Friends Of  Whitefield
Newsletter - November, 2003. 

Welcome to our 8th issue of the "on-line'  "Friends of Whitefield" newsletter. This  is a free, un-official, and occasional  e-zine about matters of our wonderful town, Whitefield, Maine.
David Chase -editor
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Thanks to Tim Chase for this haunting image of our impending autumn seen  from his web camera looking down Grand Army Hill to Partridge Bridge.

In This Issue:
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Dressing up in Whitefield
As I made and collected images from our town's 4th of July Celebration and other gatherings, it began to occur to me that "we like to dress up" !
I then began to organize these images and settings so that you can experience what I enjoyed. 
click on the subject below to see these reports:

Head Gear at Kings Mills .
Glamour Girls from KMVF suppers days
A colorful "dresser" from the olden days in Coopers Mills .

 Joe Doyon lived in Whitefield for a relatively short time.
 But for me  it was perfect timing. 
The memories of he and his wife still provide me with insightful recollections of my youth. Click on the image to read how these neighbors are remembered. 


Another fascinating visit to the Special Collections Dept in the Folger Library at our University in Orono, yielded even more Whitefield history.
From a large collection of very early Whitefield Town Reports I made scans of the cover of the earliest report I've seen (1852-3) and of pages showing Civil War soldiers and funds paid them and their families as part of the great Civil War effort.          (click on the image)


Continuing our serialization of  

by Henry Waters

Volume Two of a Continuing History of the Town of Whitefield, Maine .....

click on Henry's portrait to read part II of this history 1813 - 1848.

Copies of this books are available from the Whitefield Historical Society at Uncas Farm Store.



Tony Marple is known to many of us as a very civic minded Whitefieldite.
 His work on our school and planning boards - his interest in our land use, recycling projects and his professional life as a health care administrator are also well known and appreciated.
But, his other dimension as  landscape photographer and mountain hiker deserves more notice. Click on his image to see some photographic creations that also illuminate his trekking adventures through the hills and mountains .

Some Exciting News !

A  NEW INFORMATION PAGE !! is the site of a new page designed to have many useful links all in one place. There are links to The Lincoln County News, Tim's web camera, Google search, telephone #  lookup, Whitefield addresses and much much more. There is even a tag to a second page of "Tools & Toys". Here you will find great sites for making things and finding obscure and interesting information.
Click on the image to the left to see these new creations. You are welcome to make this your own home start page
(click here if you need to know how). 
If you know of other interesting links that are in the spirit of these, let me know and I'll consider adding them.

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Life does not accommodate,
it shatters you.
It is meant to,
and couldn't do it better.
Every seed destroys its container
or else there would be no fruition.

- Florida Scott-Maxwell