This was on the north side of Breakneck Mountain and was officially opened on December 23, 1961. For that to happen, Carleton Davis had the slope cleared by Roland and Fletcher Perkins. Lawrence Lord hauled some of the wood off the mountain. Roy Carlow and Ken Sawyer built the ski lodge and later the little building at the top of the slope which held the engine that ran the rope tow. Arden Johnson was the regular man on the rope tow with Fletcher sometimes taking his place. Other winter recreation at the site included skating and tobogganing.


The Sunrise Ski Club was organized on November 19, 1964. Its president was Robert Burgess and the treasurer was William Barnard. The trustees were E. C. “Ted” Fales, Stan Smythe, H. Melba Bires, Jay B. Hinson, Gordon Sears, Leander White, Robert James, and Carleton E. Davis. These people were from Calais, St. Stephen, and Woodland. The club leased the ski slope from November 1964 to April 1967. Ted Fales was the manager.

During the mid 60’s Carleton developed Pleasant Lake Camp Ground in the area around the ski lodge. This European style camping area has attracted numerous Canadian customers who return year after year. The ski lodge has today become the recreation hall where bingo games and dances are held. Boating, swimming, and socializing keep the campers happy.