This image came from the Wallace family of Crawford. That family descends from Robert Wallace who was born at Lower Stewiacke, Nova Scotia in October 1839. According to family records he married Harriet Roxana Noddin on July 15, 1860; she was born in Crawford on March 13, 1843. Their seven children born in Alexander between 1861 and 1882 were Irving David, Alvin Robert, Frederick Elmer, Nora Roxanne, James Enoch, Effie Emily and Lemuel Moreland. Robert Wallace died in Crawford on February 24, 1914 and Harriet died on March 6, 1923, also in Crawford. Robert Wallace has been identified by a family member (maybe his grandson Herman Wallace) as fourth from the left in the back row.

THE WAR YEARS - Robert Wallace enlisted in the 6th Battery, Light Artillery on December 5, 1861. He was discharged on July 15, 1965. He and a number of other local men may have chosen this particular unit because Marshall N. McKusick of Baring was one of its leaders.

GETTYSBERG – On July 3, 1863, the 6th Battery was in position with the 2nd Corps of the Union Army and participated in the brilliant repulse of the rebels’ major offensive known as Picket’s Charge. Wayne Reuel Bean, formerly of Waite, thinks the image may have been after that battle. The cross on their caps and the huge swords indicates that they were in the horse artillery. The swords were not for hand to hand fighting but for cutting free a downed horse or killing a frenzied horse before it did damage to the equipment. Information in the 1863 Maine Adjutant General’s Report Appendix A, pages 63 – 4 and Appendix B, pages 95 – 8 gives the official record of the day for the 6th Battery.

Maine At Gettysburg [pages 295 and 326] gives names of local men in the 6th Battery that day. Marshall McKusick of Baring was the Orderly Sergeant, Winslow Hutchins of Alexander [and Baring] and Charles G. Seavey of Crawford [and Meddybemps] were Corporals, James Metcalf of Talmadge was at the battle site. His father Amos Metcalf, age 41, was detached as a hospital cook. Our Robert Wallace missed the battle being in a Baltimore hospital. Waite and Talmadge 1832 – 1984 by Mary J. Williams describes the Metcalf family.

Were these men neighbors from this area? It appears that is unlikely because the are all dressed in uniforms. Here we list the other area men who served in the 6th Battery with the date they entered the army after each name. From Alexander – Charles Card [March 1, 1864], Charles Godfrey [March 1, 1864], John Huff [February 25, 1864], and Jasper Perkins [February 26, 1864]. From Baring – Jeremiah Gilpatrick [December 26, 1863], and from Crawford – Isaac Noddin [February 22, 1864]. It does appear that all ten of these men could have been together in late 1864. Washington County, Maine in the Civil War by Ken Ross is the source of these names and dates. Pass your comments to John Dudley at 454-7476