In 2000, Forest Seavey of Winn sent to A-CHS via Wesley Historical Society many original Seavey family records created by his grandfather Ernest, his g-grandfather Daniel, and his g-g-grandfather Joseph. His father, Forrest Paul Seavey of Wesley, had saved these papers. The collection is massive and a wonderful source of information to share via the newsletter. I’ve made only minor spelling and grammar changes. As editor, my comments will be in Italics. jd

Agreement Between S. W. Pope and D. S. Sevey
for Logging – 1852

Daniel was of Crawford, however his records relate to most inland towns of the day.

|East Machias – October 26
th 1852

Memoranda of Agreement between Daniel S. Sevey of Crawford in the first part, & S. W. Pope of East Machias on the other part.

The conditions of the agreement is that said S. W. Pope for agree to said Sevey log on Township No. 21 on blocks 1 & 2, Range III north of the Bonny Hay Road with a 4 ox team to haul into Allen’s Stream good merchantable Spruce Pine & Ash logs and deliver them on into the head of Poke Moon Shine Rifflings as soon as the ice & water will permit in the Spring for the price of three dollars & fifty six cents pr thousand feet.

Said Pope Co. agree to supply said Sevey to haul logs in the above land at the following rates to wit, for clear pork 28$ pr BBL, for extra clear 30$ pr BBL, Corn at 1.121/2 pr bushel, flour 7.50 pr BBL, Tea 37 ½ cents pr #, molasfes 40 cents pr galon, lard 1/pr # & other things at about same rates & pay said Sevey three dollars and fifty six cents pr thousand for hauling and driving on to Poke Moon shine Rifflings as above, and to pay him as follows, to let him have what supplies he may want for the term for the above rates and pay twenty Five cents pr thousand for the river driving part in sixty days after the logs are delivered on Poke Moon Shine Rifflings, & the balance that may be due in four months after the above logs are drove to East Machias.

Also to pay one man in cash in the month of June next, for his wages in the woods.

(Signed) S. W. Pope; D. S. Sevey

Editor’s notes: D. S. Sevey (1823 – 1890) was Daniel Seavey whom readers will remember as the Civil War soldier whose diary we read in Special Issue #6. S. W. Pope was Samuel (1815 - 1862), a ship builder of East Machias. Bonny Hay Road on this agreement is Barney Hay Road in the 1861 Wallings Map of Washington County. Either name, it goes from the big meadow at the head of Huntley Brook to Clifford Lake. The CCC Road likely follows the same route. Poke Moon Shine Rifflings was at the narrows in Crawford Lake, below Great Pine Point. Did Daniel and his crew cross Crawford Lake on a scow or on the ice to get to the logging site, or did they travel by land. If by land, did they travel via Alexander and Princeton or did he follow the ridges west of the East Machias River?