maine's crafts. 

Tom's Tin People are also very popular among folk art collectors. This high tribute to recycling has kitchens all over Lincoln County proud of their efforts to help Tommy propagate his species.
 Tom's E-Mail


Tom Benne
587 Townhouse Road
Whitefield, ME

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