These are on private property and one needs to ask before looking around

BARNABY LOT on lot 65

Unmarked grave south of Airline, between Davis Road and Huff Road

Warren Barnaby died November 1981

BOHANNON LOT on lot 65

South of Airline, west of Old County Road in blueberry field. Stones all down and broken

Elijah Brown died 1849

Children of Jones and Elizabeth Bohannon:

Orrae died 1861

Walter C. died 1863

_____________ Bohannon died 1857, age 64 (likely Amelia Campbell Bohannon April 11,1792 to February 7, 1857

Mrs. Mary Young died on April 18, 1814; the first recorded death in Alexander. She was a sister of Amelia Bohannon and was buried near the Bohannon homeplace, likely in this cemetery.



Cemetery reportedly east of Breakneck Road and north of Burnt Barn Hill Road.

Several people are known to have died in this community including a Arthur Carlow [born & died in 1900), several named Gooch and the three men who died in the well in August 1852, Reuben T Fenlason, Joel Gooch and John Phillips. One stone remembered was GOOCH with bullet hole in middle letter.

BROWN LOT on lot 9

east of the South Princeton Road

SB 1769 – 1850 believed to be Samuel Brown, other stones lost, stones were moved ca WWII.

FLOOD LOT on lot 112

east of Cooper road and north of Green Hill Road. This is a well cared for lot

Willis O. Flood died 1857

Wesley Flood died March 1, 1901

Peter Flood died 1845

His wife Lucy S. died 1862

Levi Flood died 1891 Civil War veteran

His wife Mary A.


south of Airline and east of Old County Road

Several field stones mark graves, family history indicates that Jeremiah Jr, his wife Sally Thompson and at least one child buried there. Possibly Jeremiah Frost SR plus other children of Jeremiah and Sally.

PERKINS LOT on lot 80

West of Cooper Road, stones moved

Elisha Perkins died 1847

Marie L. W. died 1836, wife of John Perkins

ROBB FARM LOT on lot 25

Harris Brownlee stated that two Harding men were buried up on the hill.


The corner here was of three roads, one west to the Airline Road in Crawford, one north by the Huff Place to the Airline in Alexander, and one southeasterly to Breakneck Mountain. This location is also known as Sears Corner, after Civil War soldier John Sears who followed W. V. Davis living at this site. The grave(s) are located south of the new Crawford Road under a maple tree.

“Lucy E. died 1863 wife of William V. Davis” – This is on the only stone that we find.

It is likely that William V. Davis’s grandparents William Crockett [1782 – 1862] and Rebecca Barber Crockett [1784 – 1855] are buried here. Their Alexander home was north of the cemetery. According to records they were the parents of six daughters and one son. Three children married included Rebecca Chatman Crockett who married Joseph Davis in 1828. Their first born was William Valentine Davis. William and Lucy [Bird of Crawford] Davis were living here in 1860 along with his grandfather William D. Crockett and Lucy’s sister Matilda Bird. After Lucy’s death at age 30, widower William Davis married Lucy’s sister Matilda Bird and they moved to Danforth.

Which, if any, of those four unmarried daughters and who else are buried by Lucy? Those daughters were Ann [1806], Almira Catherine [1810], Mary Isabelle [1812], and Cordelia [1824].



East of the Cooper Road, one field stone, depressions and memories.

Luke Stephenson lived here in 1900. Family tradition has it that he buried here.

Martha Connick was the wife of Levi Connick who was taxed for this lot in 1878. This indicates that he and Martha lived here at that time. Martha, a widow, married Luke Stephenson in 1892, a second marriage for each. Martha died in 1916. That date is on her gravestone and that of her first husband at the Evergreen Cemetery in Cooper; hers is the last date on that stone. But some remember that she is buried here with her second husband, Luke Stephenson. One asked, “Was she moved?”

Mrs. Buck may be buried here. Who was she?

John Gilman Taylor was first to live on this lot; he died October 14, 1841 and likely is buried here. He was a bachelor and Alexander’s first Clerk.

Paul Morse and his wife

Mary Anna Morse lived on this lot following Taylor. Paul died on October 31, 1855 and Mary Anna on July 7, 1858. Likely they are also buried at this site. John William Henry Trask, Mary Anna’s son by her first marriage remained in the house and disappeared after 1860.



An abandoned cemetery, Solomon deeded the lot to the town, but the digging was hard. The bodies were removed to present Alexander Cemetery; last to be moved was a Henderson girl.

COLE LOT on lot 64

We find three unmarked graves north of the Airline across from Zela Cousins’, east of Mr. Ed’s Blueberry Shed. These are very likely are for James K. Polk Cole, his twin George M. Dallas Cole [born Sept 5, 1844] and Mary Temperance Augusta Cole [born August 19. 1839] The children died between August 23, 1845 and December 26, 1846. The three graves were left behind when the family moved to Norridgewock before the 1860 census. Today we find them in the middle of a blueberry field.

Tradition tells of a single grave north of the South Princeton Road behind Mel Hunnewell’s – lot 37

Two more recent family lots have been established for cremains; on Baltic Island in Barrows Lake for the Roland Paegle family on lot 97; and south of the Tommy Long Road for the Kit and Carol Pollock family at the Weymouth Place on lot 88.