Actually, the Highest point in town is ( NOT Grand Army Hill's Library location as reported earlier, elsewhere, but... ) Bill Hill on the South end of Joice Ridge on the west side of Hunt's Meadow Road @ 426 ' above sea level... Indeed Grand Army hill is the 5th highest hill in Whitefield.

Here is the graph I came up with to visualize Whitefield's elevation comparisons.

(Longfellow pond is also called Given's pond -- It's off the South side of Route # 17 )

Visualizing vertical distance gives a totally different impression when compared to horizontal distance.

For example.... It is just about 400 feet from the end of Townhouse Road to David and Barbara Hayden's driveway. 
If we mentally project that distance vertically up into space -THAT distance is how far the LOWEST point in Whitefield is from the HIGHEST point .......pretty minuscule, right...