An Illustrated Timeline of Whitefield, Maine 
another Friends Of Whitefield project
by David Chase
Prehistoric * Historic-1700 * 1701-1800 * 1801 to 1850 * 1851-1900 * 1901-1920 * 1921-1940  
* 1941-1960 * 1961-1980
*  1981-2000 * 2001-2010 * Gazetteer * Reference

1. Ballstown West 1768 - 1809 by Linwood Lowden

2 Whitefield Historian Whitefield Historical Society’s occasional publication.

3 Sheepscot Echo Lincoln County Courthouse collection

4 Two Feet to Tidewater The Wiscasset, Waterville & Farmington Railway By Robert Jones & David Register

5 The Dictionary of Dates by Helen Rex Keller

6 Lewiston Evening Journal 1909 commemorative issue

7 The Timetables of History a Horizontal linkage of People and Events. by Bernard Grun

8 The Village Herald and Lincoln Review

9 Lincoln County News

10 Whitefield Town Report (s) the annual publication of the towns affairs.

11 Saint Denis 1833- 1983 by T & C Peckenham

12 King’s Mills Whitefield Maine 1772-1982 by Henry C Waters

13 Liberty Men and Great Proprietors by Alan Taylor

14 Big Dreams and Little Wheels by Ruby Crosby Wiggins

15 The Weeks Mills “Y” of the Two-Footer by Clinton F. Thurlow

16 The WW&F Two Footer Hail and Farwell by Clinton Thurlow

17 Habitat Journal of the Maine Auduborn Society Jan 88

18 Maine Register and Legislative Manual published annually

19 Lincoln County Jail Records

20 Adjutants General Report 1863

21 Maine in the New Republic Charles, Clark, James Leamon, Kara Bouden

22 The Kennebec Reporter

23 Sesquicentennial Celebration 1809-1959 publication of Whitefields celebration committee

24 From a report by Priscilla Bond on the Ball Family given 2/2/97

25 From a talk by Father Gaffee at St. Denis 4/29/97

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33 From the Maine Historic Preservation Commission inventory data 10/2/1989

34 Lincoln County Courthouse Records . Wiscasset

35 Criminal Docket of Thomas Brann, Trial Justice Whitefield Lincoln County Records, Wiscasset .

36 The University of Chicago Biographical Sketches volume II by Thomas Wakefield Goodspeed 1925

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38 Maine Genealogist

39 Early Balltown/Whitefield records on Microform gathered by the Mormons and available at the Maine State Archives and Whitefield Historical Society.

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46 History of Coos County 1888 forward by J. Duane Squires

47 Web site of the Old Pine Street Presbyterian Church ( html)

48 Lives of The Saints by the Rev. Alban Butler, an abridged version of Butler’s Lives of The Saints in two volumes ..ISBN 0760707790



51 Saints the Chosen Few by Manuela Dunn-Mascetti 1994

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53 From the “Office Copy” record book of Dr. A.R.G. Smith of Whitefield recording his examination records (mostly of Civil War veterans) and personal correspondence…..Elmer Wilson collection

54 Minutes of the Lincoln Association………1826 WHS Bill Ford collection

55 Minutes of the Old Shool Predestinarian Bible Assocuiation, held with the First Church in Whitefield, Sept 12, 13 and 14, 1845 WHS Bill Ford collection

56 From a letter to L.H. Ford esq from H. A. Turrell, East Weymouth Mass, April 1st 1913 WHS Bill Ford collection

57 Letter from Sarah Ford …….WHS Bill Ford collection

58 From a letter to Lore Ford from Ephrim Clark June 11, 1909. …….WHS Bill Ford collection

59 The Ancestors and Descendants of Simon Jones and Ann M. (Dorr) Murphy Maine State Library.


61 From a letter to Lore Ford ……. WHS Bill Ford collection

62 From the list of voters for 1842….. WHS Bill Ford collection (now on Whitefield name database)

63 WHS Bill Ford collection (now on Whitefield name database)

64 Library of Congess exhibit

65 From notes made by Mary Tobin Olsen before talking to school children about Women in WWII.

66 Whitefield Treasurers report MSHS collection

67 Journal of the Senate of the United States of America, 1789-1873

68 Journal of the House of Representatives of the United States, 1807-1809

69 Journal of the executive proceedings of the Senate of the United States of America, 1862-1864

70 Senate Executive Journal --TUESDAY, July 15, 1862.

71Gazetteer of the State of Maine By Geo. J. Varney Published by B. B. Russell, 57 Cornhill, Boston 1886













84    Harpers Index  ...









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Lore H. Ford's 1885 diary

Historic record and complete biographic roster, 21st Me. Vols. with reunion records of the 21st Maine Regimental Association(1907)  

 100 .davistownmuseum

101.Dr. Edward T O'Donnell.