On May 24 we went to the Alexander Cemetery to put flags on Veterans’ graves. Every year John Dudley who is the cemetery caretaker and town historian has kids from Alexander Elementary School do this job.

After we finished the flags, we had another job to do. That was collecting epitaphs. So we collected them, writing down the persons name, how old they were when they died, the year they died, and the epitaph. Next year we’ll see what we can learn about our culture from these epitaphs.


Anne Abbott died in 1880 at 9 years;
"Another hand is beckoning to us, Another call is given, And glows once more with angels that sleep, The path that reaches heaven"

Mamie Abbott died in 1864 at 6 years;
"Guard her o Father in thy care"

Clifton Aylward died in 1891 a baby;
 "A bud to bloom in heaven"

Amanda Bailey died in 1870 at 39 years;
"Dear wife how peaceful is thy rest, Thy troubles are o’er and thou in bright eternity shall sing forever-more"

Eliza Bailey died in 1866 at 19 years;
"Rest Nellie, in happiness rest, Mingling with angels we know thou art blest"

Harry Bailey died in 1882 at 3 years;
"A light is from out household gone, A voice we loved is stilled, A place is vacant at out hearth, Which can never be filled"

James Bailey died in 1881 at 44 years;
"Lost to us here, but safe in the Redeemers care."

Jane Bailey died in 1861 at 54 years;
"She was a tender mother here, and in her life the Lord did fear, We trust our lost will be her gain, and that with Christ she has gone to reign."

Nathaniel Bailey died in 1866 at 64 years;
"Dearest father thou hast left us, Here thy loss we deeply feel, But its God that hath behest us, He can all out sorrows heal"

Albion K. P. Berry died in 1895 at 48 years;
 "At Rest"

Manly Berry died in 1884 at 1 year;
"Sweet angel boy, thou were not given long here to dwell, From earth’s rude blast you are safe in heaven, ‘tis well, ‘tis well"

Sarah Blaney died in 1862 at 23 years;
"He took thee from a world of care, An everlasting bliss to share"

Sharon Bonness died in 1996 at 50 years;
"Our loved one sleeps here"

Ellen Brown died in 1882 at 46 years;
"Your gone but not forgotten"

Ralph Brown died in 1891 at 13 years;
"Gone but not forgotten"

Rebecca Brown died in 1874 at 64 years;
"Dearest mother thou has gone to rest"

Eliza Card died in 1893 at 60 years;
"Husband and children, I must leave you, leave, yes, leave you alone, But my blessed Savior calls me heavenly home."

Esther Crafts died in 1912 at 78 years;
"Gone but not forgotten"

Evelyn B. Dwelley died in 1892, a baby;
"Only sleeping"

Lloyd Farrands died in 1994 at 76 years;
"Who so ever believeth in Him should not parish, but have eternal life"

Floyd Frost died in 1955 at 76 years, his two children died as babies in 1925 and1927 ;  "God grant them eternal rest"

Sarah Yvonne Frost died in 1989 at 5 years;
"Everyone loves you"

Donald Garner died in 2000 at 62 years;
"Life is not forever, but our love is"

Jonathan Hunnewell died in 1884 at 82 years;
 "Arid he sleeps in Jesus, blessed sleep"

Mina, Merton, Wesley, and Eva Hunnewell died 1877 to 1902 ages between 2 and 17; "Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord, If God had made this world so fair, Where sin and death abound, How beautiful beyond compare, Will Paradise be found."

Earl Landry died in 1992 at 78 years;
 "Life is not forever, but love is"

Amelia Libby died in 1849 at 15 years;
"Although cut down in early bloom,
Let not tear fall on my tomb

Hellen Libby died 1866 at 28 years;
"A shadow o’er our hearts is fallen"

Robert Machlin died in 1871 a baby:
"Blessed are the dead that died in the Lord"

Lawrence McArthur died in 1970 at 55 years;
 "In loving memory of out father"

Kenneth and Vira McPheters died 1990 and 1993 at 87 and 90;
 "God grant them eternal rest"

Richard Pease died in 1999 at 62 years;
"Until we meet again"

Morrill Perkins family died between 1911 and 1977;
"Each duty done, they rest at peace"

Alton Seavey died in 1997 at 69 years;
"Always loved and sadly missed"

Mary E. Spering died in 1872 at 39 years;
"You lay here to rest while far away we roam, but angels shall thy spirit keep till we shall meet at home"

Mary E. Spering died in 1878 a baby;
 "This lovely bud so young, so fair, Culled hence by early doom, Just came to say how sweet a flower in Paradise will bloom"

Robert K. Thistlewood died in 1871 at 65 years;
"Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord"

Harriet Townsend died in 1879 at 4 years;
"Her works do follow her"

Phebe Townsend died in 1865 at 18 years;
"Lost to us here, bit safe in the Redeemers care"

True Varnum died in 1924 at 54 years;
"Sleep beloved"

Ann York died in 1844 at 24 years;
"Sacred be thy memory, loved one"

AES grades five and six scholars who copied the epitaphs:
Amanda McDonough, Julian Owen, Justina Goodine, Janelle Jundt, Lesliann Howard, Cory Phelan, Evan Brown, Justin Reed, Alicia McClure, D. J. Clarke, Courtney Ayers, Annessia Troiani, Aaron Flood, Ashley Knowles, Tanika Niles, Caleb Blake, Stephanie Donovan, Chelsea Owen,
and Kim Scott. Justin Poor was absent.
Mrs. Renaud
took the pictures


Charles Aylward

Isaiah Bailey

Albion K. P. Berry

Asa L. Berry

Alton F. Bohanon

Arnold Bohanon

Harold Bohanon

Charles Card

Verne L. Carlow

Clarence E. Cousins

Dale Cousins

Gerald L. Craft

Hiram A. Crafts

David H. Crossman

Everett L. Dwelley

Harold L. Dwelley

Harriet I. Dwelley

Lawrence P. Dwelley

Olaf O. Dwelley

Lloyd E. Farrands

Russell C. Flood

Floyd E. Frost

Lawrence S. Frost

Stephen D. Frost

Donald Garner

Anderson E. Goodwin

Levi Henderson

William Holst

Morey L. Hunnewell

Roy L. Hunnewell

Leslie Vern Knowles

Earl Landry

Richard J. Lundgren

Benjamin McArthur

John Linwood Miner

John F. Murtaugh

Clifton S. Perkins

Joseph Perkins

Guy E. Scribner

Alton A. Seavey

Dennis Snyder

Russell Strout

Manly B. Townsend

Sumner T. Varnum

List prepared by A-CHS-07/2001

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