One thousand shares of common stock was authorized at a par value $10.00 per share. $290.00 was on hand on March 30, 1918. The thirty-three stockholders are here listed. Four had not paid.

Earl Varnum - Alexander

Hiram E. Staples - Baileyville

Ralph D. Howe - Cooper

John J. Ryan - Baileyville

Frank E. Flood - Alexander

Arthur W. Flood - Alexander

Harry E. Frost - Alexander

James H. Malloy - Baileyvtlle

Wendell P. Perkins - Baileyville

N. W. Malloy - Baileyville

Horace Seavey - Crawford

George B. Berry - Alexander

Stanley E. Jeffery - Alexander

John Robb - Baileyville

George V Malloy - Baileyville

Fred Brown - Alexander

Oliver Dwelley - Alexander

Ellery E. Frost . Alexander

Geo. Seamans - Alexander

Ernest Perkins - Alexander

E. R. Hitchins - Milltown

Freeman Frost – Cooper

Lewis Frost – Alexander

Lindsay Varnum – Alexander

George Vining – Cooper

Guy T. Lorraine – Baileyville

D. M. Berry – Baileyville

Elmer E. Bacon – Baileyville

R. H. McLellan – Baileyville

Ross Lawler - Baileyville

Morton Scribner - Alexander

Lee Howe - Cooper

Lincoln Flood - Alexander

Earl Varnum was president

Hiram Staples was clerk and treasurer.

In addition to the officers

the directors were Ralph D. Howe, John Ryan, Frank E. Flood, Arthur W. Flood, and Harry E. Frost.