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Welcome to the 1st edition of this newsletter that we have been talking about for so long....You have received an invitation to see this newsletter thru no fault of your own. This initial e-mail list was put together from all sources. The only criterion was that there was some connection with Whitefield.

Our goal is to provide a way that we can find more opportunities to act like a community. A community of individuals who have one thing in common - We like our town, Whitefield !

We will strive to find ways to celebrate that common thread. We will find news of events in our town that we can all benefit from knowing.

There are many 'Friends of Whitefield' who don't even live in town. Maybe, they used to live here, possibly they want to live here, or some  just may want to live vicariously and enjoy our small community, in a virtual way. Whatever the case all are welcome

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