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- April 2007 -  

Welcome to our 11th issue of the "on-line" "Friends of Whitefield" newsletter. This  is a free, un-official, and occasional  e-zine about matters of our wonderful town, Whitefield, Maine.
David Chase -editor
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This image was created July 15th 1918. We are looking East up Main Street in Coopers Mills

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Take your own flight over Whitefield....

For an interesting "Flight over Whitefield", just
click on the image to the left showing King's Mills village . When you get the site  don't  select a location, just START - your flight will begin right over our barn in Whitefield on Salmon Pool Lane.

Using your
arrow keys "fly the plane" around town. (if you "crash" just reload the site) . See if you can fly to the Whitfield school and come in low over the ball field without crashing.        
Sorry, but this will only work on broadband connections.

What's this ??????

 A surreal headline in a special edition of the New York Times about our placid
Whitefield  ??




Yes indeed, we do have our own dark side - vigilante justice on Christmas morning, no less !

Click on the headlines to see this December 26, 1923 article. You will be intrigued by the details and even the wording of this vintage piece of reporting.




"That's my UNCLE SAM and maybe I'm not proud of him"

is the title of this postcard sent to Walter Kennedy's wife on East River Road
in the summer of July 1917.

It is amazing how little things have changed in 90 years

despite this sentiment, 43 men from Whitefield were to enlist in that "war to end all wars".

New Whitefield Name Database

In the last issue of the Friends of Whitefield newsletter I told how decades of collecting historical tidbits of our history evolved into the Whitefield Timeline.

Along with gathering the events I also began building a database of names of Whitefield people - past and present.

These names came from census records, school rosters, Town Reports, obituaries, letters, newspapers, books, cemetery records, internet references and town records - wherever they appear.

Like any such compilation, I can guarantee there are errors and that it will never be complete. That being said, there are currently well over 7,000 names  - and I am only half way through the 1906 census. I have included as much peripheral data as practical including adding a # after many census names to indicate the family. Sometimes an occupation is listed . Locations back to the Scammon and 1857 maps are included when available.

Once you download the data, it can be sorted by column and manipulated in many ways - some of you will want this information for your own research - If you have additional entries you would like to share, please notify me.

Just click on the image to go to to the Whitefield Names Database

Finding Whitefield

Lynn (Bell) Webster wrote this winter to subscribe to the newsletter and as a former neighbor, we chatted a bit about old times and their coming to town. She told such an interesting story, I asked if she would relate it in a piece for this issue.

I have heard so many engaging tales of how people "found Whitefield". I hope Lynn's will inspire others of you to send in yours.

We have added a few images from our files (including this one of Lynn dancing at the 1976 celebration shortly after they arrived) to her own pictures of their home on Townhouse road..............Click on her picture to read her story.

This picture shows the excursion train of the WW&F from Wiscasset headed to the huge centennial celebration in Whitefield (click on it to enlarge).

Our 200th Birthday is coming up year after next .

Click here to be prepared !



The New Site Map
As you may have noticed, our website continues to grow and grow. Since we have moved to a server that essentially has no limit to storage,  we feel free in uploading more and more data.

       All this information poses a problem of indexing to make searching and retrieval easier - to that end, I have developed a visual "site map" that will allow us to not only read the contents, but also to see thumbnails of the actual pages. There is also a search box where you can search just the Mainething site or the entire web - compliments of Google . They do a good job of keeping our site indexed with their frequent visits.
       My plan is to add many more pages of data - particularly scanned historic and digitized data. This new page is available from the top of the "home page" just above Tim's webcam picture.         
Click the image to go to the new sitemap page .


Click on this thumbnail to get Tim's March '07 weather Statistics .






To see a slide show of images from the 2006 4th of July celebration at Kings Mills, just click on the image .

Use your arrow keys to change the slides




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words to ponder.......

The final scene of the play "Death of a Salesman" takes place at Willy Loman's funeral, and one of the characters says:

"For a salesman, there is no rock bottom to the life. He don't put a bolt to a nut, he don't tell you the law or give you medicine. He's a man way out there in the blue, riding on a smile and a shoeshine. And when they start not smiling back—that's an earthquake. ... A salesman is got to dream, boy. It comes with the territory."