Whitefield Garden Club

    Our new Selectman, Tim Chase, is promoting a great idea ! In a recent note he said: 
Just because I don't have any thing else to do, I am working on starting a garden club. Actually I promised some people and myself last fall that I would organize the first get together to find out how much interest there is. I would love to organize a great community club but I am hoping that there is lots of interest and help. One of my goals as selectman is to turn Whitefield into a friendly community not just a town. Other than the eighth grade supper after town meeting do you remember the last time there was a chance for town folks to get together? I am not promoting bean suppers but if that is what it takes..... so be it.
 Enough babble what I am writing for is to let you know where the process is at so you can help get the word out. April 25th at 7:00pm at Uncas Farm meeting room there will be a presentation by Mark Hutchinson-master gardener with the exchange and also someone from the state federation of garden clubs. I would like to see a more formal type of club but obviously the nature of the club and whether or not we even have one will be determined by those present. There will be posters and info sheets available at all public places hope to see you on the 25th thanks, Tim

I am still amazed that we have elected such a creative and energetic individual as one of our leaders. Now I know how the Czechoslovakians must have felt when they elected Vaclav Havel, a poet and playwright as their president !

Tim's announcement is :



Let's Create a Whitefield Garden Club

7:00pm at the Uncas Farm Meeting Room
Presentation by Mark Hutchinson -------Master Gardener

Presentation by a representative of the------State Garden Club Organization
Promoted by a group of interested Whitefield residents

For more info call Tim Chase 549-5016
Marianne Marple 549-7013


If you love flowers and gardening and would like to get acquainted with others who feel the same way.....

JOIN A GARDEN CLUB--TAKE ADVANTAGE of programs and classes in gardening, landscape design, and flower arranging.

DISCOVER what grows best, how to fertilize, and how to keep the moisture in your kind of soil.

ENJOY the thrill of showing your prize plants and floral arrangements at flower shows and exhibits.

PROFIT from the experience of experts, get new ideas for outdoor planting to compliment your home and neighborhood.

Do you wonder what would happen if no one cared about our land, air, water and trees?

GET TOGETHER with others and present a solid front of civic concern to your community.

CREATE a heritage for the future, plant at home and take part in garden club programs for long-term beautification.

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