About 1950 a group of conservative Baptist ministers and some area people created the Kadish Bible Kamp. The Kamp was to benefit the young people of the area churches. The ministers were Paul Mason of East Machias, Robert Charlton of Lubec, Roy Bruce of Eastport, Roy Glaves of Pembroke, H. P. George of Charlotte and Norman Gibbs, a minister who worked with Cedar Chapel of Alexander. Some of the local church members were Clayton and Ken Sawyer and Edwina Damon of Charlotte and Mrs. Corey of Lubec. Ken Moholland, Roy Joy, John Baxter and Bryce Reynolds were also among the original workers.

The camp was built on the south side of Round Pond on property belonging to H. P. George. It included a main lodge, a washroom, and three bunkhouses. The main lodge included a kitchen and dining room. The tables were made like old settles; the backs turned down made tables for eating, and up to make benches for services. Thursa (Cousins) Sawyer was the camp cook for all the years it was in operation. The site was too small and the group wanted to get enough money to purchase the MIT camp on Gardners Lake in Whiting. Then, as now, money was in short supply so the group acquired some land on Barrows Lake in Alexander.

One winter in the mid 1950s Norman Gibbs, Ken and Clayton Sawyer waded deep snow to the home of Ralph Bigelow to arrange the purchase. Ralph Bigelow lived on the Aaron Carlow place on the Arm Road and apparently traveled west to Crawford to get to town. The Deed from Ralph Bigelow to Kadish Bible Camp Association of Alexander (562.243) was dated February 26, 1959.

Ken Sawyer and others built a large building and a smaller bunkhouse. These structures and the site were used only for occasional overnight trips. On one such trip, Ken Sawyer loaned his sleeping bag to three young brothers while he slept on the cold cement floor.

The Barrows Lake property was sold by members Ken Sawyer, Ken Moholland and Bryce Reynolds to Carleton Davis, (deed 584.336 dated July 29, 1961) who in turn sold it to Roland and Grazina Paegle. They hired Ken Sawyer to rebuild the larger structure into a camp. The property has had several owners since.

At Round Pond, the property was eventually sold to Clayton and Thursa Sawyer; the buildings were in disrepair so were burned, The site today has a home on it.

Members of the Sawyer family provided information for this article.