Coming June 2002!

Book Signing to be at WW&F Railway Museum in Sheepscot on Sunday June 30th,
10:00 am to 3:00 pm - all three authors will be there.

Narrow Gauge in the Sheepscot Valley, Vol. II

Whitefield to Weeks’ Mills
*110 pages * Over 150 photos (dozens previously unpublished)
* Twelve maps and new drawings highlight
informative text and captions
Whitefield Iron Bridge, Ford’s Mill, Whitefield, Preble’s,
North Whitefield, Clary’s Mill, Cooper’s Mills, Maxcy’s,
Windsor and Week’s Mills
* Plus full color center spread!
Standard Edition $33.00 ppd US, $38.00 elsewhere
Limited Edition Signed and Numbered Hard Backs
$58.00 US, $63.00 elsewhere
PO Box 133, Washingtonville, OH 44490-0133 (330) 702-0117,


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