Comprehensive Planning information

Whitefield voters accepted this plan on November 8th
 468 to 416


     Whitefield's volunteer Comprehensive Planning committee was formed two years ago and charged by our community to develop a proposal for a new and updated comprehensive plan (our current outdated plan is over 25 years old). The committee has produced a draft of a new Plan and is seeking greater participation by Whitefield residents before a final version is presented to the Town for a vote in November.

Here you can read and download working copies. Here you will find history, data, rationale, maps and the issues facing the Town that the committee has identified, as well as the committee's draft, recommended policies and strategies to address them. You are encouraged to read these materials carefully and the committee welcomes your corrections, comments, and suggestions.

Here is also an e-mail link where you can send your thoughts and ideas to the committee. They need your participation.

This single page explains who works on the committee, what their objectives are and what the timeline is . 

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Here is a letter of endorsement from our Selectmen explaining their supportive position.

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This is a "fact sheet" of quick and easy information on the plan

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           Here you will find a question and answer sheet -

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              Here is an article that appeared in the Lincoln County News describing a recent meeting of Comprehensive Planning Committee members with Whitefield's Selectmen and the Planning Board.

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Here is the final version of the plan to be voted on at a Special Town Meeting, November 8.  the 'meat and potatoes' of the committee's work which consists of two , basic parts: the "Plan" itself; and the Appendices that contain the extensive documentation from which the issues and proposed actions were developed..\

It contains a brief history of Whitefield, data on our population and demographics, land use, local economy, housing, transportation, public services and facilities, recreation, cultural, historic, natural resources and fiscal capacity. It's a snapshot of who and where we are today and how to prepare for the future.

Hard copies of the plan are available at the Town Office

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Here are 12 great maps of Whitefield in differing formats and detail by Paul Hoffman of the Sheepscot Valley Conservation Association, who worked with Whitefield's committee in producing visual data to be included in the plan.

These remarkable maps illustrate in realistic detail the nature of Whitefield - those things we consider most important about our town and to its future.

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A hard copy of the entire Plan and copies of the maps can be found in
 the Whitefield Town Office.