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Volume Two of a Continuing History of the Town of Whitefield, Maine

By Henry C. Waters July 1983


One undivided fourth part of a certain sawmill situated in said. Whitefield, on the easterly side of Sheepscot River so called, together with one undivided fourth part of the Mill yard and a certain right of way all of which premises are the same which said. King by his deed of this date granted, released, and. forever quick claimed, unto said Heath and in said deed more fully described, as will appear reference thereunto being had....


Recorded in the sixth Book of Grants — Folio z — 1816

We the heirs and. assigns of the said. Antipas Boye, Edward. Tyng, Thomas Brattle and. John Winslow, of and in all said. lands on Kennebec River aforesaid and legal proprietors thereof, at our meeting held at Boston this second, day of February A.D. 1810 called, and. regulated according to law, have voted, granted and assigned to Samuel Cony of Wiscasset In the County of Lincoln, Esquire, his heirs and. assigns forever, certain tract of land. In Whitefield in said County, bounded, westwardly by the Sheepscot River, northwardly, eastwardly and southwardly by the lines of said Town of Whitefield and to comprehend all the land within the limits of said town on the eastern side of Sheepscot River containing by estimation five thousand acres, more or less, saving and excepting therefrom such lots and parcels thereof as may have been granted, or conveyed by this proprietary to any person or persons. In consideration of one thousand, dollars, being the sum at which said land. was sold to said. Cony at public auction on the 22nd of January, 1816.

Articles of Agreement Indented., male and. concluded, by and between John King of Whitefield in the County of Lincoln: yeoman in behalf of himself and. the heirs of Peter King of said Whitefield, deceased on the one part, and. Thomas Eldred of Pittston in the County of Kennebec, and. David. Crowell of said. Whitefield., Esquires, of the other part.

1. The said. David Crowell is to convey or cause to be conveyed, to the said. John King, his heirs and. assigns at a price as shall be agreed, upon between them, one fourth part of a sawmill and. its privilege and. appurtenances, now standing and situated on the eastern half of the Great Falls so called upon Sheepscot now in Whitefield...

2. For the better Improving the interest of the whole of the said Falls, and to prevent all damage, if possible, In future, by causing the flow as heretofore, any intervale land so called, lying above said Falls, The parties aforesaid and proprietors as aforesaid, hereby agree to remove the present mill dam and rebuild another Instead thereof at a proper distance below on the foot of the said Falls, and in such manner and height as to prevent the flowing as aforesaid...

3. The parties aforesaid agree for the purpose of better improving the interest of the said Falls to their mutual benefit to erect as soon as may be a double sawmill upon the new dam to be built, the one half of the saw mill to be built at the expense of, and to be Improved by the said John King in his own right and at his own risk upon the rights in the Falls belonging to the heirs of Peter King, deceased, and the other half of said double sawmill to be built at the expense of and Improved by the said Eldred and Crowell according to their respective ownership..

4. The said John King is to proceed as soon as may be, the timber for the frame of said double sawmill, and. any such materials as may be useful for the building of said mill dam, for which he shall be allowed a fair and reasonable price, reserving the right of each of the other party to contribute in labor or materials accordingly...

5. All expenses of building, so far as respects the dam, mill frame, and other properties In common about the premises, shall be equally borne and sustained by cash, according to the ownership and rights enjoyed, or to be enjoyed by each...

6. When the mill dam is built and the frame of the mill to be set thereon is erected, the said John King shall be considered to own one half of said double sawmill as aforesaid, and the parties shall then determine which half shall belong to him as such, that either party may-construct his own respective machinery to his own liking...


All my right, title and interest in and to the following premises situated in said Whitefield.

Beginning on the westerly side of the road leading from Choate's Bridge by the Widow Elizabeth Longfellow's house at a stake and stones: from thence running north 02° west nine rod to Sheepscot by the heirs of Peter King deceased, thence south 20° east, eight rods by said River to a stake and stones on the said road, thence north 30 east on said road to the bound first mentioned containing forty eight rod. Also all my right to one other piece of interval land, so called, situated on the eastern bank of Sheepscot River and bordering the western front of lot called No. 34 and formerly the estate of Nathan Longfellow, Jr., deceased.

--Jonathan Philbrick

David Crowell


Grant one fourth of the Saw and Hill and sawmill privilege, situated on the western side of the Great Falls, so called, upon Sheepscot River, it being one fourth part of the said sawmill and sawmill privilege now occupied by me, the said King upon the stream side of the double sawmill then erected and owned by me the said King, and others in common and undivided. Also such part of the millyard adjoining as may belong to the said one fourth part of the said sawmill however the same may be bounded.


Town Records, 1825

The following persons were licensed, to tie lnnholders and. retailers, v.z.

James Meagher - Joseph Newall to be innholders for one year.

Eldred. and. Blish - 0. Peaslee to be retailers for one year.

William Chisam to be retailer for six months.

Choose the following School Agents: Jere Fribble, James Gray Jr., Ichabod. Partridge, Everett Ware, Moses Peaslee, John Heath, Captain Aaron Potter, Abram Choate Jr., Nathaniel Colby, James Gray 2nd., and. Simeon Wheeler.


Benjamin Peaslee, Constable — Assembled, at the schoolhouse near David. Crowell: Abraham Choate, Town Clerk, Moses Peaslee and. Reuben Lewis, Selectmen. Choose Captain Seth Labaree, Moderator; Abram Choate, Clerk; Reverend. Dennis Ryan, Briggs Turner and. Captain Seth Labaree to be Selectmen; Assessors and. Overseers of the Poor, Moses Peaslee, Esquire, Treasurer. The Collectorship to be set up at the lowest bidder, struck off to Benjamin Peaslee at two and. a quarter percent; Reverend. Dennis Ryan, David. Crowell and. Reuben Lewis, Esquire Superintending School Committee.

The following surveyors of highways: James Gray 2nd., Joseph Newall, Samuel Cookson, Isaac Tibbets, Nathaniel Tibbets, Abram Pribble, Jacob Peaslee, Captain John Turner, Samuel Palmer 2nd., Oliver Peaslee 2nd., Eben Choate, John Kavanaugh, Richard. Coombs, Alfred. Woodman, Samuel Smith, James Meagher, Joseph Carter, George Williamson, James Moody, William Pribble, Charles Glidden 2nd, Rufus Ware.

The following persons were chosen Fence Viewers, Field. Drivers and Pound Keepers, their barns and. barnyards to tie pounds: Samuel Smith, Leopard. Cooper, Captain Seth Labaree, Joseph Turner, Abram Tarr, Daniel Plummer 3rd., Joseph Newall, Abiel Fowle, Richard Film, Seth Pratt.

Sworn John A. Woodman — David. Bryant

Selectmen’s’ Action, May 4 1818

Upon a retrospective view of the moral habits and. customs of some indigent and. needy families of this town now paupers upon the same or liable to become so, the paupers expenses are great and. liable to be increased.. As a partial remedy of this evil, It is Resolved and. proposed as the sense of this meeting that it is the duty of the Selectmen of this town forthwith to post up in the licensed, houses, shops and. stores of Whitefield., Alna, Pittston and. Gardiner all such persons of this town as do misspend, their time and. property by the intemperate use of spirituous liquors, forbidding all such licensed persons to sell to any such persons so posted, spirituous liquors of any kind on the pains and penalties of the law in such cases provided..

Resolved it is the duty of all persons forthwith to give Information to the said Selectmen of any person in Whitefield coming under the aforesaid description to aid them in their duties as aforesaid and that printed blanks be procured for that purpose.

Voted, that the above should be recorded on the Clerk's Book.

True Copy. —Abraham Choate, Clerk


Vol. 157, P. 246

Know all men by these presents that we, John King, David. King, and. Cyrus King of Whitefield., County of Lincoln and State of Maine, in consideration of two hundred dollars to us paid by Peter King, of said. Whitefield., County and. State aforesaid., the receipt whereof we do hereby acknowledge, have remised, and. forever quit claimed, and do for ourselves and. our heirs by these presents remise, release and forever quit claim unto the said. Peter King, his heirs and assigns all our right title and. interest in and. to a certain tract or parcel of land situated in said Whitefield and. bounded, as follows, beginning at a stake and stones in the line dividing the lands of Rufus Labaree and the Estate of Peter King, deceased., north and. westerly from said. Labaree's house and. in the direction of the road lately laid out by the Selectmen of said town across Sheepscot River, thence by said dividing line and in a direction northwest until intersected, by a line, making a right angle from the south and. east corner of the body of the line on meeting house so called, with said line in a direction on southwesterly; thence by said line last mentioned twenty three rods and. six and. a half feet from said corner of said meeting house to a stake and. stones; thence southeast to Sheepscot River; thence by said. River to the line of the old mill yard on the east side of said River; thence by the north and easterly lines of said mill yard until it ends at the aforesaid River below the present dam; thence by said. River to the recent road aforementioned.; thence by said road to the first mentioned, bounds. Also all our right, title and. interest in and. to a certain part of the water privilege belonging to the heirs to the Estate of Peter King deceased., and. situated, on the Great Falls, so called, on the Sheepscot River; that is to say, the right of taking water from that belonging to the Grist Mill privilege by a gate eighteen Inches square in the clear or equal in proportion thereto, and. conducting the same unto his the said Peter's premises for his use in the same way and manner as it is now taken and conducted to his the said Peter's shop — and also the space of six feet in width for the convenience of an aqueduct from the eastern edge of the wharf north of said shop for that purpose. Also the right to enter in and upon our premises to repair said aqueduct when necessary without damage to said premises and not be liable to an action for trespass. Provided however in time of drought and. there not being water sufficient for the improvement of the Grist Mill In consequence thereof, the said. Peter is to keep or cause to be kept said. aqueduct in good repair, and. -when requested shall so lower the aforesaid. gate of eighteen inches square that the space of efflux shall contain thirty six square inches of water only. Also to the aforesaid. water privilege is added. the ground, on which his the said. Peter's shop now stands and. all the land south and easterly of said shop bounded. by the river on the east and. by the road as lately laid. out across said. River by the Selectmen of Whitefield. on the west and. extending southerly to the point of their intersection in the main channel of said River, and. In ease said. road should, not be accepted, as a public highway the said. Peter is to have a convenient access to his shop by a private way as is now usual.

To have and. to hold the aforementioned premises with all the privileges and. appurtenances thereunto belonging to him the said Peter King, his heirs and. assigns forever, so that neither we, John King, David King or Cyrus King or either of us, nor our heirs, or any other person or persons claiming from under us, either of us or them, shall or will by any way or means have claim or demand any right or title to the aforesaid premises or their appurtenances, or to any part or parcel thereof, forever.

In witness whereof we, the said John King, David King and. Cyrus King, and. I, Mary King, the mother of the said John, David., and. Cyrus, hereby agreeing to relinquish all my right to dower in the above described, premises to him the said Peter King, together with Martha King, wife of the said John King in token of her relinquishment of right to dower In the same premises, have hereunto set our hands and seals this eleventh day of May in the Year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Thirty Three.


In Portland, November 19th, 1834

Fire — Between eight and. nine of the clock on Saturday 8th instant, the Village of South Whitefield. at King's Mills, on the Great Falls, so called on Sheepscot River, was suddenly alarmed with the cry of fire. The fire originated, in a double saw mill in that part owned, by Captain John King, and. was first discovered, by an individual who had. Just passed the premises. At the distance of about 70 rods, his attention was arrested by a small light in or about the fireplace. He had passed the spot not more than fifteen minutes previous, and discovered no fire, nor any person about the premises, and It was not usual to occupy the mills on this evening of the week.

These circumstances led him to pause for a moment. He then passed to his house, six rods, to report what he had seen. During this time, the small light, as if by a sudden flash of lightening, burst Into a flame over the whole extensive roof. The mill had been occupied for the day without the use of fire and on leaving at evening, as fire had been used the night before, and as a matter of usual procedure, the fireplace was drenched with water. The air had been calm, but a current was immediately formed, sufficient to pour a shower of fire upon everything combustible in Its way and the scene of its ravages became almost in an instant, awfully sublime and appalling.

A double saw mill, a large and valuable three story grist mill, having two runs of stones and needful apparatus, and considerable grain, a box machine and cider mill with their appendages, and a quantity of valuable lumber, together with a large, elegant two story brick dwelling house of Captain King, wall finished and furnished, and containing much provision In the cellar and the out houses, were almost simultaneously wrapped in the conflagration.

Captain John King was the owner of the whole premises destroyed, accept one half of the double SawMill-- he had acquired this property by a long course of industry. It was about his all that Is now destroyed. With an infirm wife and helpless young family, he is cast upon the hands of charity.

The loss is great to the community; scarce a farmer, mechanic, or laborer, for a large range around can be found who were not more or less interested in the operation and success of this establishment and seriously affected by its loss. The local community are unable alone, if disposed to repair it. —David Crowell Jr.


Printed. In Portland, under date of November 24, 1834

The Proposed Reparation

The local committee at the Village of Kings Mills in Whitefield for the sufferers by fire at said place on the evening of the 8th instant, invited on the 10th by circular severally addressed to them, the following gentlemen, viz. John Dole, Luclus Barnard., Paul Parsons, and. John McLane, Esquires of AlnaThadeus Weeks and. Titus Richardson, Esquires and. Deacons, Daniel Weeks and. John Kennedy, of Jefferson -- Eliakim Scammon, Henry Dearborn, Samuel Clark and. William Kendall, Esquires of Pittston, to visit the local committee, view the ruins, investigate facts, estimate the probable amount of loss, and. afford, such aid and advice, and propose such measures to be adopted and. pursued for the benefit and relief of the sufferers as in their wisdom and kindness they might think consistent with relative duty and Impartial justice In the fire.

A majority of the aforesaid gentlemen accordingly on the 15th instant, as committees from the several towns, and in common of the whole, with the Hon. Eliakim Scammon in the chair and Mr. Warren Rundlett of Alna, Secretary, have estimated the loss at $5,000.

In view of the inability of the several sufferers, unaided to sustain and repair their loss, or by the aid of the local community around them, however well disposed except in a very limited manner — the aforesaid general committee have advised, ordered, and do undertake in connection with the local committee, severally to issue circulars In their own. towns and abroad, soliciting contributions of the benevolent and Christian community to be confided to the case of any or either of the said committees for the aid and benefit of the sufferers as impartial equity in the case may require...

The sufferers, of whom Captain John King is the greatest, are John King, David Crowell, Rueben Lewis and Eli T. Longfellow.

By the Local Committee of Whitefield

Whitefield, November 24, 1834



County of Lincoln, State of Maine, November 10th, 1834

From the sudden and. extensive ravages made by fire on Saturday evening, the 8th instant, at Kings Mills on the Great Falls, so called, on Sheepscot River In this town, a number of the citizens of the village met this day for consultation and organized themselves into a meeting.

Mr. Daniel Goud, Chairman

Dsc. DEA Brainard, Secretary

On the grounds of this shocking desolation, in full view of the distressing and ruinous consequences, not only to the immediate Individual sufferers, of whom Captain John King is far the greatest In amount and thereby completely thrown, with his helpless family, upon the hands of voluntary charity, for daily subsistence, and without future hopes and prospects, by any means of his own, except by the aid of voluntary benevolence — but in a measure ruinous to the adjacent community to a considerable extent, who, if disposed, are unable to make to the sufferers, but a very limited reparation — the persons assembled proceeded to appoint and authorize a local committee for correspondence with some

A committee by the local committee invited, not exceeding three or four persons, say on each of the adjoining towns of Alna, Jefferson and Pittston of known reputation and judgment, to kindly afford their aid and advice on the solemn occasion.

The local committee, therefore, respectfully request the gentlemen named below, to appear at the place of the melancholy ruins as soon as may be, the Chairman, or some other gentleman of the Alna Committee to notify the other committees of the time and place, when and where they will meet and proceed to view the ruined premises — make all needful investigation of facts — estimate the probable amount of loss — and prescribe such measures to be pursued for the benefit of the sufferers, or any of them, if any be found by them needful and proper, as in their wisdom and kindness they may see fit and which aid and advice will be most gratefully accepted by all concerned.

For this service the local committee do respectfully solicit say John Dole, Lucius Barnard, Paul Parsons, John McLane Esquires of Alna

Thaddeus Weeks' and. Titus Richardson, Esquires; Deacons Daniel Weeks and John Kennedy of Jefferson

Eliakim Scammon, Henry Dearborn, Samuel Clark and William Kendall, Esquires of Pittston

So accept of the Invitation of the local Committee to perform for the sufferers such invoices as may be in their power on the distressing occasion, which will be most gratefully acknowledged.

In behalf of the local Committee David Crowell, Chairman

The following is the Transcript of the Records and doings of the above invited Foreign Committee held by them November 15, 1834

At a meeting of the Committees of the towns of Pittston, Jefferson and Alna, held at the home of David Crowell, Esquire, In Whitefield on Saturday the fifteenth day of November instant

Present from the Town of Alna: John Dole, John McLane,

Lucius Barnard

Present from the Town of Pittston: Eliakim Scammon,

Samuel C lark, Henry Dearborn

Present from the Town of Jefferson: Thaddeus Weeks,

John Kennedy

John Dole, Esquire called the meeting to order, when Eliakim Scammon was chosen Chairman, and Warren Rundlett, Secretary.



John King to Thomas Trask of Jefferson

In consideration of five hundred, dollars to me paid by Thomas Trask Jr. of Jefferson, John King do hereby acknowledge, have granted, bargained and sold, and by these presents do grant, bargain, sell unto the said Thomas Trask Jr. all my rights, title and interest which I have ever have held in all the real estate of which my father, Peter King, died seized by reason of my being heir of said Peter, deceased; or by reason of any purchase which I have made of any of the right of any and all of the other children and heirs of said Peter -~ and I also convey so aforesaid all my right in and to all and any water privilege claim, gristmill, sawmill or other mills building standing on described premises at the time of said Peter's death or erected thereon since his death -— and I also convey aforesaid all the right which I have purchased in and any sawmill privilege in Whitefield on the Great Falls, so called of David Crowell and of Thomas Eldred and all and every other person, etc.

In witness whereof I the said John King have hereunto set my hand and seal this tenth day of November, eighteen hundred and thirty four

John King signed In presence of us, Thomas Nelson, Reuben Lewis.

Reuben Lewis, Justice of the Peace (See deed Trask to King, V2^/l850)




Benjamin King V, born Worcester, Mass., 1722 Died. 1778. Harried. Sarah Taylor of Townsend., Mass. Benjamin's sister Experience married a John Ball of Concord., Mass.

Benjamin King VI born New Ipswich NH, 1749 died 1800. Harried Ruth Bartlett of Whitefield. Settled 10 miles east of the Town of Gardiner on the Sheepscot River.


Peter I, born 1773, died 1818

Married Mary Glidden

Elijah, born 1775, Married Philbrick

Benjamin VII born 1776, Married Ruth Glidden Died 1866

Moses, born 1777, Married Lydia Peaslee

John I, born 1779, died 1798

Rice, born 1783, died 1844. Married Levina Hopkins.

Peter I married Mary Glidden


John ll, born 1793, died 1871



Peter II, born 1804, died. 1858


David, born 1808, died 1849


Cyrus, born 1811, died 1886


Benjamin VII married Ruth Glidden









Sophronie (a. Kennedy)

Abigail Ruth Ann (m. Manning)

Peter II, born 1804, died 1858. Married. Mrs. Harriet Day.


Mary Jane


Saurin, born 1832, died. 1904





B. 181 P. 66, April 1840

I Eli J. Longfellow of Whitefield — $300 to me in hand paid by Jeremiah Wheeler — bargain and. sell one undivided fourth part of all the mill or water privilege on the west side of the Sheepscot upon the Great Falls so called, on said River in Whitefield including one quarter part of all other privileges of said Falls or appertaining thereto — saving and. reserving such privilege of water (if any now occupied, by John King —) also one undivided fourth part of the mill yard., piling, ground, and. all other land belonging In common or undivided, with other owners of said mill privilege. Also all other land belonging in common or undivided with other owners of said mill privilege. Also one undivided half part of the shore or western half of the remains or unconsumed part of the double sawmill on said Falls together with one half of all utensils, privileges and appurtenances belonging to the aforesaid privileges and shore half of said mill owned by me or In part.

It being further understood, if any privilege of mill yard of right belonging to the aforesaid gristmill the same is hereby reserved.

Signed and sealed in presence of David Crowell and John King.


April 25, 1850

$1000 to John King

All my right, title and. interest In and. to the following described.« All and. singular of the mills — sawmill — gristmill and. buildings connected, therewith situated, on the Great Falls, so called, on Sheepscot River and. all lands belonging to the said privileges attached, to the same on the westerly side of said river, also three fourths of an undivided sawmill privilege on the west side of said falls and. river and land belonging to same being connected, with the dam now standing on said falls. Also a small lot of land connected, with the brickyard at the east end of the Choate Bridge, so called., across said river. Also another lot of land. bound-ed. by the highway north and. west of the Union Meeting House and. extending to Sheepscot River bounded- by said river and. the land of Abiel Longfellow, together with all privileges and. appurtenances thereunto belonging to the above named privileges and. land being the same as deeded to me by said. John King, November 10, 1834

Thomas Trask

Witness Marinda King

Thomas B. Heath


A certain mill privilege and. millyard connected therewith lying and. situated on the eastern side of Sheepscot River on the Great Falls (so called.) on said. river in the Town of Whitefield with all the rights and privileges appurtenant thereto, also all my rights, title and. interest in and. to a certain road. or way leading from said. millyard. to the public highway, a particular description of said. millyard, mill privilege and. road. being contained, in a deed. from Peter King to Thomas Eldred. and. David. Crowell dated. June fourth A.D. 1805 and. entered, with the records for deeds for the county of Lincoln Lib 57 Fol 160 to which deed reference is had for a particular description of the premises herein conveyed.. Also all my right, title and. Interest in and to a certain mill privilege and mill yard connected, therewith lying and situated on the western side of Sheepscot River (the Great Falls) so called on said river in said Whitefield with all the rights and privileges appurtenant thereto, together with all my right, title and interest in the saw mill now standing on said privileges, with all dams, flumes and fixtures appurtenant thereto.

Com. Crowell

David. F. Crowell

Francis H. Crowell

Jeremiah Wheeler , J.P.

John King died in 1871. His wife Susan had passed, away in 1868.

Their daughter, Clara King, married William H. Ford of Jefferson around, 1860. They resided in Jefferson for a few years. Their first-born, Clarence, was born in Jefferson in 1864, and was educated in the public schools in Whitefield.

Clara Ford, wife of William H. Ford, died in 1885, and William H. Ford died in 1895.

Clarence Ford married Sarah Erskine. They took over — continuing the mill until the early 1920s, also occupying the John King brick house.

The gristmill was used to generate electricity for the house but the operation ceased with the coming of electric power from Central Maine.

The gristmill was the only building remaining in 1954. Hurricane Edna, September 7, 1954, destroyed the building completely. Much of the salvage was gathered at the Head Tide Dam.




Society formed.: Notice — State of Maine, March 3, 1828

Lincoln County. To David Crowell, Esquire, on the application of aforesaid.


You are authorized, and. required, to notify the said. Applicants to meet at the schoolhouse near Jesse Crowell's in District numbered, five, the seventeenth day of March at six o'clock in the afternoon for the purpose of incorporating themselves into a Parish or religious society.

Action Whitefleld, March 29, 1828.

The members of the Union Meetinghouse Society met agreeably to their adjournment from the 17th.

1. Rice King took his place as Moderator

2. David. Crowell was chosen standing clerk and. sworn

3. Rice King and. Beuben Lewis were chosen assessors. ^. Moses Peaslee, Dr. James Coffin and. Nathan Longfellow, Collectors

5. Rice King was chosen Treasurer.

6. Moses Peaslee and. Jonathan Young, Esquires and. Mr. Rice King were chosen to be the standing committee of the Society.

The Standing Committee shall order and. provide Door Kickers to the Union Meetinghouse to accommodate strangers and. others not having seats in the house, to seats during the seasons of public worship appropriately belonging to the Society.

Ordained.: Elder William Poole, April 13, 1830.



April 4, 1834 Book 159 P. 434

Crowell to Baptist Church

We, David. Crowell and Moses King, fifty dollars paid by Jim Crowell and. Simeon Wheeler, as Deacons of Second. Calvinistic Baptist Church in South Whitefield. Lot situated western, side of Sheepscot River, bounded by stake and stones at the N.M. corner thereof and on the eastern side of the public (way) road leading from Ebenezer Choate's to Crowell’s Corner, so called, a few rods S.W. of said Crowell’s upper barn. Thence running up said road S 9° W 18 poles E.S.E. use and occupancy of Reverend William Poole, present Pastor gratuitously.


October 25, 1848

Know all men by these presents, that I Nathaniel Tibbetts of Whitefield In the County of Lincoln, Yeoman, in consideration of three dollars and twenty five cents to me in hand paid by Jonathan Heath 2nd of Whitefield, In the County of Lincoln, have remised, released and forever 'quit claimed, one undivided half of pew No. 39 according to plan thereof drawn by James L. Child Esquire, bearing date December 12th, 1826.

Location of Church (contained in deed John King to Thomas Trask, November 10, 1834).

"Also another lot of land bounded by the highway north and west of the Union Meetinghouse" (present 218)

"Discontinue the old road from Rufus Labaree to the Union Meetinghouse lot."

Ford — "Building erected just southeast of the Blinn House and razed after the present Union Church was finished 1870."


Early deeds described this as Crowell's Corner. Thusly: "On the south lay the road leading from King's Mills to Pittston, and on the west by road beginning at Crowell's Corner and passing E. Choate's as it lead to Turner's Corner." (Church lot)

The schoolhouse was erected in 18571 replacing the original Jesse Crowell's school. The Jesse Crowell School was situated nearby, apparently on the site that the church building is standing.

The church was erected in 1870. The church lot is described "Southerly by highway leading from Kings Mills past Jon A. Bailey dwelling to E. Pittston and easterly by highway leading from Bell Schoolhouse to Miles Palmer's Comer. '

LCC T. 244 P. 542