216 Pokey Road, Alexander, ME 04694-6012

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MISSION STATEMENT - The Alexander-Crawford Historical Society exists 1) to collect information of historical and genealogical value of these two towns and the area, to organize this information, and to disseminate it to those interested through our newsletters, 2) to create an awareness of local history through outreach programs at the school. Grange Hall, and local libraries, and 3) to collect a record of current community activities for future historians.

See the work of the Alexander Elementary School on the 
Cemetery Project

ACHS Newsletter
We have begun the process of scanning early issues to post here on the Internet:
 * click here to read some of the actual back issues of the newsletter *

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** Click here to learn about Jack Dudley and his birds**

* Click here to see pictures from Bert Varnum's photo album *

* Click here to read about Alexander's Monolith Millennium Island Dome *

* Click here for a 19th century map of Alexander *

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