Winter Storm Watch for Hawaii

Thought you'd like to know that winter storm warnings have been posted for 6" of snow and heavy winds on Mauna Kea, the ancient 14,000' volcano we can see here from here on the NW shore of the Big Island.

Here is a link to their forecast: 

To see the view at the top with a web camera go to: 

To see a live shots from the hotel just up the road, go to: 

We can see the summit from here and it is already white with snow and the many observatories are also very visible. 

It is windy down here at sea level now that the trade winds have appeared, but the 82 degree temperatures make it all ok ! 

Here is a person up there on Mauna Kea skiing and  below  is a picture of Lisa in the surf 14,000 feet below on Harpuna Beach.

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