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 The picture above shows the Ford Mill just minutes before it met its demise in a spring freshet nearly 50 years ago.

Welcome to our 4th issue of the "on-line' version of the "Friends of Whitefield" Newsletter. This  newsletter is a free, un-official, occasional  e-newsletter about matters of our town, Whitefield, Maine.
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Whitefield has many beautiful, interesting and historic homes. We have begun a project web page to celebrate our architectural history. Although we only have 3 homes listed , we have many good candidates. Click here to see the page and read the interesting history of these places. And please, if you have knowledge of the history of your home or someone else's. Please tell us.  And, we will help add it to the web page. It is our goal to have 20 or 30 homes listed.
 Click here to contact us if you can help.



Whitefield has a "Weather Man" !  We all know that Tim Chase wears many hats. Now, he not only posts daily Whitefield weather forecasts AND conditions, but he has mounted a camera (web cam) on top of his house that looks down Grand Army Hill to the School - and LIVE pictures of that wonderful view are posted to the web every 10 minutes. Click here to see that view and click here for the weather conditions. You will want to bookmark this site as a "favorite".

 ps. watch for those beautiful summer sunsets !




When our school decided to have a "celebration of learning" fair, one of the projects suggested was to feature past graduates. To that end, a collection of pictures of former classes was begun. We scanned and posted these class shots to yet another Whitefield web page. 
You can see this great and growing collection by clicking here
There are 25 class pictures posted, but you need to know there are about 300 more pictures out there somewhere !!! 
If you have or know where there is one that is not on the website, and wouldn't mind loaning it for a day to be scanned, we'd love to hear from you. Click here to contact us.



One day a year or so ago I was searching the web for new references to Whitefield. Imagine my surprise when "The Ballad Of North Whitefield Maine" popped up. As it turns out Janet McBride the national Yodeling Queen lived on Rooney Road in the late 40's. And that experience was so memorable that she wrote and sang this ballad. You can actually hear her sing it by clicking here. I have written her several times about her childhood memories. She is very excited about our town and I have posted some of her notes to be read by clicking here. You can see her website by clicking here.




In our quest for variety in this "Friends of Whitefield" newsletter, It is with unabashed pride that I tell you that our friendly Springer "Bill" was chosen as "Dog Of The Day" (
after we nominated him)

If you have a pet that you think deserves this distinguished honor, Click and read here how Bill got the prize and how you too can compete for this coveted honor      :-)





As Spring approaches along come thoughts of canoeing our beautiful Sheepscot River, I would like to remind you that there is a great site on the web that gathers data from the little concrete station at the bridge by Grand Army Hill. You will notice that there is a fancy little antenna on top that communicates a stream of data about the river to the site. You can keep up to the minute on the water conditions through floods and droughts . There is also historic data for a  frame of reference. Savor the Sheepscot by clicking here.


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Some of the items planned for upcoming issues:

*Whitefield's lost cemeteries. *
* Dave Jackson's inside story on his retrieval of  the first astronauts to the moon.*
* "The Islands of Whitefield" - maps of the post Ice Age by David Chase *

* Learn about the man from Whitefield who signed to play major league baseball.*
Steve Gorrill's Brewery.*
* Read about the Whitefield mother of 8 who fought tirelessly to bring a hot lunch program to our school.*
Gordon Kellor's new cabinetry shop.*
Discover fascinating details of the life of George Whitefield, our namesake *
* Discover about the boy who left Whitefield barefooted and penniless and ended up building the tallest skyscraper in Detroit !*
* And more opinions, thoughts and pictures by and of our town and its people.......*

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is to help students become independent of formal education.

- Paul E. Gray