April - June 1940

Corice (Creamer) Cooper, wife of Sam and mother of Carleton Cooper kept this diary. It was Carleton who made this available to A-CHS to share with our readers. Readers should refer to issue 132 for a list of Carleton’s sisters and where they lived and for the map of Carleton’s neighborhood. Carleton often spells his name Carlton, but isn’t fussy. We all know who he is.

Identification of others, if known, will be given within or after each entry, but only the first time the name appears. This issue has three months of the diary. The editor made only a few grammatical or spelling changes.

Corice, Sam and Carleton in door yard of their home. Note firewood on left.


  1. I washed and Carleton went to school.

  2. It is just lovely out. Carleton is well so he went to school.

  3. I churned 22 pounds butter. Carleton went to school.

  4. Papa and I went to Calais and Woodland. Mildred gave Carleton a billy goat.

  5. It is snowing real hard. Carleton went to school with the horse and the horse came back all alone.

  6. Papa went up to the blacksmith shop. It is a cold day. Walter Henderson in Alexander was the blacksmith.

  7. This is Sunday and my birthday. Papa and Carleton made ice cream.

  8. I washed and cleaned some up stairs. Carleton went to school. Papa hauled out cordwood.

  9. It rained. Charlie came back to work. Carleton did not go to school. Charlie Moholland of Princeton was one on many men who worked for area farmers. He lived in a camp near Cooper’s house and took his meals with them.

  10. I churned, Papa and Charlie cut wood and Carleton went to school.

  11. Carleton went to school.

  12. Papa and I papered the bedroom upstairs. Carleton went to school and Charlie hauled out wood.

  13. Eva came down to stay until Sunday. We had a bad rainstorm and the William Leland Bridge washed out last night. This bridge on the North Union Road was over Dead Stream.

  14. Eva went home. It is cold. Charlie, Carleton, Sam and myself went over to see the bridge out.

  15. Carleton has got the asthma. I went up to the store and got him a new suit.

  16. Carleton still has got the asthma. Charlie is done cutting wood.

  17. Carleton is real bad tonight.

  18. Sam, Carleton and myself went to Woodland. Charlie moved out of the camp. Carleton still has the asthma.

  19. Sherman Flood is down here. Effie called up. It is cold. Sherman was Nelson Flood’s son.

  20. Carleton still has got the asthma. Effie sent him a book and box of candy. I walked up to the store and got them.

  21. It is snowing real hard, 10 or 12 inches deep. Carleton is better.

  22. The worst snowstorm of the winter. Papa and I papered the hall. Carleton is better. There is no school; teacher could not come.

  23. The big snow is over. Everyone is well. It is just lovely out.

  24. Papa and Carleton tried to go up to the store. The snow is so deep they had to turn the horse around and come back.

  25. Everyone is well. Papa went over to the schoolhouse to meet Nelson Flood for 4 bags of grain. Lots of snow in the woods.

  26. I washed. Carleton made a cart for his goat.

  27. Carleton. Papa and myself walked up to the store. The snow is so deep we could not get the horse up through it.

  28. Bernard and Sherman were down. Scotty was here for dinner. It was just lovely out. Bernard was one of Raymond Flood’s sons

  29. I washed; Carleton went to school. Horace came down to work on Annie’s house. The snow was so deep he had to leave his car up to Herb’s. Horace Creamer was Corice's twin. Annie Sullivan owned the Sullivan place and had hired Horace to build a fireplace and do other work there. Horace will visit his twin sister and family frequently during his stay at the Sullivan place. Readers will remember Annie’s Quilt in issue 124. Herb Lowe lived at the first place on the Green Hill Rd.

  30. Carleton could not go to school; he has got the asthma.


  1. Horace was down and got some eggs. Carleton could not go to school. Sam took off the storm windows.

  2. Carleton, Sam and myself went to Woodland. The roads were real good the Meddybemps way.

  3. It is raining. Carleton still got the asthma. Effie came home. Horace was down tonight.

  4. Still raining. Dyer was over. Carleton is real bad with the asthma. Papa went up to see Horace.

  5. Carleton is still real bad with the asthma. Papa and I went up to the store with the horse. Effie is home with us.

  6. Carleton is better. Effie cleaned the setting room. I worked too. Papa has painted his truck wagon.

  7. The first thunder storm of the year. Effie and Carleton cleaned up the yard.

  8. Effie went back to work. Papa, Carleton and myself went to Calais. Papa bought a new door.

  9. It is awful cold out. Carleton made Eva a birdhouse. He is real good.

  10. I cleaned the kitchen. Papa burned the blueberry land on the west side of the house. Carleton is real well.

  11. We planted some potatoes and burned blueberry land on the east side of the house. I got 2 boxes of candy, one from LPL and one from Effie. LPL is Leota.

  12. We went up to Eva’s. Fletcher, Donnie, and Carl brought him home. Everyone is well. Today is Mothers Day.

  13. I washed. Eddie Batron is here working. Scotty was down. Papa worked on the road this morning. Carleton went to school. Eddie Batron is another of those men like Charlie Moholland who worked out. Eddie was from Cooper.

  14. We bought the car home. Annie Sullivan came home. Eddie and Sam did some farming. Since snow and mud seasons are over, the car can be kept at home, not in the garage on the North Union Road.

  15. The telephone men were here; also Annie. I washed the car. Carleton went to school.

  16. We went to Woodland. Carleton is in school. James and Larry Gillespie were here. James and Larry are sons of James Wallace and Winifred Gillespie of Woodland.

  17. Carleton went to school. Eddie and Sam sawed some wood. I was over to George Flood’s.

  18. Carleton, Eddie, Sam and myself went to Princeton, Woodland and Calais, had a good time.

  19. Carleton, Eddie, Sam and myself went up to Alexander to Church. It is Carleton’s birthday. Horace was down.

  20. I washed. And Eddie peeled bark. Winnie and Wallace and children were here. Annie and Horace were down. In those days, St Croix Paper Co. and other the paper mills wanted the pulpwood peeled. To accomplish this, the trees, usually fir, were cut when the sap was running. This happened from late May until late August. It was sticky work and not pleasant in black fly season. Winnie and Wallace Gillespie, see May 16.

  21. Sam is working on the road. Eddie is peeling bark. Carleton did not go to school. Clara Sullivan is here. Clara Fitzgerald married Thomas Sullivan. Clara was from New York and did not like living in Cooper. They were the parents of Richard, Francis, Ed and five girls. Tom was Annie’s brother.

  22. Carleton has got the asthma. Sam is working on the road. Eddie is peeling bark. I churned 34 pounds of butter.

  23. Carleton has got the asthma. Eddie is harrowing. Papa is on the road. Horace and Annie were down. I churned.

  24. Carleton still got the asthma. Papa is plowing. Eddie is peeling bark. Horace was down.

  25. Effie, Mildred and Theodore came out. Carleton still got the asthma.

  26. Effie, Theodore, Mildred and Eva were here for supper. The boys Ivan, Donald and Fletcher were here. Winnie and Wallace were here. Ivan, Donald and Fletcher Perkins were Eva’s sons.

  27. Percy Hanson was here, Horace, too. I washed. Papa and Eddie sow lime. Carleton still got the asthma.

  28. Carleton went over to John Howe’s and went fishing, got one. Papa and Eddie sowing oats. I painted the hall. John Howe lived in Middle Ridge, still does.

  29. Clara, Horace and George Flood were here. The fish peddler was here. Eddie took Roland’s horse home tonight.

  30. We went to Woodland, 64 pounds butter, 9 dozen eggs and 3 gal. butter milk. These items were mostly sold, giving the family cash for their needs. Possibly some items were traded for things like flour and sugar that were needed by the family.

  31. Papa and Carleton went to Woodland, got Mr. Dudley. Papa and I took him back. Horace was down. We all went to the school play. Ben Dudley was a carpenter from Woodland.


At left: Corice and Sam; at right: Carleton, Leota, Mildred, Effie and Eva in 1952.


  1. Carleton and Eddie went up to Alexander fishing, got one. Rained hard. Horace and Mr. & Mrs. Dunn were here.

  2. Harry Grant was here. Sherman was here for supper. Harry Grant was from Milltown and another of those men who worked out.

  3. Coburn was over and planted potatoes, corn and beans. I washed. Carleton did not go to school; he has got the asthma. Farmers in the neighborhood traded labor. Coburn Crosby was doing his part.

  4. Carleton still has the asthma. Doris, Maxine and Paul were down. Horace was down. Raymond’s wife Doris and their two younger children.

  5. Horace was down. Had Carleton up to Princeton to the Doctor. Sam was over to help Coburn plant. Dr. Jacobs treated Carleton for this asthma problem.

  6. Carleton is not much better. Horace was down 3 times. We went to Woodland. Eddie peeled bark.

  7. Eddie Carleton, Sam and myself all went to Calais, Carleton went to the pictures. He still has the asthma. Madeline and her friend Muriel came out. Madeline was Mildred’s daughter, Corice’s granddaughter and Carleton’s niece.

  8. Carleton still got the asthma. Went to Calais, got Effie. It is just lovely out. Dyer, Jane and Joyce were over. Horace was down. Dyer, Jane and Joyce were Coburn and Yola Crosby’s children.

  9. Carleton is real bad with the asthma. Ralph Sadler, Mrs. Smith and Shirley were here. Herbert Vining and Miss Beckett. We made ice cream. Ralph drove the mail and lived on the North Union Road. Shirley may be Ralph’s adopted daughter and Mrs. Smith may be became his second wife. Herbert, from South Cooper was another man who worked out. Christine Beckett of Calais was a friend of Annie Sullivans and signed her quilt.

  10. I washed. We had Carleton up to Princeton to the doctor. Effie stayed to Eva’s. Eddie kept house.

  11. Carleton is better. Effie went back to work. George Bell was here. Effie kept house; in Calais she worked for George Downs and Thomas McCullough.

  12. Carleton is better. I churned 40½ pounds butter.

  13. Carleton went to Eastport with Raymond and Russell Flood. Papa and I went to Woodland. We are all going down to the Grange Hall to a play. Russell was Raymond’s son.

  14. Carleton is real well. Papa, Carleton, Eddie and myself all went out to Mildred’s and got a calf. Bernard was down. Carleton had supper up to Sherman’s.

  15. Carleton is up to Eva’s and will stay all night. Howard Dodge was down.

  16. Effie and Theodore and Mr. (Scott) were out for supper. Arlene had a baby, Lawrence. Fletcher was here. Melva and Carl stayed down. Lawrence died young. Melva and Carl were two more of Eva Perkins’ children. They were farmed out so their mother could help her oldest daughter with the new baby.

  17. I washed. We went down and voted. Horace was down. Carleton is real well.

  18. Blanche Howe and Betty Flood were down. Melva and Carl went home. Betty Flood was a sister of the twins, a daughter of George Flood.

  19. Horace was down. Papa and Eddie are working in the garden. Carleton is real well.

  20. Doris, Maxine, Paul, Bernard and Russell were down. Papa and myself went to Woodland.

  21. Ivan, Fletcher, Donald, Russell, Bernard and Carleton went to Machias. Eddie went up to the store.

  22. Carleton went to Calais with Eva’s boys. He is real well.

  23. Mildred, Mrs. Eaton, Madeline, Muriel, Carleton, Sam and Corice all went over to Effie’s home. It rained real hard. Mrs. Eaton was Franklin’s wife. He had a large dairy operation on the River Road in Calais.

  24. Sam. , Carleton and Corice went to Calais. I washed. Carleton went to Alexander to a 4-H club with Russell.

  25. George Flood killed a calf. Sam and Eddie are peeling bark. Carleton is real well.

  26. Papa, Carleton Eddie and Corice was all to Calais. Carleton stayed out to Mildred’s. It rained real hard. Eddie is still to Mrs. McCullough’s.

  27. Sam, Carleton, Eva, Eddie and Corice all went out to Mildred’s; had ice cream, cake and watermelon. Effie and Theodore were there.

  28. Carleton not very well. Raymond was down. Bernard Flood, Darrell Frost, Eddie and Papa working over in the woods. Darrell Frost was a son of Lyston and Hazel; they lived in Alexander.

  29. Papa, Carleton and Corice all went to Machias. Dyer was here.

  30. Carleton, Sam, Corice, Arlene, (likely the baby named) Lawrence, and Virginia all went over to Effie’s place. We had a good time; it was a lovely day. Virginia was Arlene and Lawrence’s daughter. Carleton remembers they traveled to St. Stephen by car, then to Honeydale by train where Theodore picked them up.