Fallbrook Landscapers
April '04 Report:

Somehow, committee sounds too formal and group sounds worse. Gardeners sounds a bit light in responsibility. So for now, we'll just call ourselves the Fallbrook Landscapers.

Remember, everyone can join in. No credentials, election nor dues are required - just a sincere interest in preserving and improving our beautiful surroundings here in  Fallbrook Village. We have no authority beyond what the board gives us we serve at their pleasure.

The results of last falls planting of spring bulbs are just now beginning to appear. Look for the Jonquils, daffodils, crocus and tulips in small clumps. We hope you will be pleasantly surprised at where we have put them.

Several community members have donated excess Hosta plants that are being transplanted to common areas like around the utility boxes. If you would like to contribute to this effort you can - either by offering plants (call Betty @ 797-0708) or a contribution to the landscape fund ( call Carol @ 797-7479)

Despite last winters horrific conditions, it appears the grubs didn't suffer much. The squirrels, skunks and crows continue to till our turf for these morsels while we scratch our heads trying to come up with a more lasting solution. Casco Bay Landscape continues to suggest whatever it is that "Lawn Dawg" squirts on the lawns. Despite what some are saying, we don't believe it is "grub food", but it sure doesn't seem to help much. We are looking into "Milky Spore" (Bacillus popillae ) developed by the USDA. It is quite expensive and relatively slow to take full effect, but it is otherwise friendly and requires no warnings to pets and people. Hopefully, we'll have a report and suggestions for the board in the near future . In the meantime if you have some findings or ideas, we'd like to hear from you.

14 White Pines were recently transplanted from our common areas where they needed to be thinned and were transplanted on the Ray Street side of The


Fallbrook Green where there were gaps in the screening by the existing pines. It is our hope that this visual and sound buffer will help make this wonderful lawn more inviting for events like last fall's 1st annual croquet games and other uses benefiting our little community. As time goes on, we hope to continue this screening project either with transplanted trees from our own property or those purchased with proceeds from some of our upcoming events.

Soon we will present the board with a request for permission to make a small winding path through the south end of our picturesque center forest. The path would be about 3' wide and laid out in a manner that would limit the necessity of removing living trees and take advantage of the natural lay of the land around the wetlands and mature pines. There would be a garden bench in a small clearing where people could sit and enjoy the wildlife. Songbirds, squirrels and ducks inhabit this peaceful place. It is also our goal to promote the vigor and variety of wildflowers and ferns by transplanting and improving the current environment of our secluded grove.

Here is a sketch of our plan.

Again this year, we will be "candle trimming"our White Pine in late June. This practice makes for a more silky appearance and a dense screening effect. This and other pruning techniques can be demonstrated so you too can participate. Just give Dave a call at: (797-0708). If you misplace this information it will be posted on our condominium web site :