On Hawaii's Upper North East point near the town of Hawi (harvee) is the Kohala Forest Reserve. There are several mega-huge canyon type valleys- all with steep vertical walls and delightful streams that empty into the Pacific on stone beaches near the outcroppings of cliffs and islands. On a cloudy and cool afternoon we hiked into Pololu valley. Art and I found an ancient and huge 20 log that drifted ashore. We set it afloat after much engineering and more grunting. (later when telling Dick Choy about our efforts he related as to how that particular log has been continually launched and beached for nearly 40 years that he knew about.)
Art and Betty are pictured after some snorkeling and I need to inform you that isn't one of us up in that coconut tree. He is a Polynesian chap who provides the service of
trimming and knocking down the nuts, as he travels through the island chain.
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