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- January 2007 -  

Welcome to our 10th issue of the "on-line'  "Friends of Whitefield" newsletter. This is a free, un-official, and occasional  e-zine about matters of our wonderful town, Whitefield, Maine.
David Chase -editor
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This image of the then newly built Whitefield Union Hall dates from about 1900. 
The great event of the season came off last Wed. The Annual Game Supper of the Whitefield Game Club. How many members I donít know. They have a building of their own adapted for their special use, the upper floor is finished as a dancing hall and most of the gatherings end in a dance......." 
from a letter sent by Henry C. Pearson, Oct 12, 1902

In This Issue: (just click on the picture or underlined link)................................................................................................

Stalking Our Sheepscot's Elusive Salmon.

While working in the woods off Salmon Pool Lane summer before last, I heard voices and
 commotion coming from the river. Imagine my surprise as I peered through the trees to
 see the river alive with scientists in waders wielding nets - one wearing what looked like
an electronic backpack connected to a electric wand with which he probed the currents.

Click on the image to read the rest of this story and see a video of the event.



 So you think you know Whitefield's highways and byways ?

Click on the crossword puzzle to accept the challenge of trying to

 complete this new game. We have tried to include a bit of history and

 geography in the questions. There are a couple more puzzles in the works

 using these themes.

                            Good Luck !.

    Or if you would like to print a copy to work on click here.



The story of the African Chieftain's Granddaughter

who escaped to Whitefield from the Belgian Congo...............

Marie Patfoort is well know in Whitefield. Her work at our school as a caring teacher and at her church as a tireless volunteer is legend.

What is perhaps less known is how her life began in darkest equatorial Africa's  Belgian Congo  - child of a tribal Chief's daughter and a Belgian military officer.

Click on her picture (seated in the wicker chair) to read about the story of this remarkable woman and her escape from the jungle village under gunfire to finally settle in our community.




An Illustrated Timeline of Whitefield .

For over two decades I have been compiling data about Whitefield in a timeline format. Initially, I had planned to put it in book form with a disk included where people could install the data on their own computer and incorporate their own personal events and history into it.

As time passed and digital technology evolved, it became more apparent that I could skip the "dead tree media" and post it directly on the Internet for all the world to see, use and download, if they wished.
Like most of these digital projects - this timeline is fluid, ever-changing - ever growing.

So finally, here it is - just click on the thumbnail to the left .




The Seasons of Whitefield


By taking a year-long sampling of still images from Tim Chase's webcam on

 Grand Army Hill and blending them together in an animation, we get a nice

 feel for our seasonal changes here in Whitefield.




Statistics from the Grand Army Weather Station



Speaking of Tim Chase, he has again compiled the weather statistics for

 Whitefield  and you can down load a .pdf file of the data by clicking the

 thumbnail version to the left.






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words to ponder.......

In heaven all the interesting people are missing.

- Nietzsche [ 1844-1900 ]