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y the classic definition, history is the written record of the past. During the past century that definition was amended to include photographs, and more recently to include moving pictures, video, and digital pictures. A-CHS has been busy collecting the written history for over twenty years and image history for over a decade. The scanner and our computer allow us to get the image and return the picture to its owner. The images that are in this album were acquired via the scanner.

Even though this album has been put together by John Dudley and our A-CHS Project Scholar, David Chase, it is Marian (Dwelley) Cousin’s album. A little about Marian and her family…


         Marian Maxine Dwelley was born on January 2, 1918 in Alexander at the home of her parents on the Cooper Road. Her parents were Hiram Delmont (1883 - 1963) and Clara (1890 – 1965) (Dunham) Dwelley. She called them Dad and Marm. She was the youngest in her family. She attended the Hale School in Alexander, Woodland High School, and Milo High School.

Howard Frost....Woodland, 1933
Marian stayed with them while at High School


She married Orris Cousins (1911 – 1993) on September 8, 1937. Their first home was a tent at a white birch hauling operation for Stowell-MacGregor. Orris and her brother Paul were teamsters, each using his father’s horse, and Marian did the cooking.


Rev. William Dunham

They lived in Portland from 1942 to 1945 while Orris worked in the shipyard. Soon they built a home on the Pokey Road and lived here until 1956 when they moved to Connecticut. They returned to Alexander in 1977 and built a new home at their home site on the Pokey Road. This album covers the time before Orris and Marian went to work in Connecticut.

MARIAN’S FAMILY: (The names that are underlined are of those whose pictures are in the Album. Family members are identified by first name, others will have family name also)

Mort Dwelley’s first wife was Eunice Lane. Their children were:

Vivian (1898 - 1929), she married James Arthur Holmes who died shortly after. Their son was named for his father but called Buster (1923 - 1981). He was raised in Marian’s family.

Velma (1900 - 1994) married Fletcher MacLeod.

Kenneth died young.


David Elbridge, Vivian Dwelley and Lady on Belle's back 1945




Harvard in the Army 1944

Marjorie (1907 - 1971) married Burt Elbridge. Their children are David (1932) and Velma Louise (1934).

Eunice died of tuberculosis, and in 1912 Mort married Clara . Their children were:

Dana (1913 - 1989) married Jean Flood and their children are Roy Allen (1941) and Gary (1949)

Harvard (1914 - 1990) married Dot Hunt, their children are Alan (1951) and Jane (1953). 

Paul (1915 - 1981) married Rowena White. Their children are Vivian and Lloyd, known as Buzz.

Marian (1918), the youngest one in the family and one who has kept many old photographs.



While this is Marian’s Album, it is more. It is a history of her family and community. It records the clothing styles and interests of residents of our community. It shows cars and farm animals. Do these pictures remind you of earlier days. If your family lived in this area between 1920 and the mid 50s, Marian’s Album should connect you to that time. Today Marian, known as Mamie or Aunt Mamie to many friends and neighbors, enjoys visiting, cooking, and playing cards, either at the kitchen table or on the Internet. Send a e-note to for a game of cribbage.

MORE PICTURES from Marian’s Album can be viewed in Special Issue #8 published by A-CHS in October 2002.

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