On September 8, 10, and 12, 1862 Job Holmes, MD of Calais examined many men to determine if they were fit to serve in the Army. Job Holmes owned the cape on Main Street in Calais that today is open for visitors from 1 – 4 summer weekday afternoons. Come in on Thursdays and John Dudley will show you around. In 1850 Holmes built the big house next door and lived there until his death. His descendants resided there and owned both houses until the 1950s. I believe Job continued to use the smaller house for his medical practice.

Here we list men born in Alexander, Cooper or Crawford; at least that is what the list stated. These men had been enlisted by one of five recruiting officers named below. All men were accepted for the Army except one, Isaiah Foster of Cooper. Isaiah Theodore Foster, son of Isaiah W. and Caroline (Scribner) Foster of Alexander was born in 1840 and died in 1879. In 1865 he married his cousin Marian Dunn at Orrington. Why was Isaiah rejected?


Stillman Bailey (lived in Crawford when enlisted)

Jones E. Brown (lived in Big Lake Township when enlisted)

William H. Brown

William Crafts

Peter C. Lamb (lived in Calais when enlisted, surveyor and elected Sergeant in Company F)

Greenwood Lyon

Daniel Perkins (lived in Crawford when enlisted)

T. Jefferson Spearin



Henry J. Burbank

Charles Hayward

Benjamin Henderson

Levi Henderson

Hiram Hitchings

Francis P. Lane

John Munson (John grew up in Cooper, but resided with his mother and step father (Simeon Ayers) on the South Princeton Road in Alexander when enlisted)

George Smith (lived in Princeton when enlisted)

William H. H. Waterhouse (enlisted in 28th Regiment Infantry)



William Low

Isaac Noddin


Arthur Bucknam of Princeton, was Orderly Sergeant of Princeton Militia

Henry J. Burbank was the Orderly Sergeant of the Cooper Militia and was also a private in Company F

James A. Pike married Nartha Berry in August 1859. Both were of Calais - nfi

Daniel S. Seavey of Crawford was the Captain of the Crawford Militia, did not volunteer in Company F, but eventually was conscripted into Company G, 11th Regiment Infantry

William B, Taylor of Calais became Captain of Company F, 22nd Maine..


When Job Holmes came to Calais, he purchased the cape on the left from his brother-in-law, also a doctor. By 1850 Holmes had gained enough wealth to build the home on the right which was the family home into the 1950s. He used his ‘Holmes Cottage as a doctor’s after 1850. .