First generation

GEORGE ABBOTT was probably born in England, and died in Rowley, Essex Co., MA in 1647. He was one of the first settlers in Rowley. Not much is known about him as the early records of Rowley are missing.

Children, all born in England were:

1. Thomas married 13 May 1655, Dorothy Swan, the daughter of Richard and Anna Swan in Rowley. Thomas died Sep 1659 in Rowley and is buried there.

*2. GEORGE b. about 1631

3. Nehemiah married Mary How 14 MA. He died in Ipswich, MA, Dec 1659 in Ipswich, March 1706/7.

Second Generation

GEORGE ABBOTT was born in England about 1631. He married Sarah Farnum in Ipswich, MA, 26 Apr 1658, the daughter of Ralph and Alice Farnum. He lived in Rowley and Andover, MA. He died March 22, 1688/9 in Andover, MA. His widow married Sgt. Henry Inhales 1 Aug 1689.

Children b. in Andover. Essex Co. MA were:

1. George b. 28 Jan 1658/9

2. Sarah b. 6 Sep 1660: d. in Andover, 6 not 1723; married there 19 Oct 1681, John Faulkner, son of Edmund and Dorothy (Robinson) Faulkner.

3. John b. 26 Aug 1662

4. Mary b. 20 March 1664/5; married in Andover Lt. Stephen Barker on 13 May 1687.

*5. NEHEMIAH b. 20 July 1667.

6. Hannah b. 22 Sep 1668; married James Ingalls, 16 April 1695.

7. Mehitable b. 17 Feb 1671) died young

8. Lydia b. 31 Mar. 1675; married 28 Nov 1685 Ensign Henry Chandler; d. 11 Mar 1739 at Enfield CT

9. Samuel 30 May 1678

10. Mehitable b. 4 Apr 1680; married 11 June 1701 in Cambridge, MA, Gershom Cutter; d. in Menotomy (Cambridge), MA, 28 Mar 1757.

Third Generation

NEHEMIAH ABBOTT was born in Andover, MA, July 20, 1667. He married Abigail Lovejoy on 6 Apr 1691. She was born in Ipswich, MA, and was the daughter of John and Mary (Osgood) Lovejoy. They both died in Andover where they had always lived. He died 16 Sept 1750 and she died 21 May 1747.

Children b. in Andover, MA were:

* 1. NEHEMIAH b. 19 Jan or June 1692

2. Abiel b. 10 Aug 1693; married Abigail Grant of East Windsor, CT.

3. Zebadiah b- 6 Apr 1695

4. John b. 4 Nov. 1697

5. Abigail b. 7 Oct 1699; married Benjamin Abbot, Sr., a descendant of George Abbott, Sr.

6. Mary b. 24 March 1701; d. 1774 in No. Parish, Andover. She married James Bridges Jr. as his second wife, 31 Aug 1738

7. Joseph b. I0 Nov. 1704; d. 1 Nov 1725 in Andover.

Fourth Generation

Nehemiah Abbot b. 19 Jan or June 1692, in Andover, MA. During his life he lived in Andover, Weston, Lexington, and last in Lincoln, MA, where he died 16 Feb 1767. He married (1) Sarah Foster, the daughter of William and Margaret Foster. She died 4 Oct 1755 at the age of 62. She is buried in Lincoln, MA. He married (2) Joyce Abbott, the daughter of Samuel and Joyce (Rice) abbots, on 1 Jul 1756. She was born 13 Aug 1706 in Sudbury, MA. She died his widow 18 Jul 1770.


1. Nehemiah b. in Weston, MA; baptized and died 4 Dec 1715

2. Nehemiah b. in Weston, MA 13 March 1716 or 1717; died 13 July 1835. He married

7 Dec 1748, Johanna Bridge, widow of Rev.

3. Sarah b. in Weston, MA, 2 Nov 1718; d. 24 Jan 1789 in Weston, MA; married Elisha Warren, son of Deacon John and Abigail (Livermore) Warren.

4. Abigail b. in Lexington, MA, 26 Jan 1721: d. at Groton 6 Jan 1784. She married Amos Lawrence, the son of John and Anna (Tarbell) Lawrence.

5. William b. in Lexington, MA, 9 Oct 1724; d. 2 Jan 1798 in Andover, MA. He married Experience Bixby, daughter of Joseph and Experience Bixby at Andover, 4 June 1747.

*6. JOSEPH b. 8 June 1727

Fifth Generation

JOSEPH ABBOTT b. 8 June 1727 in Lexington MA; married 24 March 1752 Hannah White. He died at Lincoln on 23 June 1794


  1. Joseph b. 10 July 1752 in Lexington, MA

  2. Jeremiah b. 27 Sep 1754 in Lincoln; d. 28 Oct 1839 in Lincoln; married Sarah Hoar, 17 Dec 1791

  3. Hannah b. 29 Mar 1757 in Lincoln, MA; married 1 May 1776, Timothy Wellington; d. 1785 in Lincoln

4. Abiel b. 16 Sep 1759 in Lincoln; married Polly Merriam; died in Farmington, ME 1817. He was in the Rev. War.

5. Sarah b. 25 March 1762 in Lincoln; married (1) 24 Apr 1783, Ezekiel Allen of Sudbury, (2) Moses Collidge of Watertown, MA.

6. Abigail b. 1765?; d. 4 Apr 1784, age 19 yrs. (gs)

*7. ASA b. 21 Feb 1768 in Lincoln

8. Mary b. 19 June 1773; married 16 Feb 1792 Amaziah Fassett in Lincoln. She died 22 Sept 1857 as his widow.

Sixth Generation

ASA ABBOTT b. 21 Feb 1768 in Lincoln; married Hephzibah Brooks in 1793. He lived in Sidney, ME for awhile and later settled in Farmington, ME. He died in Farmington 10 Jan 1834


  1. Asa b. 7 November 1793 in Lincoln, MA

*2. ABIEL b. 26 May 1795 in Lincoln

Elizabeth Brooks b. 11 Sep 1798 in Lincoln; married Asa C. Sawtell; d. in Sidney, ME, 9 Nov 1873. They had ten children.

  1. Nehemiah Mar 1804, Sidney, ME

  2. Hephzibah B. b. 27 Sep 1807: d. in Augusta, 9 Hay 1864; married Ruel Townsend, son of Dodavah and Sabra (Price) Townsend, 23 Nov 1831.

6. Sarah married Samuel Howes in Sidney, ME. They had six children.

7. Howard Brooks b. Sept 1811

8. Eliza


9. Augusta

Seventh Generation

ABIEL ABBOTT b. 26 May or 26 Nov 1795 in Lincoln, Middlesex Co. MA. He married Eunice Townsend, daughter of Dodavah and Sabra (Price) Townsend of Sidney, ME. She was born 1 Dec 1801. They lived in Sidney and Alexander, ME. He was selector and town clerk in Sidney in 1831. They were Universalists and died in Alexander. Abiel is listed in the 1850 Census of Alexander as a farmer aged 55. Eunice is not listed.

Children born in Sidney, ME were:

1. Olive Booker b. 10 March 1825; married Asa Libby. They resided in St. Cloud MN

Child: Thomas M. Libby

2. Manley Townsend b 26 April 1826. He died at age 29 in Augusta, ME. Never married and was a lawyer.

*3. ABIEL HOWARD b. 29 May 1828

*4. THOMAS b. 1 Sep 1833

*5 EDWARD EVERETT b. 20 Feb 1835

6. Eugene E. never married. He died in St. Cloud, MN in 1881 at about the age of 44 years.

*7. ASA b. 31 May 1842

Eighth Generation

ARIEL HOWARD ABBOTT b. 29 May 1828 in Sidney, ME. He married 28 Feb 1858 in Monticello, ME, Mary E. Strickland, daughter of ______ and Susan (Abbott) Strickland of Pennsylvania. He lived in Sidney and Alexander, ME. He is listed in the household of his father in Alexander in the 1850 census at the age of 21. He went to school in Calais and Kent’s Hi11, [Readfield] ME. He became a minister and preached in Kent’s Hill in the M. E. Church in 1854. In 1855 he was preaching in Readfield, ME. He went to Minnesota as a clergyman for the M. E. Church in 1857.

THOMAS TOWNSEND ABBOTT was b. 1 September 1833 in Sidney, ME. He married 18 Aug 1857 Mary Elizabeth Townsend in Alexander, She was b. 2 June 1837? in Calais, ME the daughter of Manly B. and Almeda (Sawyer) Townsend. Thomas moved to Alexander with his parents when he was 10 years old. He lived there until 1876 when he moved to Oakland, ME. He only stayed one year and then moved to North Anson, ME where he lived until his death on 13 April 1893.

The following was taken from a newspaper and is printed in DESCENDANTS OF GEORGE ABBOTT p. 810-811:

''While very young, he [Thomas] made two voyages to sea and then quit it for school teachings which he followed at intervals for years, meanwhile attending school at Westbrook Seminary and Kent’s Hi11. For even years he was chairman of the Board of Selectmen of Alexander, and during the war was U. S. Internal Revenue Assessor for a term of years. He was more or less engaged in lumbering before he came here [to Oakland], but for the last sixteen years he has been prominently engaged in it, the most of the time in company with Thomas B. Townsend, whose sister he married. Official life was so distasteful to him that he could seldom be prevailed upon to take a public trust. But the Republican Party in this County, well knowing its distressing need of a strong candidate for sheriff at the last September election, persuaded him to yield to their solicitations. He was elected, defeating the popular Democratic candidate.

''From Skowhegan to Moose River, and from North Anson to Eustis, Tom Abbott was admired for his manliness. His honesty and firmness were marked traits of his character. The humblest laborer received from his hand his just dues, and he knew he would, and none went away dissatisfied. His pride was to owe no man a dollar. Even when his weary feet had entered the valley of the shadow of deaths- his anxiety to leave the world square prompted him to finish some business transactions. Such a death seems to connect this life and the next one with a remarkable closeness. He was a brave man, but never was he more manly courageous than in the hour of death. He had nothing to fear from man, because no man was ever hurt by dealing with him. He had nothing to fear from God, because he knew he could not drift beyond His love and care. His heart was as free from revenge as his mouth from slander. He was a manly man. We shall miss him, but he is all right. God bless his memory among men till we all meet again.”

Children b. in Alexander were:

1. Mary Armada (Mamie) b. 14 Aug 1858: d. 23 Sep 1864 in Alexander; bur. in Alexander Cemetery under the name of Mamie Abbott.

2. George Everett b. Sep 28, 1861. He married Mary Elizabeth Metcalf on 23 September 1887 in Chicago. She was born in North Anson, ME and was the daughter of Jotham and Ellen C. (Stickney) Metcalf. George attended the academy at North Anson and graduated in 1881. They lived in North Anion, ME where they had a farm and lumber business.

Child: Rose b. 6 Dec 1896 in North Anson, ME

3. Anna Mabel b 28 April 1871; d. 22 Dec 1880 in North Anson; buried in the

EDWARD EVERETT ABBOTT b. 20 Feb 1835 in Sidney, ME. He married 15 Aug. 1857 in St. Martins, Stearns Co. Minn, Lucinda Gripman, daughter of Harvey and Catherine (Miller) Gripman of New York, Michigan, Minnesota and Iowa. She was

born at Fort Edward, NY 14 Aug. 1836. Edward lived at Sidney, Maine; Alexander; Minnesota; Washington Territory; and Mentor, Polk Co., Minnesota.


1. Mary Olive b. 24 Jan 1859 in St. Martins, MN. She married Boyd Phelps Van Gordon and had seven children.

2. Alice Catherine b. in St. Cloud, MN, 15 Sep 1862. She married Alfred Russell Haven.

3. William Manly b. 10 Aug 1865 in West Union, MN.

4. Minnie Frances b. 1 Dec 1867 in St. Cloud, She married Maynard Edward Swift.

5. Howard Everett b. 17 May 1869 in St. Cloud, MN.

6. Martha Elizabeth b. 7 Aug 1871 in West Union. She married Fred Guy who was born in Maine.

7. Eunice Amelia b. 25 June? 1875 in Richwood.

8. Anna Caroline b. 29 June? 1876 in Richwood.

ASA TCWNSEND ABBOTT was born in Sidney, ME on 31, May 1842. He married Frances V. Cross of Seneca, MD on 12 Dec 1865. He lived in Sidney, Alexander and Stockton, ME. He also lived in Minnesota. He was in the Civil War and has an impressive military record.

The following is taken from Descendants of George Abbott of Rowley. MA of His Joint Descendants with George Abbot, Sr. of Andover MA. p. 812-814:

“He was studying at the Minnesota State Univ. in 1861, which he left when the Civil War broke out, to enter the Union Army. He served in the Civil War as private in Co. E., 1st Regt. Minn Volunteer Infantry and on d. s. in the Signal Corps from Apr. 29, 1863, to Sept. 4. 1863, when he was discharged to accept promotion. He was appointed ad Lieut. Sig. Corps, Aug. 31, 1863, and was discharged Aug. 19, 1865. After the war he was appointed a clerk in the Q. M. G. office, Washington, D. C. 1866, and on Mar. 7, 1867, was appointed 2d Lieut.

28th Regt., U. S. Inf.; was assigned to the 3rd Regt., U. S. Arts, July 14, 1869; pro. 1st Lieut. 3rd U. S. Artillery, June 30, 1876; and Capt. U. S. A. retired, per Act of Congress approved Apr. 23, 1904: was breveted 1st Lieut. U. S. A. for faithful and meritorious services in the Signal Corps during the war; and was retired from active service for disability in the line of duty, Apr. 23, 1879.

''He participated in the following battles: 1st and of Bull Run; 1st Winchester under Gen. Shields; Banks’ retreat and 2d Winchester; Cedar Mountain; operations of Mine Run; Burnside's Fredericksburg; Hooker’s Chancellorsville; Antietam; Ball’s Bluff; Edwards’ Ferry, and Early's attack on the City of Washington, D. C., 1864.”


1. * Howard b. 22 Feb 1865 in Georgetown, D. C.

2. Nellie b. 22 Apr 1870 in Seneca, MD.

3. Caroline b. 1 Jan 1872 at Ft. Monroe, VA.

4. Mary b. Jan 1373 at Hamilton; d. 13 July 1874.

5. Florence b. 17 Oct. 1874 at Ft. Hamilton, 28 Sept 1875 at Ft. Hamilton.

6. William Pitt b. 3 July 1880 in Minneapolis, MN.

Sources: Descendants of George Abbott of Rowley MA and of His Joint Descendants with George Abbot. Sr. of Andover MA; History of the Town of Lexington MA; Alexander Cemetery; Census records of Alexander ME

Abbott Family prepared by Sharon Howland in 1991. Scanned by ACHS in 2010. Errors likely in the scanning.