Louise Hunnewell grew up at the Four Corners in Alexander. Her parents were Floyd and Ethel (Knowles) Hunnewell. Louise (born 1943 was the middle child, her older sister was Virginia (born 1939) and Ella (born 1945) was younger. All the children in this neighborhood went to the one room - one teacher Four Corners School through grade eight. Some children, more likely the girls went on to high school, either in Calais or Woodland. Louise went to Calais Memorial High School.



Virginia                           Louise                            Ella 

This move of country kids to a city high school was a traumatic thing. Having the half hour or more ride to and from school, having multiple teachers in various classrooms on three floors, having physical education in the gym all paled compared to the need to make friends. Calais kids had friends who had gone to the Calais Grade School, they had no need to befriend these strangers who showed up in grade nine.

Forty years after Louise graduated from high school, her nephew Foster Carlow, Jr brought A-CHS a bunch of pictures. Here are those photographs that were given Louise by her friends during her senior year of high school. Several helped identify these images including Norma Jean McArthur Pennell. Corrections are more than welcone; John Dudley, 216 Pokey Road, Alexander ME 04694

Carol Ann Damon              Barb Perkins                 Donna Williams

Lyle Furlong                  Sandie Hatton           Gary Hunnewell

Betty Barnes            Sandy Chisholm           Donna Stanhope

David Russell            Norma Jean McArthur       Linnie Johnson

Joan Thornton                 Pat Miller Shirley            the Mystery Girl