Hawaii '05
Journal notes #6

On this page we would like to record a variety of themes and their images.
Here is a map showing this island's historic Tsunamis and the height of their waves. (click on the map to enlarge)
People watching is always exciting for a photographer. Downtown Kona with its masses of ever-increasing tourists, is a Mecca for this sport. They come by the hundreds of thousands by plane and cruise ship (how else?)!
   This sample, albeit brief and tiny - show cruisers eyeing trinkets * Betty and a pink bug * a ship behind the flower hedge * an upstairs masseuse at work * a palm laden park, and a surfside hair salon .
Crisp design has always held my interest. The test is to see if it can holdup under shrinking. Even though the detailing here is challenged, I hope you can appreciate the design in these diverse images.

The man is watching the dolphins in Captain Cook bay * the fishes are Ballyhoo -  magnets for the delicious Mahi Mahi - showing Dick's hook rigging * the kid on the rail at Parker Ranch was intrigued with my photo-antics * the steeple sports a creative wind vane * Betty with Hibiscus bloom was made into a card for the grandchildren * The Leggy palms "walk over" a cruise ship * the perky bloom stands for itself, and the girl's disgust indicates quite clearly what she has stepped in, at the rodeo. 
In the future when we all have broadband internet these image problems will be gone -
(and new ones will take their place), but, for now lets hope that this primitive process works enough to be worthwhile.

Here middle aged snorklers enter the surf at Ho'okena beach * a stonemason prepares for 'boogy-board'in' at the same beach * Nita Ishawood smiles down from her famous deck overlooking the Pacific * a preteen mimics an ape at Pu'uhonua O Honaunau * Madam consents to have us photograph her lovely yellow Hibiscus bloom * 'Nibbles", Dick & Barb's personable weed whacker, poses * a cowgirl secures her hat for the upcoming event at the Parker Ranch rodeo.

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