When we first arrived at our hotel in Honolulu on December 31, it was only a short time before Betti and I were on Waikiki. We walked from our entry at the Hilton all the way SE to the hotel where we stayed last time. That was about a 2 mile walk - round trip. We needed the exercise after those long and frustration filled flights
Bikinis first arrived here in 1953 and they are still the most popular style - with the wearers and the onlookers. There is a great website where several web cameras show live shots of this famous beach .
You can find it at : http://waikikilive.com/ 
On the day before we flew to the Big Island we again returned to the beach. There were several water surfers using a new fangled Para foil kite that flew about 200 feet in the air and provided speed of what looked like up to 40 mph, The lift also allowed the surfers to somersault in the air and return to their board. Looked like great fun.

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