On December 13, 1939 the German "super ship" Graf Spee was severely damaged by 3 British cruisers in the Battle of Rio de la Plata. The ship was able to make it to the neutral port here in Montevideo. The following day however, the crew scuttles the ship in the bay. (Marcelo's mother remembers hearing the blast.) Two days later, the ship's commander committed  suicide in a Buenos Aires hotel room. 

Two weeks ago the huge eagle from the ship was raised and displayed in the lobby of the Palladium Hotel next door. Since then the neighborhood hasn't been the same. Crowds come to view the huge metal bird. daily the display changes - first its swastika is covered, then a guard appears, then the swastika is uncovered but obscured by dark glass to prevent photos of the infamous icon. When history is being made at our doorstep, things get really interesting !
ne day while strolling down Avenue 18 De Julio in Centro, Betty came up short when she spotted a huge tall ice cream creation being enjoyed by several people. The vision never left her, so the whole gang got into the car to find and consume one of these marvels.
We found it and we ate it!

They are know as Ferias - these street markets are some of our favorite drama. We learn who will let you pick your own and who won't. We learn to listen for the song like messages shouted between vendors.
 Click to Hear  them !
Every Wednesday and Saturday morning we get food, small antiques and entertainment.

For us travel means adventure, discovery and new opportunities to learn. Sometimes it takes several trips for a particular notion to sink in. This was the winter of the bidet. After walking around this "foreign" device for years, it has finally been appreciated. Call me slow, but I love it. (Betty reports she still walks around it )