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This web page is created to provide information about our ladders. Even though we like to talk to customers, we are unable to return toll phone calls. E-mail is our most convenient form of communication. Please read this information fully before contacting us.

Inventory update:
We are currently out of stock of Library ladders and their top and bottom hardware. 
Check here again - we never know when we will get another supply

Shipping is easy and reasonable in cost:
When you have determined your needs (ladder, track and brackets), send us an e-mail with this list.  We will then issue you an Invoice with payment options. When we have received payment, and your order has been packaged, we will send you the package sizes and weight. (The ladder is dismantled (it is disassembled with its brass screws and rods and carefully packed for a $40 fee)) The process then continues from your end by you calling the UPS 800# and initiating a "one time pickup".  You will ask for a pickup in Whitefield and a delivery to you. The shipping can be paid at that time with a credit card and insured. We recently sent a 2 part ladder package successfully to Washington DC for about $60 !

Click here to read the answers to frequently asked questions


Click here to see a drawing of Putnam's "Telephone Ladder". This heavy duty 11' 6" (138") Red Oak ladder was made to service mechanical telephone switches when they were housed in rows of tall racks. These ladders were attached to a rail and traveled between the racks of switches where the technician could practice his trade. Because of their height they make good loft ladders. The sides are 5" and the steps 6" wide and the ladder itself is 14" wide. When we get these  ladders ( we are currently sold out )- we sell them @ $125 each, $150 with wheels. The ladders can be shortened in 10.75" increments. These are very heavy duty and also heavy in weight so it will be necessary to pick them up here in Whitefield, Maine. 
Click here to see an actual photo montage of these big ladders
         There is a 95" hand rail along one side. The heavy duty bottom wheels were originally mounted in a way not useful for most of today's applications. They are 90 degrees off. Click here to see a sketch showing a possible way to mount these wheels to allow movement parallel with a wall.



     Stanley makes an inexpensive metal hook that can be attached to the ladder top to allow it to be attached to a track. The Stanley hook is Mfr. # 7222 Home Depot lists a SKU # 140198. 

     We sell used unpainted metal track currently @ $2.75 a foot and brackets to support the track for $10.00 each. These are placed every 30" along the track.

Because of liability, no ladder company will sell their rolling library ladder hardware separately. This has been a problem for us, because we spend much time trying to explain this to people who think we can solve their problem.
Fine Homebuilding Magazine had an article in which a craftsman solved his library ladder hardware  problems by making his own brass hooks, wooden track and wheels. Here are some pictures from that article.


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A short history of Chase & Ekholm:
Several years ago my neighbor Erik and I  purchased a trailer truck load of used Putnam's No1 rolling Library Ladders with hardware . Thinking that we had more than enough of these wonderful vintage pieces to meet the demands of Mainers, we sought to get posted to the internet search engines. We did, and the rest, as they say,  is history. The word spread like wild fire and we were shipping all over North America including Hawaii and Alaska. The ladders didn't take long to leave, but we found that getting "unposted" from the internet is neither easy, nor apparently, even possible.

 Today, after all this time, we still get many phone calls and e-mails nearly every day inquiring about our ladders. This web page is both an attempt to inform people about how our stock of ladders has changed, and  that we are still sympathetic to trying to solve people's search for economical solutions to their loft & library ladder needs. We are still buying and selling fine quality ladders. When we have ladders and supplies they will be listed above - When we are out of ladders, there will be no listing... In that spirit, we trust that this page has answered at least a few questions. If not, we are still available as :