Friends Of  Whitefield

- February 2020 -  

Welcome to our 14th issue of the "on-line" "Friends of Whitefield" newsletter. This is a free, un-official, and occasional  e-zine about matters of our wonderful town, Whitefield, Maine.
David Chase -editor
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In this issue we will be exploring some of the unique characteristics of our town Whitefield, and our citizens, through a few different lenses. 

The first will be a look at

Whitefield's Art and Artists

over the years - our people who make pictures, drawings, sculpture, books, designs, music, films, stories, pottery and poetry.

Probably, you thought you already have a pretty good idea why Whitefield is well known for having a VERY CREATIVE population...

  Be prepared to be amazed with what you discover when you follow the link by clicking the thumbnail to the right !!

I am SURE to have missed some creative citizens
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to help me make updates and corrections
This album is live ! It can and will be updated         
(in a nanosecond.




I often think that my love of history is driven by the desire to return to the days of my idyllic youth and beyond Yesteryear.

With my fascination of graphic technology, it became a given that I would try to harness that passion to bring life to old black and white photography.

Our romantic little WW&F narrow gauge railroad was so well documented in rich late 19th and early 20th century photography, that the chore became WHAT image to use....

So..... click on the black space to see how I satisfied my desire to return to an era before I was born....
That's Whitefield station with Roger Majorowicz's house in the background )


After talking with Tom Galvani last summer about my passion for making Whitefield history available on line , for everyone to share and research anytime and anywhere, he surprised me later with a plastic milk crate full of historic records.
THANK YOU, Tom !!!

These were a treasure to feed my digitizing mania !

( I had them fully scanned and safely stored  in hours and will soon escort the actual paper to the Historical Society to satisfy their particular mission )

In this issue I will share links below to the founding records of what became The North Whitefield Volunteer Fire Dept.

Founding papers of the
Whitefield Fire Association 1946 -

North Whitefield Fire Association 1949- Oct 26, 1950

No Whitefield Fire Association Oct 30, 1950 - Nov 3 1952

Odd and interesting papers relating to the organization


Over the years I have experimented with making a town directory - of people and where we live.
When the Town Office began posting Tax Maps online that data became available, albeit not that easy to sort out.
Recently, I came across a commercial site that uses that public data to make a nice search engine for their real estate business.

click below

Keep in mind that these records come from public Tax Map data and as often as not  refers to a piece (lot) of
land .
( there may NOT even be a dwelling there )
This is an interesting AND useful tool, BUT it is quite funny in the way it "scrambles" some data.....Take a look at your road, and see how it translates,,, I created a shortcut to it for my desktop...Quite useful...


When I was a youngster the only place to buy baked goods was Crummet's General store where the Superette now operates.

My go-to treat, whenever I had some change, was Nissen's Strawberry Cream puff pastry. Oh Man ! that was the BEST .

Now,  that's not to say that baked goods were not available in our homes - they were , BUT they were rare and disappeared fast..


TODAY, Whitefield boasts no fewer than 7 places where you can buy an array of delicious bakery products. ...
Click the picture to see where...



words to ponder.......

"The creative adult is the child who survived." -- Ursula Leguin

"Everything you can imagine is real." -- Pablo Picasso

"Creativity is intelligence having fun." -- Albert Einstein 

"Creativity involves breaking out of expected patterns in order to look at things in a different way." 

Edward de Bono


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