An Illustrated Timeline of Whitefield, Maine 
another Friends Of Whitefield project
by David Chase

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Whitefield, Maine is located at    44°10'12"N    69°37'33"W

other Whitefields are:

Whitefield, New Hampshire ( also bordering a town of Jefferson) ; population was 1,041 in 1990; housing units was 488 in 1990; location is 44°22'N 71°37'W; land area is 3,335,000 km

Whitefield, Arkansas, is also in a Lincoln County; location is 34°3'52"N 91°45'24"W

Whitefield, Illinois, is in Bureau County; location is 41°8'55"N 89°30'17"W

Whitefield, Oklahoma, population was 253 in 1990; housing units was 106 in 1990; is in Haskell County; location is 35°15'9"N 95°14'14"W

Whitefield, England (United Kingdom) location is 53°33'00"N 002°18'00"W

maps and views of WHITEFIELD:

* Here are a wonderful series of maps showing many of Whitefield's characteristics  *

* This is our map of all roads in Whitefield *

 * What the Noaa weather satellite sees over Whitefield (and the Eastern US) right now *


The Drives of Whitefield:
The Roads, Lanes, Streets, Avenues, Courts, Circles and Boulevards of our town
 their history and data.




Old Road Names:

Alden’s Mill road… Oxbow lane Duncan road (Sennott road)
Bradbury road ( Sennott road) Erskine road

Campbell road

Kelley road (Rooney road)
Carlson road Molloy road
Church road Nolan road
Cooper’s Mills road Northey road (Vigue road)
Crocker road (Crocker Avenue) Noyes road (Howe road)

Ripley road


Carlow spring

Cooper’s Spring (Cooper Road)

Fergusson’s spring (Just West of Jefferson line on Jefferson road)

Kenney spring

Mullens Spring

Reed spring

Talbot’s spring ( Vigue road by house of seven gables (Geo. Talbuts))

Turners Spring ( South of Garcias mobile home on Townhouse Road …Hydraulic ram still visible that use to supply water to Kensell farm via lead pipes. Harlow> Kensell> Longfellow> Hardwick> Garcia> Chase> Chatham)

Winslow spring



Asil brook… crossing mid-Senott Road emptying into Clary Lake

Ben brook… starting on the north side of Carleton Road then flowing east of it to Alna where it crosses the Egypt road.

Benson’s bog… large bog area extending from upper Clary Lake crossing Jefferson Road. “Muddy Brook “on an early plan.

Branch brook… general name of both East and West Branch Brooks. A misnomer.

Brennan’s Garden….the long (240’) island just below the bridge on Grand Army. Reference name on several old mill deeds. (aka coconut Is.)

Carleton brook… the 3¼ mile long brook starts at the small pond on upper Heath Road and empties into the Sheepscot after crossing East River Road below Labrerees hill.

Chamberlain brook.. over 3.6 miles long on just one of it’s many branches it empties into the Sheepscot at King’s Mills Village, it drains all lands west of the village to the Pittston line. The oldest named brook in our town ( first reference was in 1792 )

Clary Lake a.k.a. Pleasant Pond 152’above sea level. Surface area of lake is 344 acres in Whitefield (659 total acres with 315 being in Jefferson). Lake length is 2.737 miles long in a straight line ( 3 miles by boat) from dam to its end at 126 in Jefferson. 6.88 miles (36,353’) of frontage on water in Whitefield ( 18,575’ (3.51 miles) in Jefferson). Total distance around lake is 10.4 miles. Max Depth is 21’. Outlet to Sheepscot River is via the mill pond on Mills Road between Turner’s Corner and Cooper’s Mills.

East Branch brook of Eastern River a.k.a. (East) Branch Brook. Part of the Kennebec watershed.

Farm brook.. crosses Townhouse Road after draining most of the west side up to Grand Army Road.

FiddleHead Island… It is 486’ long containing nearly 1.3 acres . In Sheepscot near sharp bend in Head Tide Road and intersection of Pockets Brook. Behind Phil Russells. Known for the abundance of the popular spring green.

Finn brook.. long (3.6 miles) meandering brook starting above Devine Road and empties into the Sheepscot at the No. Whitefield bridge after crossing three roads.

Fox Brook…. 1899 Town Report reference p.25

Haraman brook… 1937 10

Longfellow Pond a.k.a. Givens Pond 270’ above sea level. Length 2600’(1/2 mile). 1 mile frontage on water. Surface area 23.2 acres.. In North West corner almost wholly in Whitefield. On the Windsor line.

Martin Potter Stream… running parallel with Heath Road it empties into the little pond that starts Carleton brook and thus completes this large watershed.

Marie’s Island… roundish (150’ X 188’ encompassing nearly ½ acre) island in Sheepscot between Sheepscot Meadows Farm on the West side and Julian and Marie Sacks on the East. Formed by a classic result of stream split.

Pockets brook…1.4 miles long, beginning above Jewett Lane and flowing south it crosses Head Tide Road mid-way.

Rogers brook… starting south of Townfarm lane and running north parallel to East River Road until crossing it just west of Wild West Lane.

Sam brook… beginning just north of Meaher Lane and flowing east and soon crosses Hunt’s Meadow Road before meeting the West Branch brook near he old roadbed of Henry road extension.

Sheepscot River… running full length of our town and our major watershed. It originates in Sheepscot Pond and meets tide water in Alna. Drainage area below junction of East & West branches is 133 sq. miles; at the mouth 228 Sq. miles or 145,920 acres. The basin contains 24 lakes or ponds and 55 miles of streams. A water stage recorder, located at the bridge on Grand Army Road has measured flows since 1938, and these records are available through the Internet. 42

Sheepscot River East Branch. Source, Freedom and Montville. Drainage area at mouth 80 sq. miles.

Sheepscot River West Branch. Source Palermo. Drainage area at mouth 53 sq. miles. It contributes 35% of the flow to the main branch of the Sheepscot River. 42

Stearns brook… starting at the north end of Weary Pond and draining south.

Tavern brook… Starting north of Philbrick Lane and crossing Townhouse Road it soon empties into the Sheepscot. Old name found on deeds that refer to a nearby Tavern owned by the Turners. Also referred to as “Turner’s brook” on one deed.

Tibbetts brook…. Beginning on the west side of Townhouse Road, crossing it and flowing through Whitefield Canyon to the Sheepscot.

Turner’s Meadow Brook43

Weary Pond 185’ above sea level .Total length is 3400’ (.65 miles). 900 feet at its widest point . Depth 19’ Water surface area .06 sq. miles. 1.7 miles around it: (frontage). Outlet on north end to Sheepscot River easterly via Dyer pond(s)/river system

Weaver brook… 1.8 miles long, beginning on the side of Palmer hill and flowing East until crossing Wiscasset road in Weaver Brook Valley.

West Branch of Sheepscot River

West Branch of Eastern River a.k.a. (West) Branch Brook


King’s Mills area:

Choate’s (water) Mill (on Great Falls ..1779)

Ford (water) Mill (Opposite King’s Mill) Wm Ford in 1886

King’s (water) Mill ( 1801 In King’s Mills just west of brick house on King’s Mills Lane)

Little’s (water) Mill (2 ½ miles below King’s Mills falls . circa 1800) 1

Norris’s (water) Mill ( first sawmill at great falls in King’s Mills circa 1775)

Preble/Turner (water) Mill (at bend in river between Sabatines and Chases in late 18th cent.)

Pug (Verdon) Chase’s (dry ) Mill (on Wiscasset Road across from the cemetery 1960-70’s)

Stearns (water) Mill (on Sterns brook NE of Weary Pond circa 1790)

Peter King grist mill and sharp tool factory.

Dams :

Click for location map

Dam ID




Year Built **

Height in feet

1 Joshua Little Sheepscot Main Stem SM Prior to 1800 UK
2 King's Mills Sheepscot Main Stem SM, SH, GM ~ 1774 UK
3 Turner Prebble Sheepscot Main Stem SM ~ 1775 UK
4 Youngs Sheepscot Main Stem SH, SM, FM ~ 1807 UK
5 Un-named Sheepscot Main Stem SH, GM UK UK
6 Coopers Mills Sheepscot Main Stem SM, SH,  GM 1804 18
7 Pinhook West Branch Sheepscot  River


1804 UK
8 Un-named Sterns Brook


1800's UK
9 Clary Pleasant Pond Stream


1791 12
10 Mill Pond Pleasant Pond Stream


UK 10
11 Un-named Pleasant Pond Stream


early 1800's UK
12 Un-named West Branch of Eastern River UK Uk UK

UK = Unknown,   SM=Sawmill,   GM=Gristmill,   SH=Shingle Mill, 



100 acre field

Hunts meadow

Nigger meadow (from reference in Big Dreams & Little Wheels about the WW&F railroad (pages 39, 58)) “between Preble’s and Whitefield “16

Pinkham field

Sheepscot meadow



Carrie Goud’s 1935 10


Keye’s ( Intersection of Hunt’s Meadow and North Hunt’s Meadow roads)

Trainor’s ( intersection of South Hunt’s Meadow and Hunt’s Meadow roads.)

Turner’s (intersection of Jefferson, Grand Army and Mills roads at North Whitefield)

Northey’s (intersection of Vigue (Northey) Howe and Devine roads)



Acher hill  Frank P. McManus ( and 5 others) , labor building road around Acher hill$31.00 “ 1893 10

Ball’s Hill 250’ south east of Jones Hill off Hilton Road.

Bill Hill 425’ highest point in Whitefield- overlooking the pond and settlement of the village of Joice .

Brooking’s Hill 1899 town report “ …cutting down and grading….. $18.12

Carleton hill 1893 “dynamite & blasting on Carleton Hill. Paul B. King $21.75 10

Church Hill 275’ site of Saint Denis Church.

Clark Hill

Crocker Hill 391’ mid way of Crocker Avenue which passes right over its apex. Our 3rd highest point.

Devine Hill 302’ high point midway of Devine Road.

Dexter Hill…1899 town report mention p.25

Grand Army Hill 225’ by Arlington Grange Hall (formerly Grand Army of the Republic, Hall )

Hanley Hill by “stone house on Vigue road

Hemlock Hill 150’ (reference in 18th century deed to steep knoll by river on Sheepscot Meadows farm)

Henry Bailey Hill 1897 10

Hidden Valley off Carleton road near Alna line

Jewett Hill 340’ near intersection of Jewett Lane and South weary Pond Lane. 5th highest point.

Jones Hill 368’ was Grover's hill was Poor's hill (a.k.a. Poor district) 4th highest point.

Joy Ridge the highland west of Hunts Meadow Road that terminates at Bill Hill that overlooks Joys Pond.

Kingsbury Partridge Hill ..1899 Town Report “cutting down and grading….. $11,25

Laberees Hill 161’ at the south end of Heath Road site of the Ford ‘s orchard.

Liberty Hill 200’ a.k.a. Longfellows Hill a.k.a. Laws Hill over looking the pastoral village of King’s Mills from East River Road. Removed in the 70-80’s for its gravel, seen now only in photographs.

Noland Hill 300’ now called (Charlie) Miller’s Hill (On Cooper Road) -

Palmer Hill 410’ on west end of Crocker Avenue. 2nd highest point in town.

Pigeon Hill 238’ site of Curtis Coombs house. Named for the fields leading to the river where pigeons were snared by nets spread on the field. 12

Sheepscot River Valley

StoneHouse Hill 290’ high point on Vigue Road.

Ware Hill – 1899 town report “ …cutting down and grading….. $6,25

Whitefield Canyon-The time worn, eroded hills of Townhouse Road on the riverside of Stanley Tibbett’s Farm. Created over many years by the wandering brook that formed in the glacial groove and by pasturing the steep treeless knolls . These steep sidebanks are beautiful in low angle light.



Sheepscot * (main river south of merging of the East and West branches East of Howe Bridge.)

Sheepscot ( via Dyers River)

Kennebec* (via East and West branches of the Eastern River)

* rain that falls on the west side of the roof of Saint Denis Church ends up in the Kennebec River and rain that falls on the East side of the roof goes to the Sheepscot River.


Turner’s Corner area: (North Whitefield Vilage)

Boyntons (dry) Mill (a.k.a. Alden's) ( on Oxbow Lane in 1950’s on Piper Road to date)

Clary (water) Mill (at end of Clary Lake- Pleasant Pond on Mills Road)

James E. Morse shingles, staves 1875

Partridge S K (water) mill (at base of Grand Army Hill)

Plummer’s (water) Mill ( At Clary Lake outlet…described as “old” in 1812)

Potter, E.P. ? long and short lumber in N. Whitefield 1910

Red Thornton’s (dry) Mill (on Henry Road 1960-80’s)

S.M. & F.B. Partridge grist, saw, shingle and carding mills in 1886

Young’s (water) Mill ( foot of Grand Army Hill …circa 1807….sold to Norris in 1809)

Oatmans mill near Pleasant Pond outlet


Cooper’s Mills area:

Brown, Charles in Cooper’s Mills 1910

Edwin Howe flour 1875

Levi Sterns planing mill1881

Northey’s (water) Mill a.k.a. Pinhook mill (circa 1804 West Branch of Sheepscot north of Howe Road) 1

Putnam’s (water) Mills ( Original mills at Cooper’s Mills 1804 sold to Gray who sold to Cooper in 1808)

Reuel Howe long lumber 1886

Thomas Howe shingles 1875

Wm M & C.F. Achorn flour 1886


SCHOOLS: (districts)

1 Miller

2 Lewis

3 Northey (on the north west corner of the intersection of Devine and Northey (Vigue) Roads)

4 Bates

5 Crowell

6 Plains (on blueberry barrens at Wiscasset road)

7 Fowles

8 Wheeler (East River Road south of Preble cemetery)

9 Choate

10 Potter

11 Cooper’s Mills (Main Street next to church ( now the Lion’s Club))

12 Dumphy

13 Church (just east of St. Denis)

14 Turners Corner (Mills Road just south of Piper Road intersection on E side)

15 Turner

16 Keye's corner (near intersection of N. Hunts Meadow and Cooper, on old extension of Meaher road)

17 Partridge

18 King’s Mills (20 Pittston Rd.)

19 Carleton on Townhouse just North of Carleton / Philbrick roads intersection.

20 Choate School (1899 Town Report reference)



Balltown church

Calvary Bible Baptist (150 Grand Army Rd.)

Cooper’s Mills (47 Main Street)

North Whitefield Union (17 Grand Army Rd.)

Old School Baptist

Saint Denis Catholic (298 Grand Army Rd.)

Whitefield Union (25 Pittston Rd.)


Bridge names from Whitefield town references

Albee Bridge (1947)

Choate bridge King’s Mills bridge
Bailey bridge Cooper’s Mills bridge Knights bridge
Benner bridge Crowell bridge Leonard bridge
Branch bridge Dam bridge Meadow bridge
Branch bridge (Townhouse Road) Doyle bridge Nolan bridge
Branch Bridge near John Malloy Dunn bridge Northey bridge
Bridge (near A. Lewis) Finn bridge Partridge bridge
Bridge (near Thomas Fields) Ford bridge Shag Meadow bridge
Bridge in McKindsley's district Gilman bridge Tavern Brook bridge
Bridge near J. Heath Harriman bridge Townhouse bridge
Bridge near King’s Mills Hatch bridge Trainer bridge
Carleton bridge Isaac Hatch bridge 1897 Turner bridge
Chamberlain bridge Kelly bridge  


above Hodgkins Store (3 Grand Army Rd.)

Arlington Grange Hall (24 Grand Army Rd.)

K of C Hall ( app. 270 Grand Army Rd. )

King’s Mills Fish and Game Hall ( 901 Townhouse Rd. )

Meahers Dance Hall (Meaher Road) 3

Odd Fellows Hall (130 Main Street)

Saint Denis Convent Hall (299 Grand Army Rd.)

Wits End Dance Hall (194 Alna line)

Wonderland Dance Hall (Trainors Corner) 3

WW 1 Hall (18 Windsor Rd.)



Cooper’s Mills:

Achorn Brothers (Wm. In 1891)to Leslie Hisler to Albert Avery to Walter Bowden (moving across street in 1915) to Laurice Avery

Folsom Bros. 1875

Aaron Noyes to Horace Weeks then Walter Bowden.

Leslie Hisler to Fred Longfellow (burned) to Maurice York (1927) to Gordon Ballantyne in 1948


Jerry Gray (1850) to Aaron Noyes to Joseph Abbott to William Towle to Walter Yorks To Ray Ewens becoming Ray’s Market

Leslie Lewis 1891 to H.E.Howe (on north corner of Windsor and Main) moved toward the river to become part of Ray’s Market aka Abbott’s Store.

Lester Albee

Marieta Colby 1943

Noyes & Weeks 1875

Wiloubys 1969

Yorks to Country Corners

North Whitefield:

Cash Grain Company F.W.Chadwick prop 1915.. then Hapgoods ,across Hilton Road from Hilton & Clark convenient to the WW&F siding. (14 Hilton Rd.)

John Tarr to Crummets to Taylor to McGee to Superette (3 Mills Rd.)

Hilton & Clark (Hilton Road near tracks of WW&F) to E. M. Hilton 1915 to N. S.Chase groceries & grain to Chase Farm Equipment till 1970’ (17 Hilton Rd.)

Elbridge McKindsly at Joice in 1886

F.W.Douglases to Mrs. Belle Douglass burned in 1949 along with selectmens office on 2nd floor (12 Grand Army Road ).

Francis and Johnson 1943

Horace G. Barstow on Clary lake near Jefferson line :“the beer store” for Clary Lake Pavilion (dance hall at 215 and 126) when Jefferson was “dry”” 1943.

James E. Powers

Mr Gallagher called Gulliver’s Store

James E. Powers 1891

Morse and Tarr 1875

Mrs Clara Tarr, James W. Powers 1886

Mrs. Lizzie Hodgkins 1915 (3 Grand Army Road)

O.F. Glidden 1875

Vigues (Paul and Tom) to Irelands (Larry) to Courters (Brian) to Goodwins (Otis) to Maldovans (Jerry) Pit Stop. (corner of Vigue and (221 Grand Army)

King’s Mills:

David Crowells store (1805 to 1854) to F. Crowell & Co. (1864) to store of Crowell and Trask then E.W.Task then Sawin King (to 1893) then Albert Perham to Edward Albee to (1934-)( 1941) a tea room by Emma Chase & Florence Hapgood then Lester Felt in 1941 Meat and Grocery Store to 1960 ( with P.O.) then Phil Hall to 1962. ( 3 Pittston Rd.)



Erskine (app. 921 East River Rd. next to RR tracks, 2 ½ story bldg.) to Fred Scott to Percy Chaney and finally to John Libby then torn down when lease expired and RR stopped..


Walter Heaths store (1880) to Sawin King ( 1893) F.E. & B.W. Scott (1930) to John L. Libby to Curtis Coombs (1934) to C. Richard Russell (1949) to Bill Eastman (1949) to Helen Rancourt to 1951 to Andy Hall - (10 Wiscasset Rd.)




Daniel N. Dunton 1891



1857 listing of stores:

Allen B. Kinkaide

D.F. Crowell & Co

Henery A. Turner

Jacob K. Folsom

James Gallagher

Jeremiah B. Donnell

Jeremiah Wheeler

Oliver Chaney




Turners Corner ( North Whitefield)

Dr. A.L. Lukeforth 1891

Dr. A.R.G. Smith 1891 (also Legislator and Senator…office at 11 Grand Army Rd.)

Dr. Joseph E. Odiorne 1915 (office at 98 Mills Road)

Dr. Lester Gross

Dr. Libby . 1879

Dr. Luce

Dr. Morton

Dr. Samuel Heath

Dr. Thurlow W. Brimigion 1915

Dr. Rufus Cunningham


Cooper’s Mills

Dr. Roger Metcalf

Dr. Wellington Johnson 1891

Dr.Charles W. Bibber 1915

Dr.Jeremiah Carr 1883

Dr.Joseph E. Odiorne 1915



Jason M. Carleton

Denis A. Meaher

R.S. Partridge

John H. Potter

Robert Marks

Lore Ford III

James Smith

Stephen Smith




Cooper’s Mills

C.L. Colby 1943

Calvin Place to 1980’s (on Mills Road )

Carleton Dow, W. Coombs in 1886

Frank Place , Fred Coombs 1910

Martin Hewitt 1915


Turners Corner ( North Whitefield)

Alley Bates ( 75 Grand Army Road)

E. M. Gray 1891 (220 Mills Road )

F.R Benson 1915 (in mill sheds at Clarys- 103 Mills Rd.)

  1. G. Potter & Barrett Potter 1886

  2. H. Place 1915

S.W Colby , Wilis E. Gardiner 1910

Shorey (at site of Turner’s Corner fire house - 12 Mills Rd.)

Will Conrad 1943


King’s Mills (Whitefield)

Frank Ripley carriage woodwork and horse shoeing 1910, 1915

Peter King’s ax shop to Sauren King’s Blacksmith shop

Scott Fish 1915

Wetherell’s Blacksmith shop (west side near Ford’s Bridge pre 1880-1970 )to E. Scott Fish in 1928 12


Joice (Trainers corner)


James Grant 1891

Roger Tainer