Several organizations exist because of the efforts of volunteers. Here we will attempt to look at the volunteer leaders whose work and inspiration have helped shape our community. We’ll will look at the Volunteer Fire Department, the Boy Scouts and at the Grange.


These two groups were organized in 1959. The purpose

Leaders have been elected for the two organizations each year. The leader of the Community Club is entitled President and the leader of the Volunteer Fire Department is called Chief. Over the years the Presidents have been:

Cecil Frost

David Sullivan

Chiefs have been

Lyston Frost

Rolla Archer

Joey Wallace

Edward “Crash” Burgess


The elected leader of Alexander Grange #304 is the Master. Membership in the Grange is voluntary; thus we list known Masters. Several served for many years, sometimes not consecutively.

Albion Keith Parris Berry

Max Berry 1947

Ken Corbett 1966

Bert Flood 1927 – 28 + 1943

Ellery Frost 1929 – 1931 + 1940

Pliney Eugene Frost 1941 + 1944 – 46 + 1983 - 86

Bruce Heffren 1981

Dale Holst

Mildred Flood Holst 1988 – 1994

Brad Hunnewell 1999 - 2003

Larry Keck 1973

Earl Kinney 1982 - 85

Russell Kinney 1980

Earl Landry 1958 + 1984

Carl McKain 1986 - 87

Irene Carlow McKain 2007

Elizabeth McVicar 2006

Edwin Pulk 1977

Kenneth Pulk 1864 + 1974

Leon Scribner 1952 – 1957

Pike Seavey 2005

True Varnum

Barbara Williams Webber 2010


From the late 1980s to the early years of the twenty-first century scouting in Alexander – Crawford had an active group of adult leaders and motivated young men. All were involved in Boy Scout Troop #127 of Alexander, except the Sanfords who were in Troop 144, an international troop.

The adult leaders were:

Clayton Blake

David Cummings

Kathy Devine

George Grant

David McVicar

Yvonne Morrill

Tim Sanford

David Sullivan

Randy Wallace

Susan Wallace

Boys who attained the rank of Eagle Scout during those years were:

Daniel Sullivan – 1990

Courtney Hagenaars – 1995

Lee Cummings – 1995

David Sanford – 1997

Michael Morrill – 1997

Darren Morrill – 1998

Joey Mersereau – 1998

Travis Wallace – 2003

During these years and since, the community has supported a Cub program for younger boys and a Brownie program for young girls.