(List of businesses from website below also incorporated into this list)
compiled thanks to Ann Marie Maguire and Jim Torbert
This is a continuing project and always in need of updating and more data.
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See: www.mainething.com/artists/arts.html for biographies and specialties of individual artists listed here.

Tom Benne

Paula Benne

William Bunting

Lorene Burman

Richard Curewicz

Ed Hamilton

Frances Hodsdon

Diane Hoppe

Sherrill Hunnibell

Malley Houghton

Genevieve Keller

Ann Marie Maguire

Leo Marcus

Anthony Marple

Barbara Meyer

Natasha Mayers

Roger Majorowicz

Gustav Moore

Leane Morin

Toki Oshima

Eric Paetow

Judith Powell

John Pranio

Jon Robbins

Judith Robbins

Julian Sacks

Jimmy Silin

Tom Sweet

Barbara Vanderbuilt

Elmer Wilson

Charles & Julia Yelton




Junk Yards

Bartlett’s Auto Sales 549-7801

Corbin & Son, Inc. 582-5585

Miller’s Garage 549-7549

Automotive Sales & Service

Bartlett’s Auto Sales 387 Mills Rd 549-7801

Cliff’s Used Cars - Truck Painting Rt 17 549-7146

Clifton Bronn, Mechanic 176 Head Tide Rd 549-7100

Corbin & Son, Inc., Auto Repairs-Used Parts Rt 17 582-5585

D & L Auto Sales Jefferson Rd 549-5576

Hardman’s Auto Sales 444 Wiscasset Rd 549-7441

Miller’s Garage & Body Shop 474 Cooper Rd 549-7549

Points of Interest Auto Sales Rockland Rd

Precision Cycle Rt 17 549-7443

Tim Norton & Sons Rockland Rd (Rt 17) 549-3308

Whitefield Auto Repair & Service Mills Rd



`Glenn Angell Site Evaluator 549-3333

Bigelow’s Painting Service, David Bigelow, Painting Contractor Gardiner Rd. 549-7472

Boyd M. Berry Construction: Craftsman, Builder 549-7602

John Burns Construction 92 Devine Rd 549-3671

Reggie Chabot, Builders Rt 17 549-7866

Dick Chase - Docks and Walks 175 Wiscasset Rd 549-7166

Erik G. Eckholm Design, Construction, Restoration 44 Merigold Farm Lane 549-3043 cell 207-458-9903

Dennis Gould Construction 471 Heath Rd 549-5038

Richard Morris, Builder 128 Benner Ln 549-4759

PPG Sandblasting Rt 17

Frank E. Small Builder; Finish Carpentry 506 Heath Rd 549-5009

Stephen C. Smith Maine Pursuits soil tests, septic design 279 E. River Rd 549-7972



Bailey's Orchard

Rodney and Kay Bailey

255 North Hunt's Meadow Road

Whitefield, ME 04353



Jyang-Lee Kitchens

Angela and Fred Fagin

P.O. Box 247

Coopers Mills, ME 04341



Bunting Beef 549-5739

Chase Farm Bakery -breads, pies, donuts, muffins, cookies, eggs, beef pot pies, milk, butter (see also: Dairy Farms) 549-7611

Country Corners Grocery Rt 17 Cooper’s Mills 549-3135

Country Farms Restaurant Mills Rd 549-5985

Green Hollow Orchard - chicken pot pies, fruit pies, pickles, jams, relishes, farm fresh eggs, Vermont Cheddar cheese wheel, Morse's sauerkraut and products, seasonal items and local crafts  East River Rd 549-5404

David Hayden; vegetables, stairs, trash bins 192 Grand Army Rd 549-5116

Hidden Valley Farm Hollywood Blvd 549-586-5837

Marple blueberries; tree farm Hilton Rd 549-7013

Morin Deer Farm Heath Rd 549-

North Whitefield Superette Groceries, Gas, Pizza, Sandwiches 3 Mills Rd 549-7921

Pine Grove Country Kitchen; pizzas, take-out, bakery, catering, Christmas wreaths 
214 Sennot Rd 549-7061 cell: 215-9430 email: terrijane@panax.com

Ragged Rock Farm
Robert and Roberta Chase

79 Wiscasset Road

Whitefield, ME 04353




Sheepscot Valley Brewing Company Hand-crafted ales & lagers Hollywood Blvd 549-5530

Townhouse Farm soft-cheeses, gouda, cheddar, ice cream; available at Uncas Farm store (Chattick) Townhouse Rd 

Uncas Farms Store Natural & Organic Food; Fresh produce, dry beans, maple syrup Townhouse Rd 549-5185

Under The Sun Farm Gardiner Rd

Wild Asparagus Farm, (Robbins) South Hunt’s Meadow Rd 582-9058


Dairy Farms

Tom & Paula Benne MERIGOLD Farm

Patrick & Robin Chase Farm.....(tree farm) Jct, N. Fowles

Tibbetts Farm
163 Townhouse Road
Whitefield, ME 04353
Barry Tibbetts tibbettsfarm@yahoo.com


Certified Organic Produce:
milk, hay, pasture

Stanley Tibbets Farm

Bunting Farm

Vigue Farm, Vigue Rd

Other Farms

Chase Farm
Robin Chase

PO Box 142

Whitefield, ME 04353



Beth Whitman

35 Townhouse Road

Whitefield, ME 04353

Lincoln County




Dixons Christmas Trees
David and Gwyn Dixon

151 Howe Road

Whitefield, ME 04353




Green Hollow Orchard
Phyllis Wheeler

537 East River Road

Whitefield, ME 04353




Journey's End Alpacas
Theresa or Peter Morin

42 Branch Lane

Whitefield, ME 04353




Transfiguration Hermitage

Sr. Elizabeth Wagner

60 Mills Road

Whitefield, ME 04353


Location: 60 Mills Road


Hunt’s Meadow Farm Hunt’s Meadow Rd

Maple Hill Farm (tree farm) Jewett Rd

Acorn Hill Farm Jewett Rd

Preble Farm East River Rd

Maple Ridge Farm Jefferson Rd

Feather & Fleece Farm Townhouse Rd

Dayspring Farm Philbrick Ln

Windswept Farm Cooper Rd

Calcia Farm (tree farm) Hilton Rd

Meadowbrook Farm N. Hunt’s Meadow Rd

Plenty To Do Farm Pittston Rd

Happy Farm Grand Army Rd

Hidden Valley Farm
204 Hollywood Blvd.
Whitefield, ME 04353
Bambi Jones bambisfarm@aol.com
David Moskovitz


Certified Organic Produce:
raspberries, garlic, peppers, tomatoes, basil, pasture, ornamentals, mixed vegetables
Slates Restaurant, Rising Tide Co-Op, Farm Sales, Fedco, Johnny?s

Over The Moon Farm (Thomas) Thayer Rd 737-9035

Thirty Acre Farm
419 North Hunts Meadow Rd.
Whitefield, ME 04353
Simon Frost thirtyacrefarm@gmail.com
Jane Frost


Certified Organic Produce:
mixed vegetables, culinary herbs, medicinal herbs, flowers, vegetable seedlings, herb seedlings, oats, pasture, pork, eggs, sauerkraut, flower seedlings, fermented vegetables (gingered carrots, beets, pickles, kimchi, sauerkraut)
Portland Farmers? Market, Good Tern, Rising Tide Coop, Morning Glory (Brunswick), Royal River Natural Foods, Whole Foods, Fresh Off the farm, Harvest Time, Damariscotta Farmer?s Market, Crown of Maine Distribution, Green Gourmet, Augusta Farmer?s Market at Mill Park

Townhouse Farm Townhouse Rd

Treble Ridge Farm
511 E. River Rd.
Whitefield, ME 04353
Rufus Percy trebleridgefarm@myway.com
Alice Percy


Certified Organic Produce:
pork, pasture, hay, sausage and bacon made with organic pork, beans-green, beets, onions, potatoes, pumpkins, radishes, mints, mangel beets, cut flowers
Harvest Time, Rising Tide, Uncas Farm Store, Fresh Off The Farm, CSA

Uncas Farms
Darlene Dove

98 Townhouse Road

Whitefield, ME 04353


Location: 98 Townhouse Road



Sabatine’s Farm East River Rd

Marple’s Farm, blueberries, cut flowers (tree farm) Hilton Rd

Russell’s Farm Head Tide Rd

Fenderson’s Farm East River Rd

(tree farm) Jct N. Fowles-S.Weary Pond Rds Chase Farm (tree farm) Mills Rd

Chase Farm (tree farm) Townhouse Rd

Dixon’s Christmas Trees......151 Howe Road..Tel: (207) 549-7000 Fax: (207) 549-7009
E-mail: dwdixon@gwi.net

Devine Rd farm, sign post, no sign

Head Tide Rd goats

S. Fowles Rd “eggs, organic”

East River Rd sheep

Cookson Ln horses

Howe Rd horses

Mills Rd firewood, stone work

S. Hunt’s Meadow Rd cattle

Wild Asparagus Farm
PO Box 169 Winfield Robbins, Jr wafarm@gwi.net
Charlotte Burley
Whitefield, ME 04353


Certified Organic Produce:
asparagus, grapes, pasture, chicken (stewing chickens), eggs (chicken), beef, pork, mixed vegetables
Uncas Farms, Harvest Time, Rising Tide, Good Tern, WERU Full Circle Fair




Gravel pits

Crooker Construction (pit - old Thayer Rd, off Wiscasset Rd)

Ferrialo Construction Vigue Rd pit

McGee Construction, Pit #3, Vigue Rd

Williams Construction Head Tide Rd pit

Doyle Rd pits

Excavation, Construction, Site Work

David Boynton 251 Benner Ln 549-

David Jackson Earth Works 670 East River Rd 549-

Mike Jewett & Son Excavating Wiscasset Rd 737-2175

Frank Monroe Construction, Excavation & Site Work Rt 17

Weeks Construction Mills Rd



Brand Electronics 421 Hilton Rd 549-3401 www.brandelectronics.com

ProKnee, Qualified Flooring 134 Devine Rd 549-4715; ProKnee 800- 549-5018

Deborah Voight Herb Creations Townhouse Rd 549-

Lisa Weeks Christmas Wreaths

Perennial Gardens Cooper Rd 549-

Choose n Cut Christmas Trees Grand Army Rd 549-

(Pine Grove Country Kitchen), Christmas Wreaths Senott Rd 549-

Pine Crest Creations (Schaeffer) Townhouse Rd Maine crafts



James Crissman, architect 149 Head Tide Rd 549-

Lore Ford III, lawyer 755 East River Rd 549-

James Hatch, housing consultant

William Keegan, educational testing

Howard Nielsen, dentist 129 Carleton Rd

James Smith, lawyer 116 Head Tide Rd 549-

Stephen Smith II, lawyer Mills Rd 1-800-453-3281

Lynn Talaco, architect 442 Head Tide Rd 549-



Helen Smith, Cooper’s Mills - Black Duck Realty (office in Windsor) 549-5657



Boreal Design; kayaks Wiscasset Rd ??? River Run???

Jennifer Grady, Acorn Hill Farm, horses - boarding, training, sales; now breeding Frisians Jewett Rd

Sheepscot Links Golf Course 824 Townhouse Rd 549-7060

Mulligan Practice Range Townhouse Rd 549-5388



Accounting, Notary, Tax Services, etc.

J. R.’s Accounting & Income Tax Services Benner Ln 549-

BNG Services Notary Public, word processing, fax & copier service Pittston Rd 549-3553

Tree farm/notary sign Cooper’s Mills Rd Cooper’s Mills

Phyllis Wheeler Accounting & Notary Services E. River Rd 549-5404

Gwen Dixon Notary

David Hardman Notary

Shannon M. P. Baron Notary Public 549-7397

David W. Dixon, P.E. ..... Dirigo Environmental Consultants.. 151 Howe Road .
Tel: (207) 549-7000 Fax: (207) 549-7009  E-mail: dwdixon@gwi.net


Country Cape Antiques (Kenoyer) Hilton Rd 549-5085

Elmer’s Barn Antiques Rt 17

J & E Antiques, Used Furniture, Notary Public Benner Ln 549-


Beauty Salons

The Hair Works Grand Army Rd (Rt 126) 549-3375


Jon Robbins, bookbinder 223 Benner Ln 549-


Chair caning

Nikki Kittredge Wiscasset Rd 549-5909


Computer Technologies

KSR Technologies Computer Consulting Services 204 Devine Rd voice: 207-549-7375; fax 207-549-4715 info@ksrtechnologies.com www.ksrtechnologies.com

White Pine Technology 577 Mills Rd 549-4820 marciv@prexar.com


Environmental Consultants
David W. Dixon, P. E. Dirigo Environmental Consultants 151 Howe Rd phone:549-7000 fax:549-7009 email: dwdixon@gwi.net 

Daycare, preschools

CED Headstart St. Denis Hall Grand Army Rd

Kiddie Korner, Preschool & Childcare Center S. Hunt’s Meadow Rd 549-

Whitefield Country School, daycare Grand Army Rd 549-


Handyman, Landscaping, Rototilling, Tree Pruning, Trash Removal

Bruce's Handyman Service concrete slabs, walkways, lawncare, home maintenance, minor carpentry 132 Howe Rd cell:441-4337 home: 549-5527

Bob Tupper, landscaping & tilling 549-5132

Weeks Trash Removal Service


Maine Helicopters Town Farm Ln


Puppy Town Kennel Vigue Rd

Massage Therapy

Cindy Jewett Massage Therapist 118 Hollywood Blve 549-7481


Lightning Rods

Leland King, lightning rods Cooper’s Mills



Country Manor Nursing Home Rt 17 & Main St Cooper’s Mills

Adaptive Designs Mills Rd 549-

Sheepscot Valley Health Center Main St Cooper’s Mills 549-

William Powell, DMD, Family Dental Care Main St Cooper’s Mills 549-


Ed Hamilton & Company 28 Nielsen Lane 549-7855

Little Portion Peace Place Cooper’s Mills Rd Cooper’s Mills

Plumbing & Heating & Fuels

C.M. McCormick & Sons - Midnight Oil Plumbing & Heating Service, Retail Sales, water pumps, water conditioners, fuels: LPG gas, #2, K-1, diesel, on-off road

Schools, training

Guy Kenpo, American Karate Sensei Jon Allen Mills Rd 549-

Judi Eckholm & Ellen Kiley Yoga instruction

Small engines, machinery

Brann Small Engine Repair Mills Rd

Bow Tie Guys Machine Shop Mills Rd

Storage, portable toilets, shelters

Thrones of Maine, portable toilets Rt 17  549-7972

Augusta Road Self Storage Rt 17 549-7972

The Lion’s Den shelters Main Street Cooper’s Mills


Robert Bills, surveyor


Gove’s Upholstery Custom furniture, autos, boats Townhouse Rd 549- 7432

Barbara Meyer slipcovers 549-5741


Boynton’s Sawmill

Pat Chase’s Sawmill Mills Rd 549-7611

Stephen Cunningham, firewood Hilton Rd

Steven Grady, wood harvesting & log trucking Acorn Hill Farm Jewett Rd

George Hendsbee, firewood

Michael Jewett, log trucking

Gordon Kellor, Whitefield Furniture Workshop 76 Grand Army Rd 549-3727

David Spicer, forester

Dean Vigue, woods work 127 Grand Army Rd 549-

Stone Woodworking (Adaptive Designs? See: Services)

Brian Swift, logging

Whitefield Dry Kiln Mills Rd 549-5470

Allen’s Blueberry Freezer, Inc.

Allen’s Properties. Inc.

Bradford Realty Trust


East of Eden Realty Trust

F & F Realty

Frontiervision Operating Partners L. P.

Glen Lyon Corporation

Hanley Construction

Christopher Jones Ltd.

Maguire Equipment, Inc

Maine Electrical Power Company

Maine Gravel Service, Inc

Morton Lumber, Inc

New England Telephone

Whitefield Realty Trust (?) R&K Snyder

River Run Trust

Ben Pushard (excavating?)

United Companies Lending Corp


W & S Wood Products (Bob Sherwood)

William S. Williams Construction

Williams Construction Company

AT & T Global Network…….more…….