established 1998


Claude Spooner

Randy’s Variety

Tree Farm #1201

Crawford Evergreen

Claude Spooner in memory of Athena Spooner

Town of Crawford

Luther & Jolene Thornton

Marian Cousins in memory of Orris Cousins

PCT Communications

Flora & Herbert Hanscom, Jr.

Guptil Farms

Calais Federal Savings & Loan Association

Audrey Ketner

Richard & Katherine Berry in memory of Max Berry & Alberta Berry

John & Carolyn Brookmeyer

Alexander-Crawford Historical Society

Grazina & Roland Paegle

Eastern Maine Electric Co-op

Paul E. Gay

Mark & Lynn Silk & family

Dr. May Bouchard

Virginia & Walter Zimirowski

Dan & Carolyn Doherty

Crawford Bible Fellowship

Gary Gagner & Tonya Troiani

Jerry & Pat Moreshead

Sharon K. Hill

Alexander Grange #304

John & Jackie Bogucki in memory of Scott Bogucki

In honor of Frank ‘Bull’ & Rachel Powers

Teri-Lee Wade

J. D. Thomas

Mary Wallace in memory of Althena Spooner & Pliney Frost

1998 AES 8th Grade

Merle & Ruth Knowles

Town of Alexander

Bruce W. Baker

Marie & John Dudley

Linda & Fred Wallace

Ellen V. P. Wells

Donald & Alice Newman

Phil & Gloria Hollingdale

Randy & Susan Wallace

Carl & Rhonda Oakes

Vincent & Betty Tammaro

Karlaine Livingston

Dorothy Johnson

Lana & Maynard Vining in memory of Michael Ashmore, Terry Davis, Phyllis & Rolla Archer

Dr. M. S. ‘Sandy’ Bogucki

Linda & Ron Renaud

PTG at AES (for support of past scholarships)

Johnson’s True Value Hardware (for engraving Founders Plaque)

FOUNDING CHARTER DONORS ($10 per person, $25 per family)

Unknown Bowlers

Belle Carlow

Robert & Ruth Stryker

David & Elizabeth McVicar in memory of Mildred Hunnewell

Barry & Barbara Wheaton

Donna Wade

David Davis & Mary Casey

John & Pat Foley

Paul & Pauline Agrell

Calvin & Dorothy White

Walter Staples

Marjorie McKeown in memory of Fredrick A. Johnson

Sheila DaSilva

Joan & Richard Richards

Everett & Rowena Bates

Marice & Bud Chaffee

Cecelia Kirby

James Electric

Audria McCurdy in memory of Athena Spooner

Eugene Newell

Richard Preston

Pat & Lee Betz

Peter S. Wilkinson

Katherine & Edward McNulty

Condar & Karen Parrish in memory of Fredrick A. Johnson

Joe & Anita Wirth

Liz & Ted Carter

First National Bank of Bar Harbor

Warren Balgooyen

Allen & Hilda Greenlaw

Mike & Becky Hyman

Charles & Marguerite White

Earl & Patsy Hill

Dale & Florence Churchill

Pauline & Fred DeWald in memory of Bert & Eva Flood

Jim & Karen Davis

Dolly Hanson & Mary Ellen Nadeau in memory of Athena Spooner

Charles & Norma Donahue

Elton Howard

Robert & Sharon Pitts

Dennis & Donna Keefe

O’Neil Family in memory of John O’Neil

Fletcher & Clarice Perkins and Zela Cousins

Eastern Maine Adventure Sports

Edwina DiCenzo

Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. A. Marx

Donnie & Dawn Moraisey

Drs. Dean & Gayle Wiles

Joan & Steve Boldish

Antoine & Marguerite Hagenaars

Dr. & Mrs. Charles T. McHugh

Joe & Jane Manza

Anonymously in memory of Phyllis Archer

Anonymously in memory of Carleton Davis

The Martin Family

Joan Frost in memory of Donald Frost

Stanley & Carolyn Cooper

Gilbert Costa

Roberts Family Reunion in memory of John & Carrie Roberts

Bob & Lois Matuza

Joseph & Betty Pennington

Seavey Family Reunion in memory of Ernest & Gertrude Seavey

Donald & Lois Allen

Gene & Estelle Moriarty

Robert & Barbara McArthur

Kenneth & Mary Ellen Poulin

Muriel Marshall in memory of Fredrick E. Marshall

Jerry Merrill

Kenneth, Jayne & Katie Smith

Abnaki Girl Scout Troop #229

Marjorie McKeown


Breakneck Mountain Snowmobile Club

Town of Alexander

John & Carrie Roberts Family Reunion (6 times)

Ernest & Gertrude Seavey Family Reunion (4 times)

Henry & Maxine Dinkins in memory of Zela Cousins

Bernard & Barbara Flood in memory of Zela Cousins

Carleton & Lida Cooper in memory of Zela Cousins

John & Marie Dudley in memory of Zela Cousins

Carl & Rhonda Oakes in memory of Zela Cousins

David & Elizabeth McVicar in memory of Zela Cousins

Gene & Estelle Moriarty in memory of Zela Cousins

Harold & Joan Lee in memory of Zela Cousins

Ed & Janet Perkins in memory of Zela Cousins

Bernie & Norma Donahue in memory of Zela Cousins

Zettie Shookus in memory of Zela Cousins

Fletcher & Clarice Perkins in memory of Zela Cousins

Deane & Greta Cousins in memory of Zela Cousins

Pike & Maxine Seavey in memory of Zela Cousins

Marjorie McKeown in memory of Zela Cousins

Norman Davis in memory of Zela Cousins

John & Pat Foley in memory of Zela Cousins

Frank Birgfeld in memory of Frank & Rachel Powers

Boy Scout Troop #127 – bottle drive in two towns

Alexander Volunteer Fire Fighters – bottle drive in two towns

Alexander Volunteer First Responders – bottle drive in two towns

Alexander Grange #304 – bottle drive in two towns

Alexander-Crawford Historical Society – bottle drive in two towns

Scholarship Recipients – bottle drive in two towns

Community Minded Citizens – bottle drive in two towns

Walter Staples from book sales at 2003 A-CHS Genealogy Fair

Dale & Florence Churchill (2 times)

Ronald & Linda Renaud

Dudley Family Tree Farm (cord firewood for raffle – 2 times)

Marie & John Dudley (5 times)

In memory of Ronald Renaud

In memory of Luther Thornton

Wayne Ayers

Frank & Susie Birgfeld


This list is likely incomplete, more information is welcome. Year of high school graduation and school listed.

1994 Shandy Butler - CHS

Michelle Caron - WHS

Jill Wheaton – WHS

1995 Billie Jean Holst – WHS

1996 Beckery Knowles – WHS

1997 Liza Caron – WHS

Ryan Greenlaw – CHS

1998 Dawn Hill – WHS

Jennifer Holst - CHS



1999 Tracey Wallace – CHS

Amanda Allen – WHS

2000 Mark Knowles – WHS

Emily Sanford – MSSM

2001 Joseph Mersereau – CHS

Amy Day – WHS

2002 Carlos Oakes – WHA

Katherine Brewer Smith Clapham – CHS

2003 Melissa Martin – CHS

Caleb Lincoln – WHS

2004 Travis Wallace – MSSM

Amanda Whitehead – WHS

         Jason Goodine - CHS

2005 Jessica Hunnewell – WHS

Megan McGinley – CHS

Brittany Ayers – MMSM

2006 Chris Wallace – CHS

Ian Allen – WHS

Jessica Holmes – Downeast Christian High School

2007 Ashley Knowles – CHS

Janelle Jundt – WHS

2008 Stephanie Donovan – CHS

Amanda McDonough – WHS

2009 Kenneth Mulholland – CHS

Joshua Hunnewell – WHS

2010 Rebecca Blake – CHS

Lindsey Jundt – WHS

2011 Lauren Remington – CHS

James Martin – WHS

2012 Dylan Lord – CHS

Shawna McDonough – WHS

2013 Jordan Ayers – CHS

2014 Jasmine Ross – CHS

Galen McDonough – WHS


The COMMUNITY SCHOLARSHIP depends on interest earned from money donated. Our goal is to show our students COMMUNITY SUPPORT for education by providing some help and recognition to those students going after more education. We do hope to increase our principle fund to $25,000 in order to earn better interest. Become a member of our community by making a donation.

Donations can be made through Alexander or Crawford school committee members or by chech to:

Alexander/Crawford Scholarship in care of Down East Credit Union, P. O. Box 130, Baileyville ME 04694

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