We were anxious to entertain Sophie with a visit to the zoo. Many of her favorite books are about animals as are Laurens, Sams and Lydias. All our family are nuts about animals. Betti and I make it a point to visit every zoo we can. We are now near 20 - from Budapest to San Diego
 Honolulu's zoo has over 1200 animals in almost 50 acres of varied terrain right in the city and within spitting distance of the beach . It is on the street leading to Diamond Head. They have a great website at : http://www.honoluluzoo.org/
It gets quite crowed - there are 750,000 visitors annually. The park was originally given to the people by the former king in the 1800's.
So was thrilled to see the two new Wart hogs that were born August 15.

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