1920 - 1997

by John Dudley

My friend Pliney has "gone down that road along which no man returns". When one first met Pliney, one would note the long hair, the beard, and his quiet way. Knowing Pliney was to realize his straight forward honesty, his intelligence, and his open acceptance of all people and all circumstances. He was a source of knowledge on local affairs and families and always freely shared his knowledge.
Besides family, activities that occupied Pliney's life were:

GRANGE: Pliney received his first and second degrees in April of 1937. Max Berry was master at that time. He was Gatekeeper, Overseer, Secretary, and Master for eight terms of Alexander Grange #304. He was in Washington Pomona #l6 Grange from which he received the fifth degree in 1941 at Pembroke. He received his sixth degree in the Maine State Grange at Lewiston. In 1948, he received his seventh degree at the National Grange meeting held at Portland.

TOWN OFFICES: Pliney was elected selectman and assessor in 1942. He was to serve his town in these positions for at least 15 years. Over the years he was also elected to and served as tax collector and treasurer. He served as moderator of our town meetings, a constable, and was a member of the planning board. He had a deep interest in the welfare of his town, a knowledge of its past and of the laws and policies that control us.

JOBS: Pliney grew up at a time when our local economy was changing from self sufficient farming families to a time when most people work a job away from home. Pliney never really left the farm. He grew crops and always kept livestock. He worked for Stowell-MacGregor at its mill on Pocomoonshine Lake, the Maine State Highway Department, and Guilford Industries. He was for many years an insurance agent.

GENEALOGY and HISTORY: Pliney grew up in a home surrounded by older people who were interested in local families and local history. Pliney was a good listener. During the last two decades of his life, he researched and created a written record of the Frost family and many related families, and of many aspects of local history. He wanted this material to become part of the
A-CHS archives. Among the items are * 46 loose leaf binders of miscellaneous Washington County area family material in alphabetical order that were clipped from newspapers mostly after 1980. These include obituaries, marriages, births, and other news items. * Binders for each of the following families: Bailey (2), Bohanon, Brown, Frost (7), and Perkins. Binders containing several related families: Bonney/Sprague/Thornton, and Dwelley/Berry/Stephenson * Pamphlets for the following families: Bailey (4), Crandall, Dwelley, Frost (2), Henderson, Hunnewell. * Pliney's interest in the Grange is represented by four binders of Grange clippings.