We continue with the diary that Carleton Cooper started on January 1st 1940 and his mother Corice (Creamer) Cooper took over after Carleton tired of the daily routine. We learn of the events in the lives of Sam, Corice and Carleton. Carleton’s four sisters were older; Mildred was living in Milltown and married to Foster Higgins; Effie was married to Theodore Scott, called Scotty, and lived near Honeydale, NB; Eva married Roland Perkins and lived on a farm between the Airline and Spearin roads in Alexander; and Leota lived in Bolton, Mass, married to her first husband, Bill Laws. Identification of others, if known, will be given within or after each entry, but only the first time the name appears. This issue has three months of the diary.

Carleton and his dog Nero. What year car is that?


  1. I washed. Papa and Eddie are peeling bark. Carleton has got the asthma, but not real bad. Eddie Batron was working for Sam Cooper and boarding with the family.

  2. Carleton is some better. Horace, Arlene, Lawrence, baby, and Fay were down. It is just lovely out. Horace Creamer was Corice’s twin. Arlene McArthur was Corice’s granddaughter, daughter of her daughter Eva Perkins. Lawrence was her husband and Fay was Lawrence’s father. Baby was Lawrence who was born on June 16,1940. He died young. Arlene’s first child was Virginia, born in 1939.

  3. Carleton has gone up to the store. Eddie and Sam are working on the garden. This is Leota’s birthday. Leota Laws lived in Massachusetts and was a daughter of Sam and Corice.

  4. It rained real hard. Carleton and Eddie went to Calais with Eva’s boys. Sam and I went out to Mildred’s for dinner, had a good time. Eva’s boys were grandchildren of Sam and Corice; they were Fletcher, Ivan, Donald and Carl. Sam and Corice’s daughter Mildred married Foster Higgins and lived in Milltown.

  5. Everyone is real well. Leota, Bill and family came the 4th. Leota, Bill and Carleton went over to see Effie. Bill Laws was Leota’s husband; Carl, Freddie and Virginia were Leota’s adopted children.

  6. Bill, Leota, Sam and Corice went to Calais, the children stayed home and kept house.

  7. It was a real hot day. Bill went home. We took Leota up to Eva’s. Bill called up at night, he got home OK. Daughter Eva Perkins and family lived on Bailey Hill in Alexander.

  8. It is real hot. Carleton and Carl went up to the lake. I washed. Papa and Eddie peeled bark. Everyone is well.

  9. Sherman Flood was here for dinner. Carl and Carleton went up to Sherman’s this afternoon. Horace, Winnie and Wallace were here for supper. Sherman Flood was Nelson and Leota’s son. Winnie and Wallace Gillespie were from Baileyville.

  10. Carleton and Carl have gone to take the horse up to the blacksmith shop. Horace was down. Mr. Smiley was out. Walter Henderson had his shop at his home on the Cooper Road in Alexander.

  11. Sam, Corice, Carleton, Carl, Freddie and Virginia all went to Woodland. Eddie worked in the woods.

  12. Carleton is not very well.

  13. Carleton went to Calais with Arnold Flood; Eva’s boys bought him home. Arnold was George’s son.

  14. Leota came home from Mrs. Smiley’s. Some members of the Fred Niles family were always smiling, thus the nickname Smiley, Smiler, or Grinny.

  15. Sam began haying. I washed. Carleton is not very well.

  16. It was a real good hay day. Carleton is not very well.

  17. Sam went to the doctor. Effie came home. Leota went out to Smiler’s.

  18. It was a real hot day. Effie, Sam, Eddie, Carl and Corice got in hay. Carleton still got the asthma.

  19. Real hot day. Got in more hay.

  20. Sam filled the tank for the lights. Sam, Corice, Effie, Carleton, Eddie and Carl all went to Calais. The Cooper family had carbide lights.

  21. Sam Corice, Carleton and Carl were all out to Mildred’s. Carleton is real well today.

  22. Sam and Eddie sprayed blueberry land this morning. I washed. Carleton went to Bangor with Nelson and Sherman. It rained.

  23. Horace was down. Bernard Flood was here. Carl and Carleton were up to the store. Eddie is working in the woods. Everyone is OK. Bernard was Raymond’s son.

  24. Sam, Carleton, Carl and myself went down to Dennysville. Horace was down. Hermie Sprague was up. Eddie went to the store. Hermie Sprague was from Milltown.

  25. It is poor hay weather. Carl and Carleton are building on their camp. Sam is spraying potatoes.

  26. Sam finished up haying. Mr. & Mrs. Tibbetts were here for dinner. Dyer, Eva, Donald, Carl, Melva and Freddie were here. Carl, Carleton and Dyer were over on Breakneck. Dyer was a son of Coburn and Yola Crosby.

  27. Sam, Corice, Eddie, Carleton, Genevieve and Sherman went to Calais. It has been real hot. Genevieve was Sherman’s sister.

  28. It was real hot. Mr. Fenderson was here. Dyer was over. Carleton and Carl went to Sunday school. Mr. Fenderson was Charles or his son Frank of Calais; they had an insurance agency.

  29. I washed. Sam peeled bark. Carleton and Carl worked on the camp. Genevieve was down.

  30. Leota came from Effie’s. Bill called from Mass. Carleton is not very well.

  31. Sam, Carl, Leota and Corice went to Woodland. Carleton, Freddie, Virginia, Sherman and Genevieve all kept house.


  1. It is real hot. Carleton is not very well.

  2. Horace was down. Leota went up and cooked some for him. Eddie went sawing pulpwood. Horace is still working for and living at Annie Sullivan’s.

  3. Sam, Eddie and Corice went to Grange; paid up the dues, $3.00. Carleton and Virginia went to Calais. Leota, Carl and Freddie went up to Eva’s.

  4. Carleton and Virginia went to Sunday school. It was a hot day. Jennie and Maybell were out for supper. Horace was down. Jennie (Bailey) Gillespie and her daughter.

  5. I washed. Eddie sawed pulpwood. Papa is not very well.

  6. Arlene and baby, Leota, Virginia, Freddie, and Lawrence were down. Joyce, Jane, Genevieve and Sherman were here. Joyce and Jane were daughters of Coburn and Yola Crosby.

  7. Arlene and baby, Leota, and Freddie, Virginia and Carl were here for dinner. Papa is not very well. Carleton went to Young Peoples meeting. The young People often met at the Cedar School, some times at peoples’ homes. It was like Sunday school.

  8. Horace was down. Leota, Carleton and Corice went to Woodland. Papa cut oats.

  9. Bill Wilson and his girls were here. Lyman brought a load of blueberry boxes. Carleton went to Columbia Falls with Lyman. Bill Wilson was from Woodland. Lyman Strout was a trucker from Alexander and was hauling empty blueberries boxes, and later full ones.

  10. Lyman, Horace, Carleton and Eddie got the oats in. Freddie, Carleton, Virginia, Genevieve, Sherman and Corice went to Calais.

  11. Eddie went home for the day.

  12. I washed. Everyone is OK.

  13. There were 15 here; we tied out Effie’s quilt. Everyone had a good time.

  14. I churned. Leota, Papa and myself went to Calais. Carleton, Virginia and Freddie kept house.

  15. Papa and myself went to Woodland. Carleton kept house. Effie was reported as in the St. Stephen hospital.

  16. Theodore called up. Effie is in the hospital. Carleton, Papa and I went out to see her.

  17. Papa and myself were out to see Effie. Carleton stayed at Mildred’s. He has got the asthma.

  18. Carleton, Papa and myself were out to see Effie. She is doing fine.

  19. I washed. Papa and myself went to see Dr. Crane. Papa is not very well. It rained all day. Dr. Crane of Woodland was Carleton’s doctor. He helped with Carleton’s birth at home in 1926.

  20. We began to rake the blueberries, 21 rakers.

  21. They raked berries. Papa is somewhat better, also Carleton.

  22. Leota and myself went to Woodland, Calais, and over to see Effie. She is doing fine.

  23. They raked berries today.

  24. They raked berries. Leota’s children and Carleton went up to Eva’s.

  25. Sam, Carleton and Corice went to see Effie. Arlene, Lawrence and baby came down. Leota and children kept house.

  26. Got all through raking blueberries; had 21 rakers.

  27. (blank)

  28. I churned. Eddie is cutting bushes.

  29. Sam, Carleton, Leota, Corice, Virginia, and Freddie all went to Woodland. The children all got hair cuts.

  30. Sam, Corice, Carleton, Leota and Eddie all went to Calais. The children kept house.

  31. Harl, Jane, Beth and her man, Mr. Martin, were up. Bill came after Leota and children.



  1. Sam, Carleton, Corice, Leota and Bill all went to see Effie; she is doing fine.

  2. Leota, Bill and children went back home. Eva went back with them. It rained. Sam, Corice, Carleton and Eddie went to Woodland.

  3. Carleton’s school began. I washed. Papa and Eddie cutting bushes.

  4. Lyman, Doris and baby, Sam and myself all went to Columbia Falls. Carleton went to school. The baby was Fern, Lyman’s and Doris’ third child.

  5. Eddie cut bushes. This trip likely was to collect the pay, often in cash, for the blueberries.

  6. Sam and myself went to Woodland. Carleton went to school.

  7. Sam, Eddie, Everett Frost hauled straw from Princeton. Carleton went to school. Everett Frost, of South Princeton, grew oats and sold the straw to Sam for burning his blueberry fields, or possibly for animal bedding.

  8. Carleton went to Meddybemps with Harvard and Sherman to Mame Gould. Eddie cut bushes. Jim and Mame Gould once lived in Cooper, but at this time widow Mame was in Charlotte, in the big old Fisher house. She sold young pigs. Harvard Dwelley joined the other boys in this journey.

  9. Horace and Sherman were down for dinner. Carleton has not been very well.

  10. Sam, Carleton, Eddie and myself went to Mildred’s and got Effie.

  11. – 19 (blank)

21. Effie went to Mildred’s, stayed all night. Sam, Carleton, Eddie and myself went up to Arlene’s.

22. Sam, Carleton and myself went to Woodland.

23. Carleton, Sam and myself went to Calais, Woodland and Princeton. It was a lovely day.

24. I washed. Sam and Eddie cut pulp.

  1. Harvard killed the goat. It rained awful hard. Carleton went to school.

  2. Carleton and myself went to Woodland, then to Calais and got 20 hens. Sam had supper all ready when we got home.

27. Carleton went to school.

  1. Sherman was here. Floyd hauled hay from Princeton. Carleton went to Pembroke with Sherman. Floyd Hunnewell was from Alexander.

29. Horace, Foster, Mildred, Madeline and Bunk were here for dinner. Stephen Knowles’ wife was here. Madeline was Mildred’s daughter, married Raymond Boddy. Bunk Ross was from Milltown.

30. I washed. Carleton went to school. Eddie and Papa spread straw on blueberry land.