The Drives of Whitefield

in Whitefield :

A Road is a drive that leads to another road .

A Lane is a drive that is dead end.

A Court is a drive that ends in a regulation cul-de-sac.

A Circle is a drive that enters and ends in different places on the same drive.

ARLINGTON LANE- Begins at 22 Grand Army Road (126) at the Arlington Grange Hall continuing through its yard. Named for the former GAR Hall, Arlington Grange. one dwelling and one hall (449' long)

ASHFORD LANE - West off Rockland Road (17) in Windsor section just before the west branch of the Sheepscot River (just South of Fox Farm Lane). Named for its access to old "Ashford Lot" .two dwellings ( 1117' long). Name suggested by Sharon and David Clark.

AUGUSTA ROAD - That small section of Route 17. beginning in Windsor on the East and ending in Chelsea on the west. (4925' long) Named for its destination.

BALLTOWN LANE - Begins at 36 Townhouse Road . The location of our town house and salt shed .The original name for our town (after Samuel Ball, a Revolutionary war veteran who was given a land grant in the area of the Hilton and Heath Roads. Lane built by the Town in 19/7? on land purchased from Norman Chase formerly the Ralph Douglas place.. (650' long) Name suggested by Barbara Meyer.

BASIN ROAD - Begins at 99 Main Street in Cooper’s Mills village right side of dam going upstream next to the river. Old name for this wide section of the river formed by the dam. Two dwellings (700' long).

BASS LANE - Begins at 50 Pleasant Pond Lane going to Clary Lake shore. Named for the popular sport fish introduced to Clary. (425' long)

BEECH LANE - Begins at 193 Hilton Road. Named for the hardwood tree. Two dwellings (725' long).

BEN BAILEY ROAD-Begins at 2 Thayer Road at Wiscasset Road (218) intersection across "The Plains" to Pinkham Pond. (1850' long) Old name from a popular blacksmith/farmer. Father to Linwood Bailey, he was "in charge of the cattle at Windsor Fair". He lived there in the early part of the 20th century.

BENNER LANE - First right after crossing the Sheepscot River at 99 Grand Army Road (126) . Originally going through to meet Howe Road just west of the bridge over the west branch of the Sheepscot River. (6300'(1.2 miles) long) Old name of an earlier inhabitant.

BLUEBERRY LANE - Begins at 60 Palmer Road . Named for the huge blueberry fields growing on the equally huge gravel deposits being mined on "The Plains" two dwellings (670' long). Name suggested by Ann Northrup and Clayton Jordan.

BOYNTON LANE - Begins at 72 Head Tide Road (194) . (1800' long) Old name from Willis Boynton , sexton at the village cemetery. two dwellings.

BRANCH LANE - Begins at 102 Rooney Road. Named for its location between the East and West branches of Branch Brook of the Eastern River (Kennebec) watershed.. two dwellings (1050' long).

*** CARLTON ( aka CARLETON ) ROAD - Begins at 63 South Fowles Lane (231’ above sea level). It becomes Hollywood Blvd. as it leads back to Alna (260’ above sea level).(8,800'(1.6 miles) long) From the name of early settlers).*** This road has been renamed "Hollywood Boulevard" It now begins at Head Tide road at Fowles Corner. See South Fowles Lane and Hollywood Boulevard for details.

CHAMBERLAIN BROOK LANE - Begins at 55 Pittston Road (194) after intersection of Townhouse Road going west. Named for the brook it parallels. Site of a find of fossil clams from the ice age.. Two dwellings (1025' long).

CLARK LANE - Begins at 495 Cooper Road (in middle of Millers Hill) after Hunts Meadow intersection going West. Old name of an early inhabitant. (3700' (.7 miles) long).

CLARY LAKE LANE - (formerly fire road 406 s) Begins at 280 Jefferson Road (126) going West from Jefferson line. (2800'(1/2 mile) long) Named for the lake to which it goes and Henry Clary builder of the Water mill on Mills Road ( 218 ). Built by Anna Benson in the 1930-40's.

CLOVER CIRCLE - Begins at 101 Hunts Meadow Road and enters back in at 177 Hunts Meadow Road . Named for one of the plants in this old 18th century farming area. Three dwellings ( 2050' long).

COOKSON LANE - Begins at 441 Mills Road (218) 230’ above sea level. (2600' (1/2 mile) long) Named for Delbert Cookson who lived there in the 19th century.

COOPER ROAD - Starting at the intersection of 1 Gardiner Road (126) and 301 Grand Army Road (126) at Saint Denis Church (255’ above sea level) and going NW to Chelsea. (18,625'(3.5 miles) long) Named for Lyn Cooper who lived near Meaher Lane.

CROCKER AVENUE- Begins at 76 Pittston Road (194) after Chamberlain Brook going West . Unimproved and discontinued road connecting to Thayer Road at Palmer Hill, the highest point in Whitefield .Site of an early settlement of the Crocker family.

DEVINE ROAD - Begins at 117 Cooper Road going west ending at 398 Vigue Road at Northey Corner. (10,200'(1.9 miles) long) (242’ above sea level). Named for Joe Devine, an old Irish farmer who "hayed all night and slept till noon."

DOYLE ROAD - Begins at 458 Vigue Road. Unpaved road meeting North Hunts Meadow after passing through South Windsor . (7,800' ( 1.5 miles) long) From the name of early settlers). of this section of " Irish Town ".

EAST DEXTER ROAD - Begins at 314 Townhouse Road. Original site of our recently moved. (1989)Townhouse. Formerly going from Kelley's corner at Gardiner Road (126) and Rooney Road intersecting Townhouse Road then crossing Sheepscot (bridge closed 1916) to East River Road and becoming Town-Farm Road at Prebel's Corner then going on Townfarm Road to Heath Road. ( currently only 1,400' long) From the name of early inhabitant..

EAST RIVER ROAD Begins at 13 Jefferson Road (126) to Choate Bridge at King’s Mills Village . (23,500' (4.5 miles) long) Old name popularized by the book of the same name by Henry Waters.

FAWN LANE - Begins at 225 Wiscasset Road (218) . Across from Spruce Road. Named for the white-tailed deer common to the area.. two dwellings.. Name suggested by the Timkos.

FINN BROOK LANE - Begins at 290 Vigue Road (after crossing Finn Brook).. Named for the cold spring water brook that forms the boundary of the farm. (a.k.a. Fin Brook). 2 dwellings (487' long). Name suggested by Ona and Osborn Delano.

FOX FARM LANE - West off Rockland Road (17) in Windsor section just before the West Branch of the Sheepscot River. (North of Ashford Lane) Named for the fox hunted in this area. two dwellings ( 2600' (1/2 mile) long). Name suggested by Fred Fagin.

GARDINER ROAD- Route 126 - Begins at 300 Grand Army Road at Saint Denis Church (255’ above sea level) and ends at Pittston line at Joyce Pond. (15,200'(2.8 miles) long). Named for its destination. ( Very beginning of the road is built on top of an old "cattle pound" still visible.

GORMAN LANE- Begins at 73 Gardiner Road (126), (1,400’ long) From the name of early settler in this section of "Irish Town". Site of Rev. Dennis Ryan’s 19th century parish house for Saint Denis Church.

GRAND ARMY ROAD - 126 from the intersection at Turner’s Corner (Mills Road (218) and Jefferson Road (126)) (219’ above sea level) west to the intersection of Cooper Road and Gardiner Road at Denis Church. (7,300'(1.4 miles) long) (255’ above sea level) Named for the original builders of the GAR Hall - The Erskine Post of The Grand Army of the Republic (1885 for $2700) .- Civil War Veterans. The hill next to the GAR hall (Arlington Grange) retains the historic local name " Grand Army Hill". Site of the 1909 centennial celebration. Name suggested by Lydia Chase.

HEAD TIDE ROAD- Route 194 Begins at 920 East River Road ( 218) just NE of Choate Bridge in King’s Mills village east to Alna line. (16,075'(3 miles) long) Named for that section of Alna ( the road's destination) where the tide's effect ends at the dam on the Sheepscot River. The south section of this road known as "Wits End Road" in the early 1900's.

HEATH ROAD - Begins at 269 Hilton Road (223’ above sea level) and going SW ends at 826 East River Road (161’ above sea level). 16,075' (3 miles) long) From the name of early settlers). Early stage route and tavern stop at its intersection with Hilton Road

HEMLOCK LANE - Begins at 300 Pittston Road (194). (1,100' long) Named for the old deed reference " by the hemlock". one dwelling. Name suggested by Mike and Carolyn Fairservice .

HENRY LANE - Begins at 259 Gardiner Road (126) after Gorham Lane going west. Originally ending on Cooper Road at East Branch Brook., on the east side of the Hunts Meadow. (4,450'(.8 miles) long) From the name of early settler(s)..

HIDDEN VALLEY LANE - Begins at 140 Carleton Road from Alna line. .1 dwelling (1350' long). Name suggested by Bambi Jones and Tracy Moskovitch .

HILLSIDE LANE - Begins at 86 Rockland Road (17) after Mills Road (218) intersection going west. . two dwellings (800' long).

HILTON ROAD - Begins at 12 East River Road (218) heading south to Jefferson line after which it becomes Atkins Road. (15,000'(2.8 miles) long). Named for Oz Hilton who kept a store with a siding across the tracks from the WW & F Railroad's North Whitefield Station, later becoming Chase's (Norman) General Store then Chase's Farm Equipment until the late 60's

HOLLYWOOD BOULEVARD - Begins at 504 Head Tide Road (194) AKA Fowles Corner (247’ above sea level), and travels to the Alna line where it retains its name and continues the E-911 numbering system to its terminus in Alna. South Fowles Lane now takes the place of the former Carlton (aka Carleton) Road as beginning at 63 Hollywood Boulevard (231’ above sea level). Through a rule change by the new state 911 coordinators and the subsequent petition by the residents of this road - the name change was accepted by the Selectmen in the summer of 2001over objection by some townspeople . It should be noted that concerns remain that  road name changes pose a hazard to the safety of the residents. The original designation was for the Alna section of the road known historically as Carlton (aka Carleton) Road for over a century - named for a well known Whitefield town father. Hollywood Blvd got it's name when visiting summer tourists who tried to bless their humble dirt path with irony. Later some would move across the line into Whitefield, moving their humor with them ( not that the road was any better).

HORNPOUT LANE - Begins at 64 Clary Road. Named for popular eating fish (aka catfish) in Clary Lake (AKA Pleasant Pond) (940' long).

HOWE ROAD - Begins at 399 Vigue Road at Northey Corner (242’ above sea level) going NE it ends at 176 Main Street Cooper’s Mills. (12,525' (2.4 miles) long) From the name of early settlers)

HUNTS MEADOW ROAD - Begins at 545 Gardiner Road (126) at Trainor's Corner (237’ above sea level) going NE it ends at 392 Cooper Road (300’ above sea level) and becomes Hunts Meadow North.( 12,550'(2.4 miles) long) Named for the 18th century farm of Benoni Hunt, a Revolutionary war veteran, on the meadows of the West Branch Brook.

IRON LEDGE LANE - Begins at 263 Hunts Meadow North. Named for the mineral in the rock that is common on this road . (800' long). Name suggested by Chuck Acker and Barbara Mayer.

JEFFERSON ROAD - Route 126 from Turners Corner at North Whitefield ( intersection of Mills Road (218) and Grand Army Road (126) easterly to the Jefferson town line at Clary Lake. (8,600'(1.6 miles) long) Named for its destination - our sister town , once united under the name Balltown .

JEWETT LANE - Begins at 152 Head Tide Road (194) (194’ above sea level) after Boynton Lane. Goes to intersection of Weary Pond Road and Fowles Road North . (4,400'(.8 miles) long) Named for the family of Gene Jewett, early inhabitant and owner of granite quarry in the area south of Weary Pond, known for its black granite.

JOYS POND LANE - Begins at 578 Gardiner Road (126). (1,225' long) Named for the current spelling of the pond in Pittston. A.k.a. JOYCE and JOICE - (on early maps). 19th cent. Post Office spelled Joyce. Name suggested by Ed and Collette Mooney.

JUNIPER LANE - Begins at 122 North Hunts Meadow. (3,700'(.7 miles) long). Named for the evergreen shrub in that area.

KING’S MILLS LANE - Begins at 14 Wiscasset Road (218) after the Choate bridge in King’s Mills village.. (600' long) Named for its location at the mills operated by Benjamin King (for the Kennebec Proprietors) in the 18th century. Name suggested by Elizabeth Harmon.

LIBBY LANE - Begins at 259 Gardiner Road (126) at intersection of Henry Lane . Formerly crossing West Branch of Branch Brook and meeting Gardiner Road (126). (450' long) Named for early resident.

LILAC LANE- Begins at 136 Augusta Road.

MAIN STREET - In Cooper’s Mills village -Going from Rockland Road (17) north to the Windsor line . (5,150' (.9 miles) long) Old name for this principle street - the only "street" in our town.

MAPLE LANE - Begins at 33 Hilton Road. Named for the hardwood tree and the "Sugar bush" in that area. two dwellings (915' long)

MARINE LANE - Left off Route 17 in Windsor heading west before Givens Pond. Leads to housing development in Whitefield. Only entrance is from Windsor. Named to honor a Marine killed in Desert Storm conflict. (3310' long). Name suggested by the Winkleys.

MEAHER LANE - Begins at 406 Cooper Road. Formerly connecting with Gardiner Road (126) in Pittston at Beech Hill intersection. From the name of early settlers of this section of " Irish Town ".

MERIGOLD FARM LANE - Begins at 584 Townhouse Road.. Across the road from the Cottage Hospital (now Sheepscot Valley Brewery). Named for the farm owned by the veteran (Arthur Merigold) of the Spanish American War with Teddy Roosevelt. (1136' long) 2 dwellings. Name suggested by Judy and Erik Ekholm.

MILLS ROAD -Route 218 from Turners Corner at North Whitefield Village intersection of Jefferson Road (126) and Grand Army Road(126) going NE Crossing at 44 Rockland Road (17) and ending at 28 Main Street in Cooper’s Mills. (16,450'( 3.1 miles) long) Named for the variety of mills located on this "thoroughfare", and its destination at the" Mills" (Cooper’s). Name suggested by Lou Tripler.

MOSQUITO LANE - Begins at 129 Senott road heading East. (3250'). Named for the area's abundant insect.(840' long toward Clary Lake). one dwelling ( 840' long). Name suggested by Bill and Sue McKeen.

NILSEN ROAD - Begins at 442 Wiscasset Road (218) just before the power transmission lines. Formerly connected to Sweet Fern Lane. From the name of previous inhabitant. one dwelling (705" long).

NORTHEAST LANE - Begins at 625 Mills Road (218). Named for its location. (650' long ).

NORTH FOWLES LANE - Begins at 177 Jewett Road (left is Weary Pond Road). Unimproved midsection . (2,500'(.5 miles) long). Named for an early  settler.

NORTH HUNTS MEADOW ROAD - Begins at 393 Cooper Road (300’ above sea level). A continuation of Hunts Meadow Road. Becoming ?? road at the Windsor line. (11,000' (2 miles) long)

NORTH WEARY POND ROAD - Begins at 361 Hilton Road about 1/2 mile after intersection of Hilton and Heath going South. Originally going all the was through past Weary pond to Fowles Road being one of the earliest "connectors" and part of the King's Highway Network. Sam Ball had a Lime Kiln (still visible) near this roads northern end in the 18th century.. Named for the beautiful hidden pond.

OX BOW LANE - Begins at 120 Grand Army Road (126). Named for the old name for the sharp "u" bend in the river. - referred to by the old-timers as like an "Oxbow" (said to be "bottomless"). three dwellings (2104' long). First recorded reference is a deed dated 1775. Name suggested by Norman Chase.

PALMER ROAD - Begins at 74 Thayer Road (291’ above sea level). Becomes Webb road at Pittston line. (3,500'(.7 miles) long) From the name of early settlers).

PARTRIDGE LANE - Begins at 91 Devine Road going north from Cooper Road. Named for the abundance of the grouse in the area. one dwelling (579' long). Name suggested by Roger and Rochelle Downs.

PETTICOAT ACRES LANE - Begins at 758 Wiscasset Road (218). Name suggested by Dick and Ida Pipkin.. 2 dwellings (251' long).

PHILBRICK LANE - Begins at 681 Townhouse Road, 1.25 miles from intersection of Pittston Road (194), just before Tavern Brook crossing. Formerly a through road to East Pittston village. (5,900'(1.1 miles) long) (ends at 154’ above sea level) From the name of 19th century educator/ inhabitant .

PICKEREL LANE - Begins at 41 Pleasant Pond Lane going toward Clary lake. Named for the abundant game fish found in the lake . (600' long).

PIPER ROAD - Begins at 47 Grand Army Road (126). Circling Grand Army Hill it comes out at 48 Mills Road (218) north of the village. Convenient by-pass when "Grand Army" was too steep/slippery for a load. Named for Alvin Piper early owner of the water mill and land owner..1 dwelling, 1 sawmill, 1 town garage..

PITTSTON ROAD- Route 194 from Choate Bridge in King’s Mills village westerly to the Pittston town line. (10,500’ (2 miles) long). Named for its destination.

PLEASANT POND LANE- Begins at 230 Jefferson road after Clary Lake lane. (formerly Fire Road # 405s) (1,700’ long)

RADDEN ROAD - Begins at 286 Pittston Road (194) (180’ above sea level). Formerly coming out on the Webb road in Pittston..-.(2,850' long) From the name of early settlers). no dwellings. Probable site of Whitefield's famous Scammon family's homstead.

ROCKLAND ROAD - Route 17 from the Windsor Line near the West Branch of the Sheepscot River Easterly to the Jefferson Line. .(5,700' (1 mile) long) Named for its destination.

ROONEY LANE - Begins at 358 Gardiner Road (126) after Libby Lane going West (217’ above sea level). formerly going to Hunts Meadow South. .(4,300'(.8 miles) long) From the name of Will Rooney an early settler of this section of " Irish Town ".

SALMON POOL LANE - Begins at 752 Townhouse Road, 1 mile North of the intersection of Townhouse Road and Pittston Rd.. (1478' (.28 miles) long). From the name of a place there where a cold spring empties into the Sheepscot and Atlantic Salmon would gather in summer. On land owned by Thomas Turner before 1780.

SENOTT ROAD- Begins at 279 Mills Road going east to Jefferson line. Named for early inhabitants .(6,150' (1.1 miles) long)

SOMERVILLE ROAD - Begins at 27 Main Street Cooper’s Mills..(800' long) Goes to Somerville line where it becomes Cooper’s Mills Road.

SOUTH FOWLES LANE - Begins at 61 Hollywood Boulevard  (231’ above sea level).. South end of Fowles Lane North with its unimproved mid section. (2,550’ long) . From the name of an early settler.

SOUTH HUNTS MEADOW ROAD- Begins at 544 Gardiner Road (126) at Tainors Corner (237’ above sea level), a continuation of Hunts Meadow road ending at the Pittston line. (13,600’ (2.6miles) long).

SOUTH WEARY POND ROAD- Begins at 176 Jewett road and North Fowles road. Originally running past Weary Pond to North Weary Pond Road and Hilton Road. (4,325’ (.8 miles) long) . Named for its beautiful hidden pond.

SPRUCE LANE - Begins at 244 Wiscasset Road (218. opposite Fawn lane). Named for the tree growth in the area. 2 dwellings ( 160'long)..Name suggested by Kitteridge.

STERNS BROOK ROAD - Right off Weary Pond road. Originally connected to the Atkins road in Jefferson. The Jewett granite quarry is located in this area..(7,100'(1.3 miles) long) Named for the Sterns brook, legendary lumbering era in the days of portable steam sawmills, and "bog 'o flour deeds" .Also in the area of the "million acre lot". No dwellings.

STONE HOUSE COURT - Begins at 326 Vigue road after Finn Brook Lane. Named after the attractive stone house opposite this subdivision with its cul-de-sac.(1,100' long). Built by Ed Dunn.

SWEET FERN LANE - Begins at 640 Wiscasset road (218). Originally connecting with Nielsen Road on the NE and coming out below the Tavern on the SW . The oldest standing house in Whitefield is on this lane. It is named for the ferns that grow abundantly in the meadow by the river there. 2 dwellings. Name suggested by Zeeb, Cyrus and Newton.

THAYER ROAD - Begins at 715 Wiscasset Road (218) (290’ above sea level). becomes the Webb Road in East Pittston..(8,350'(1.6 miles) long) Old family name of early inhabitants.

TOWNFARM ROAD - Begins at 356 East River Road (218) at Preble Corner (178’ above sea level), , about midway to North Whitefield. Originally a section of an important road going from Gardiner to Jefferson, also the site (demolished in 1911) of one of our Town farm (a.k.a. poor Farm) , which gives it its name. Rebuilt section (1400') by Andy Berry in 1994 to access his Heliport/hanger..

TOWNHOUSE ROAD -Starting at 206 Grand Army Road (126) near the School and ending at 21 Pittston Road ( 194) at the King’s Mills Union Church . 22,850'(4.3 miles) long.  Named for its most famous building - our Townhouse (1843). Moved in 1990 to Ballstown Lane just off Townhouse Road

TRESTLE LANE - Begins at 412 Mills Road ( 218 ) just before the Cookson Road. Named for the WW & F Railroad trestle in that area. 2 dwellings (1000' long). Name suggested by Doris and Jon Miete.

VIGUE ROAD - Begins at 223 Grand Army Road (126) near Townhouse Road and going directly NE to Rockland Road (route 17) in Windsor. Located along East edge of a huge gravel esker dividing the Sheepscot watershed on the East and the Kennebec (Eastern River) watershed on the West. .(17,200 (3.25 miles)' long) Historically Northey Road but changed to Vigue during Tom Vigue’s tenure as selectman..

VILLAGE VIEW LANE - Begins at 135 Pittston Road ( 194 West) after the power transmission lines in Whitefield. Named for its pastoral view of King’s Mills Village and its beautiful church spire. 2 dwellings (594' long). Name suggested by Helen Dancer.

WEST DEXTER LANE- Begins at 313 Townhouse Road. Original site of our recently moved (1989)Townhouse. Formerly going from Kelley's corner at Gardiner Road (126) and Rooney Road intersecting Townhouse Road and East Dexter Lane then crossing Sheepscot (bridge closed 1916) to East River Road and becoming Town-Farm Road at Prebel's Corner then going on to Heath Road. .(1,150' long) From the name of early inhabitant..

WILD WEST LANE - Begins at 132 East River Road (218) after the Hilton Road intersection. Named after the original farm "Wild West Farm" where the lane is located.  Rufus Fowles sold the farm to a man from the "Wild West" .Runs along and crosses the WW & F rail bed and East edge of "Nigger Meadow" (an 19th century reference). 2 dwellings (1320' long). Name suggested by Hank Hainke.

WINDSOR ROAD - Begins at 115 Main street Cooper’s Mills after crossing the Sheepscot River going West. This road becomes the "Cooper’s Mills" road when it crossed the Windsor line. .(1,000' long)

WISCASSET ROAD - Route 218 south from The Choate Bridge that crosses the Sheepscot River in King’s Mills Village Southerly to the Alna line at Fish Hatchery Hill..(19,800'(3.75 miles) long) named for its destination at Federal street , Wiscasset.

WOOD LANE - Begins at 53 Cookson Road. Named for its secluded woodsy location.3 dwellings (910' long).