Alexander has been the site of four different post office name designations: Alexander, Alexander Center, Cedar, and Lanesbrook.


Walling's 1861 Map of Washington County labels the area along the Blacks Road from our new school to Lord's Gas Station as ''Lanesbrook''.

Benjamin R. Strout was appointed Post Master on December 2, 1854. His home, black smith shop, stagecoach stop (after 1857), and post office were near 1329 Blacks Road (Airline) at the corner of the Thistlewood Road (McArthur Road).

Jeremiah Spearin Jr. was appointed on December 12, 1861. He lived in what we call the Clinton Flood place at 1283 Airline Road.

The mail was transferred to Alexander Post Office on February 3, 1862.


Freeman Frost was appointed on April 22, 1908. He lived in Cooper on the North Union Road, at the site where Dale Crosby now resides.

Annie E. Flood was appointed on July 19, 1912. Annie's husband Arthur ran a store near 842 Cooper Road.

Belle L. Carlow was appointed on September 1, 1926. Her Post Office was at 589 Cooper Road.

The Cedar Post Office was discontinued on January 15, 1935.


Jesse Stephenson was appointed Post Master on July 14, 1862. He lived at the foot of Pleasant Lake near 458 Cooper Road.

The Alexander center Post Office was discontinued on November 20,1865.


Jesse Stevenson (sic) was appointed on December 12, 1832. His house was at the foot of Harwood Lake (Pleasant Lake).

Isaac Crafts was appointed on November 27, 1837. He lived at 102 Tommy Long Road.

Belcher W. Tyler was appointed on March 3. 1840 and lived at 361 Cooper Road, at the corner of the Arm Road, a place then called Tyler’s Corner.

Jesse Stephenson was appointed again on August 2, 1841.

William Spring was appointed on May 28, 1846 and was at the corner of the Tommy Long and Cooper Roads. (near 170 Cooper Road)

Stephen Spring at the same address was appointed on April 10, 1852.

Belcher W. Tyler was reappointed on May 4, 1852.

The Alexander Post Office was discontinued on December 19, 1861, but re-established after several months.

Jeremiah Spearin Jr. was appointed on February 3, 1862.

George B. Berry was appointed on January 21, 1878. His home was at the corner of the Spearin and Cooper roads. (92 Cooper Road)

Albion H. Perkins was appointed on November 28, 1881. His home was at 1288 Airline Road.

George B. Berry was reappointed on December 9, 1885.

John C. F. Stephenson was appointed on January 27, 1890.

George B. Berry was again reappointed on July 1, 1893.

Charles L. Brown was appointed on July 22, 1897 and served until his retirement on March 31, 1943. Charles ran a store at 70 Cooper Road, which was site of the post office except when the store burned and the post office was in his dining room in his house across the road (the Townsend place).

The Alexander Post Office was discontinued on April 10, 1943.

After that time mail was delivered to mail boxes through the Baring Post Office until the mid 1970s; through the Calais Post Office for a couple years and since about 1980 through the Woodland (Baileyville) Post Office. A few Alexander families had their mail delivered through the Grove Post office


Belle Carlow was born on November 30, 1900, the daughter of Albin D. and Mary Ann (Moraisey) Carlow. She lived with her parents and her brother Roy in the house at the top of Gooch Hill on the Cooper Road. Belle's daughter Barbara, widow of Elbridge McArthur, lives in that house in 2010. Belle didn't need to go far to school for she got her education across the road at Cedar School.

Belle served as postmaster of the Cedar Post Office from 1926 to 1935. The post office was in a room her father had made off the dining room. She had a desk on which she did her duties as postmaster.

Ralph Sadler of Cooper brought the mail by team three days a week from Grove Post Office on Middle Ridge in Cooper. According to a 1927 ''Report of Star Route Service'' for November 1927, it was 5.75 miles from Grove to Cedar. He delivered the mail thirteen times that month and arrived at Cedar between 2 and 2:30 in the afternoon. He left return trip 30 minutes later. Belle had to certify among other things that Ralph was a person of sufficient intelligence to properly handle...the mail.…

Cedar served the people from the foot of Gooch Hill, mostly members of the Dwelley family, all the way to George Flood's in Cooper. Belle's Post Office was open all at hours of the day or night. When I asked Belle how she got the job. She told me that someone got her the job's In those days the post office was very political. Belle's father was a Republican, which probably was a factor.

After the post office was discontinued, Belle worked for other families, the McGlauflins of Charlotte, the Dwelleys of Meddybemps, and the Crosbys of Cooper. She also worked in Calais at the Gem Restaurant.

When World War II came along, she moved to Portland and worked as a welder in the shipyard for three years. She then had a store by the house on Gooch Hill. This store building was moved to Brooks Street in Calais, added onto, and was used as her home for a number of years. During this time Belle worked for Ware Knitters in Calais.

And Belle found time during all these years of working to marry twice, to Walter Carlow and to Almond Ireland, and to have two children, Albert who died in Connecticut in 1980, and Barbara.

Belle lived at Palmer Lane Estates in Calais and, during retirement, volunteered her time at Barnard's Nursing Home, and for eight years in the kitchen where she lived helping prepare meals for senior citizens. She made dolls and afghans in her spare time. She returned to her home on Gooch Hill to spend her last years and died there in 2003.