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- June 2004 

Welcome to our 9th issue of the "on-line'  "Friends of Whitefield" newsletter. This  is a free, un-official, and occasional  e-zine about matters of our wonderful town, Whitefield, Maine.
David Chase -editor
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In our last newsletter the head picture showed the view  looking West down Grand Army hill from Tim Chase's webcam and the village. Here we are again looking West but this time up toward the village from what now is Jefferson Road. This view is just about 100 years old . Leo and Millie Gould's home and the "Parsonage" Barn are as they are today. The large Hodgkin's store occupies the north side of the road. 

In This Issue:
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My uncle Chet (Chester Harry Chase ) was an entrepreneur from the get go. Today we would say C.H. was a "mover and a shaker". When he wasn't promoting, organizing and otherwise making things happen in Whitefield, Chet was enjoying his many tools.  

There are those who make the error of referring to  man's tools as "toys". Chet's bulldozers, boats, trucks, water skis and particularly his 16mm movie camera
were all sources of great enjoyment and achievement.

In this issue we will take a brief look at just one of many motion picture creations Chet created. Click on his image to read about a fascinating fly over Whitefield 50 years ago. 



In last November's issue we saw some of Tony Marple's photographic images created in the traditional analog mode.

 With a digital camera, Tony has reached new levels of creativity. Without the problems presented by a darkroom or a 3rd party developer/printer, he is able to concentrate on extracting and amplifying the elements of his creation.

Click on the image to see more of Tony's work made here around town and on his frequent hikes.



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Whitefield's 3rd Comprehensive Plan development committee, in its effort to describe the characteristics of our town in greater detail and variety, contacted Paul Hoffman.

The Sheepscot Valley Conservation Association, through its GIS (Geographic Information System) Support Center, is providing mapping and analysis services free of charge to several towns in the Sheepscot River watershed currently involved in updating their town's Comprehensive Plans.

The SVCA's goal is to better inform both town and regional planning efforts, believing that better conservation will be one of the benefits. Made possible by grants from the Betterment Fund, the Horizon Fund and the State of Maine's Coastal Stewards program, the SVCA has been supporting Whitefield's comprehensive planning committee with maps of wildlife habitat, traffic issues, water supply issues, historic structures and parcels, as well as
working maps for public meetings.




 In the May 12th, 2004 edition of the Lincoln County News, our own Lucy Martin wrote a wonderful piece on Thelma Newell who lived most of her life on the old Newell homestead on East River Road.

Having know the Newells all of my life and appreciated the perspective they gave to our community's fast pace changes, Lucy's report and her photograph was a welcome reminder of days past.

Click on Thelma's image to read the engaging article.






Did you ever wonder who had telephones  in the late 20's and early 30's in the Whitefield exchange ?

Well. click on the listing to see...







I had the good fortune to visit with Ed Mooney Sr. on South Hunt's Meadow Road last fall. The purpose of my visit was to find out more about the stories Dad use to tell about how he and Ed had "volunteered" to look for enemy aircraft during the WWII days.

Most of the men in the area who were not fighting in the war were working to build war ships . Dad & Ed were among those who were part of this "war effort" on the home front.

When I found this "blackout" notice, I was again reminded of those stories about the little station in back of Ed Douglas's store on Dysart hill where, after their shift at the shipyard, they scanned the skies for enemy aircraft .

In a future newsletter I hope to add some depth to this subject, and in the meantime I hope some one of you will be moved to share a story of those days so long ago. 

Whitefield people have never been shy about getting involved in matters that they deem important. This involvement isn't restricted to the usual political or religious arenas. 

Click on the scene to read an account by Bill Bunting of a matter that has captured the passion and energy of several Whitefielders. You may not agree with their view, but you must admire their zeal for answers.




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