During the summer of 2010 Grange members did some housecleaning. About 8 parcels of stuff were hauled to the Archives. In February 2011 Grange member Rhonda Oakes went through all the stuff and organized the good and discarded the bad. In between was a file folder of miscellaneous stuff, too good to throw away, but lacking glue to hold it together and make it of value. She turned this folder over to John Dudley.

The stuff is good. To help it tell its story, it was arranged in a binder by name of vender, and arranged by time on this sheet. People and businesses, ie. venders, from other towns noted in (parenthesis). An * asterisk follows venders with more than one slip and under year of first slip.

Some slips were signed by three Grange members, probably to approve payment. Forty different signers are listed here in [brackets].

This timeline tells another story of Alexander Grange #304. See the other timeline under Grange Hall on the web site.

Undated – Ira Perkins, fire wood to heat the hall

Undated - Carmalt & Tingley (Woodland), hamburg [Herbert Fitzpatrick]

Undated - Nelson A. Flood Groceries – Dry Goods, blank sales slip

Undated –Grange Cottage (Hinckley), 4 poems by Marie Greene

  1.    Fay McArthur borrowed $500 from Grange, sureties were Ralph McArthur & Leon Scribner

  1.    Ernest H. Scholl Florist* (Calais), wreaths & sprays for the sick and deceased; Alice Dwelley, George Seamans, Evie Cousins, Charles Aylward, Evelyn Aylward [Bertha McArthur]

1933   Town of Alexander*, property tax bills Tax collectors were Almond Frost, Frank Dwelley, Bertha Dwelley, Lewis Frost,

  1.    Ralph McArthur*, janitor

1935   Oxford County P of H Mutual Fire Insurance Co. (West Paris) [Bernice Frost]

1935    Northern Maine Patrons Mutual Fire Insurance Co. (Presque Isle), bill

1937    Grange Cottage (Hinckley), Thank you & names & picture of fourteen girls who are residents at Grange Cottage at Good Will Farm

1939   C. L. Brown*, napkins, salt, gas, telephone calls [Leota Flood, Max Berry, Paul Dwelley]

1940   Park-Aide Hotel (Calais), tune piano, Edmund Casey did the tuning

  1.     Arthur W. Flood General Store*, oysters, tonic etc [Bertha Scribner, Ira Perkins, Pliney   Frost]

  2.     Bert W. Flood*, janitor [Linnie McArthur, Glenna Cousins, Clarice Cousins]

1943   George M. Irvine* – Florist (Calais), sprays & wreaths for the sick & deceased; Paul Flood, Georgia Seamans, Mrs. Staples, Eva Flood, Adla Varnum, __ Perkins [Doris Perkins, Eva Flood, Darrell Frost]

  1.    Shirley Hunnewell, ½ cord fire wood, $7.00 [Genevieve Flood]

  2.     Cecil Hatfield, wiring over hall for electricity, materials and labor [Rowena Dwelley]

1946    Pliney Frost*, work on hall & supplies [James A. Holmes]

  1.     Maine Government (Augusta), letter from Director State Fire Prevention requiring corrections to building, fire escape etc.

1947   Calais Box & Lumber Co. (Calais), pine boards [Ralph McArthur, Shirley Hunnewell]

  1.     Mack Baking Company (Brewer), bread

1947   Armour & Company* (Calais) 10 pounds franks [Bert Flood]

1947   Maine Baking Co. (Lewiston), 24 loaves Golden Heart Bread

  1.   Palmer & Sprague (Machias), ten cases tonic [Elbridge McArthur]

1948   Internal Revenue Service*, entertainment tax

  1.     M. H. Fishman Co Calais), material for table cloths or curtains

1951   Leon T. Scribner Groceries*, coffee, milk, bread, bleach sugar [Abner Braley]

1951   Taylor Hardware* (Calais), stove pipe [Cecil Frost]

  1.    Rufus Ashley* (Woodland), interior paint & varnish [Dora Braley]

1954    Calais Advertiser* (Calais), Resolutions, Amanda Hunnewell, Roy Hunnewell, Nellie Berry [Alberta Berry]

  1.     Everett Scott* (Calais), flowers for Alberta Berry (sick), Ella Flood, Leota Flood, Eda Frost, Elliot Hatt, Nellie Berry [Norma M. Frost]

  1.     Bertha Scribner, misc. supplies, light bulbs, soap, napkins, mugs

1955   Beckett & Company* (Calais), mdse. [Lois Strout, Margaret Frost, Cliffird McLaughlin]

  1.     DREC* (Calais), Receipt for Electric Stove, Denny’s River Electric Co-operative plus power bills including EMEC

1955   Todd Brothers Hardware* (Calais), electric switches & paint for kitchen

1955   Foster Higgins* (Milltown), 60 hens at $1.50 = $90.00 [Edmund Martell]

  1.    Cancer Society (Brunswick), receipt from Am Cancer Society for $2.00 donation

1956    Lyston Frost, 20 qts. milk, $3.00

1960    George B. Bates Co. Jewelers (Calais), Seth Thomas Clock, earrings [Lyston Frost, Evarose Landry, Elsie Polk]

  1.    St. Croix Paper Co. (Woodland), 4 storm windows

1961 Woodland Cash Store (Woodland), 6 storm sash sets [Freda McCray, George Moreshead]

  1.     Edgerly’s Grocery*, light bulbs, canned milk, coffee [Nelson Flood, Creston Cox, D. Elsmore]

1965   Carroll’s Print Shop ( ), 300 tickets [Alice Moores, Well Hunnewell]

  1.     Sentinel Insurance (Eastport, Burton & Eleanor Blanche), $11.00

  1.     Alexander School, letter from Grange Master Earl Kenney to school principal concerning damage to hall by students & reply.

1994   First National Bank (Calais), savings account book

  1.     Mary Wallace* (South Princeton), notes with dues