There are NO perfect solutions to the Minimum Lot Size dilemma !
Below are some simplistic reactions to possible options. 

Giving serious thought and consideration to our people, their needs and a vision of the future of Whitefield should go a long ways to finding a better way to use the 30,000 acres in our town.

These are some matters of concern that should be addressed in an updated comprehensive plan.

Change nothing.

This inaction will guarantees that as time goes on, Whitefield building lots will be increasingly divided and divided again, until virtually all spaces are 1 1/2 acres ( roughly 256' square).

Look at inner Eastern Avenue in Augusta for a preview.

Make the minimum lot size smaller or do away with it all together.


   Same results as above except eventually dwellings are even closer.

Look at Milk Street in Boston for a preview

Make the minimum lot size larger


Same results as above except eventually dwellings are further apart.

Look at Washington County for a preview


Design a lot size ordinance that would take into consideration the characteristics of the land, the present and future needs of the inhabitants and the health and safety of the townspeople.

Here we could find "village" areas where housing could be clustered for convenience, safety and sociability. 

Environmentally sensitive, areas for public use or food production would require a much lower housing density .

As the differing needs of the ages of townspeople change the town's design must provide for those changes - over all generations.