Mildred (Flood) Holst has loaned A-CHS another diary so we can get a picture of what life was like years ago in Alexander. Lela kept her account in a little black book titled STANDARD DAILY JOURNAL – 1925. Inside the front cover she gives her phone number, 153- ring 11, her height as 5 feet and 10 inches, and her automobile as a Ford with 17000 miles.

This introduction to the series of diary entries will try to explain some of those whose names appear in the diary, and what their relationship were to Lela and to one another. Alexander was a much closer community in 1925 than it is in 2000. Some of the families we’ll meet are described here. We’ve put the year of birth in (parenthesis) for some.

Lela Scribner (1871) was born Lela Crafts, daughter of Hiram and Esther (Spearin) Crafts of the Arm Road. Her husband Mort Scribner (1865) was the son of George and Charlotte (Strout) Scribner. Lela and Mort had one child, Leon (1895) who was married to Bertha Chandler (1895). Bertha’s diary for 1940 was printed in this newsletter between November 1998 and February 2000. Lela, Mort, Leon and Bertha all lived together in the Albion Perkins house at 1288 Airline Road. Fred and Linda Wallace live here in 2000. Mort and Leon had purchased this from Raymond A. Perkins, son of Albion and Rhoda (Crafts) Perkins in 1919.

Lela refers to Mort and Leon as "men" in her diary.

Thed was Mort’s brother Theodore (1875). He and his wife Ina (Perkins) lived at 179 Cooper Road. Ina was the oldest child of Albion and Rhoda (Crafts) Perkins. Their children in 1925 were Ivan (1903), Merton (1905), Guy (1909), Ethel (1911) and Alice (1920). Their first child, Carl, was born and died in 1902. Irene McKain lives at 179 Cooper Road in 2009.

Mort had a twin sister, Alice, who was married to Hiram "Hi" Staples and lived in Baileyville on the Staples Road where they had a large farm. They also ran The Lake House and Bear Cove Camps on Meddybemps Lake. Their only child, Louis, died as a young man of terbuclousus.

Thed also had a twin. His name was Benjamin, he was married and lived in Portland.

Thed’s wife Ina (Perkins) (1879) had several siblings mentioned herein and listed here in age order. Morrill Perkins married second Annie Luella "Lu" Hunnewell. Alden Perkins married Myrle Choate. Earl Perkins married Maude Brown. Verne Perkins married first Flora Vining. Noland Perkins married Gladys Johnson and their children in 1925 were Ira, Elwood, Francis, Maurice, Walter, and Merle. And Raymond Perkins (1891) married Gladys Norton.

Neighbors across the road (1283 Airline Road) were Frank and Ella (Lehan) Flood and their son Clinton (1904) Their daughter Edna (1895) was married to Burleigh Perkins (1891) and their oldest child Winnefred was born in 1921. They lived in Woodland by this time. George and Ada’s son Marshall also lived with them on Cooper Road.

Floyd (1896) and Vira (1904) (Lehan) Frost lived in the old Ben Strout place at 1329 Airline Road which Floyd had acquired from Mort in 1919. Floyd was the son of Edward and Dora (McGraw) Frost who lived at 1437 Airline Road. Floyd’s brother Justin and and his wife Inez (Lehan) Frost may have been living at the Ed Frost place.

James Lyons (1859) and Robbie Lehan (1871), both widowers, lived on the Thistlewood or Lyons or now called the McArthur Road.

Earl and Carrie (Dwelley) Varnum lived at 989 Airline Road, east of the Alexander Cemetery. Their children mentioned in these entries were Alice (1900), Vesta (1902), Sumner Thompson (1904) named for his Civil War Veteran grandfather, Adla (1906), Albert (1910) and Bert (1914).

Mort Dwelley, Carrie’s brother, lived at 107 Cooper Road in the first house north of Thed’s. His wife was Clara (Dunham) and their children listed in the diary are Dana (1914), Harvard (1915), Paul (1916) and Marian (1918).

Gorham and Minnie (Henderson) Flood lived at 185 Spearin Road. Fred Brown, a blacksmith, lived up in the field across from Gorham.

Last names are given in (parenthesis) for those who are not members of the above families if we know who they were. Occasionally a word or phrase that I could not read has been omitted. Most days Lela reported the weather as pleasant. I’ve copied only weather observations that were not "pleasant".

A number of the men mentioned in Lela’s diary were members of the Alexander Farmers Union. An article on that organization with a list of founding members is in the section Making a Living. As I read this diary, I was amazed at a number of things. First was the commercial connections between Alexander and Woodland and Calais, especially since the Airline was not plowed. When I read about Leon’s trips with wood products, I had to remind myself that the trucks of those days likely hauled a cord or less of wood per trip. Second was the working relationships that existed. Some work was on a barter or trade system. This seemed to be the case between Mort and Thed. Other times people are working for pay as likely was the case of Roy Strout.

Enjoy this journey into the past.


1 – Thursday - 15 below, pleasant; Thursday; men in woods yarding and sawing pulpwood; Ella called; Bertha and I called to Ella’s.

2 – Friday - 4 below, Friday; pleasant; men in woods hauling pulpwood; Burleigh and Ella called.

3 – Saturday - 18 above, Saturday; cloudy; men in woods hauling pulpwood, Ella called, snowing and raining.

4 - Sunday - warm; We were to Calais to see the Dr. about my neck and to see Jennie and son.

5 – Monday - pleasant; men in woods hauling pulpwood; Ella and (her granddaughter) Winnifred called.

6 – Tuesday - cloudy; Leon to Calais in forenoon and woods in afternoon; Thed down in woods hauling pulpwood; Burleigh and Elwood called; Bertha called to Ella’s.

7 – Wednesday - colder; Men in woods; Bertha to store.

8 – Thursday - raining; fixing separator in a.m.; men in woods in p. m.; Leon home with cold.

9 – Friday - pleasant; men in woods; Vira and children called; Ethel here to supper.

10 – Saturday - pleasant; men in woods.

11 – Sunday - Cold; Hi and Alice called; we were all to Carrie Varnum’s calling; girls sliding; Thed and Ina, Hi and Alice, Russell Perkins called.

12 – Monday - 5 below; men finished sawing Frank’s poplar and killed our little bull; Ivan called.

13 – Tuesday - 19 above, snowing and blowing; Frank here to cut up meat, Mort to Fred Brown’s Thed went home.

14 – Wednesday - 16 above and pleasant; Leon to Calais, took little bull to peddle out; Mort and Thed in woods.

15 – Thursday - 14 below; men getting load wood ready for Calais.

16 – Friday - 8 below; Mort to Calais with first load wood for Mrs. Hayes; men in woods.

17 – Saturday - squally and 22 above; men in woods in a. m. and in p. m. sawing wood; all to Grange; 4 above at 11 o’clock.

18 – Sunday - 8 below and some snow.

19 – Monday - 18 below; men down in woods. Alexander now 100 years old.

20 – Tuesday - cloudy, 8 below; Leon to Calais; Mort to Calais with second load of Mrs. Hayes wood;

21 – Wednesday - 2 below and pleasant; men down in woods; Frank and Floyd called.

22 – Thursday - Leon and Thed swamping road in a.m.; in p. m. men sawing wood.

23 – Friday - 8 below and wind blowing awful hard; Clinton called.

24 – Saturday - 14 below, eclipse on most of the sun; Mort down throwing on wood in a.m. and in p.m. he went to Malloy Hill with a load of wood. Leon on road all day shoveling snow; Thed on road in p.m.; Ed and Adla called.

25 – Sunday - Thed and Ina and Ivan and Alice here to supper, also Florence.

26 – Monday - 20 above and pleasant; Mort to Calais with last trace of Mr. Hayes wood. Men swamping road; Robbie called.

27 – Tuesday - 4 above, snowing and blowing; men in woods; Frank and Floyd called; men down to help Floyd get his horse up; Mrs. Rhoda Perkins died.

28 – Wednesday - 15 below; men gone to break out road in woods; Harry (Frost) and Clinton called. Uncle Lee died.

29 – Thursday - Mort and Thed in woods in a.m.; in p.m. they went to Mrs. Perkins funeral;Leon to Calais.

30 – Friday - awful windy and snow blowing; Thed and Mort to the Perkins Meadow*; Leon and Bertha picking over apples.

31 – Saturday - 12 above and windy; Mort went to Woodland with apples and turnips; Thed went home.

*There were four meadows on Wapsconhagan Brook north of the Varnum farm. Bert Varnum stated these were named for their owners. First was Varnum Meadow, then Perkins Meadow, next Ed Robb Meadow, and the lowest one on the brook was Hugh Robb Meadow. The Perkins was Alfred or Alf Perkins who lived on the Robb Hill Road until the 1940’s. Like blueberry fields, meadows were burned, usually in the spring. In 1931, Hugh Robb set the meadows afire, it got away from him, and burned 50 acres of Earl Varnum’s wood lot. They fought the fire at night. The likely reason for the trip that Thed and Mort made was to get hay that had been cut and cocked the previous summer.


1 – Sunday - cold and pleasant, then wind howled and snow; Burleigh and Marshall called.

2 – Monday - zero; Leon to Thed’s to kill a pig and calf; Mort out on meadows. And Max called; Clinton called.

3 – Tuesday – zero; Mort breaking roads out; Leon and Bertha picking over apples; men out to see if they can find a road on meadow; Frank and Justin.

4 – Wednesday - Leon and Frank to Calais with Thed’s calf and pig; Mort and Clinton out through the woods of Robbs.

5 – Thursday - 8 to 18 above; Mort to Calais with Mrs. Stanhope’s wood. Leon and Bertha picking over potatoes and turnips and apples; Clinton called.

6 – Friday - Mort to Woodland with apples and butter; Leon picking over apples and potatoes, and killed Thed’s calf in afternoon; Guy and boys called; Ethel here to supper.

7 – Saturday - 35 above; Mort to Calais with load of potatoes; Leon picking over apples; Clinton called; Leon to store.

8 – Sunday - 42 above, lovely and warm; Justin and Inez and baby (Altena?) here all day; Robbie called.

9 – Monday - 22 above, foggy; Leon and Thed to Calais.

10 – Tuesday - rained and foggy; Mort to Woodland with first load of spruce.

11 – Wednesday - rainy and foggy; Clinton spent evening.

12 - Thursday - raining and blowing; Thed here all day and night; Clinton called.

13 – Friday - 30 above; Leon and Mort shoveling Crafts’ Hill out; Thed here to breakfast; Frank and Clinton. (Craft’s Hill or Lane’s Hill on the Airline just west of Alexander Elementary school)

14 – Saturday - pleasant and warm; men hauled up two loads of cut up wood, all to Grange .

15 – Sunday - cloudy; I had sick headache all day; Burleigh called.

16 – Monday - men sawed Frank’s wood in a.m.; broke road out in p.m.

17 – Tuesday - men hauled spruce; Bertha and I called to Vira’s.

18 – Wednesday - Leon and Thed to Calais with auto for first time; Mort hauling out spruce; Ella and Winnifred called.

19 – Thursday - 7 above; men hauling out spruce; Thed and Alice here to dinner; Frank, Elwood and Frances called; snowing.

20 – Friday - men in woods; Ella and Winnifred called.

21 – Saturday -cloudy; men in woods; we did installation of officers; Mr. McVay and Roy Wilson and wife and Mrs. Pickard sang and played piano; rain and lightning; Clinton called; going with wagons and autos. Officers: Master, Robt. Gillespie; Overseer, Ellery Frost; Lecturer, Mabel Frost; Steward, ; Assistant Steward, Hiram Staples; Chaplin, Bertha Scribner; Treasurer, Earl Varnum; Secretary, Lula Perkins; Gate keeper, Mort Scribner; Ceres, Sadie Gillespie; Pomona, Ella Flood; Flora, Carrie Varnum; Lady Assistant Steward, Alice Staples.

22 – Sunday - Bertha and I called to Ella’s

23 – Monday - 36 above, raining and hailing; men in woods in a.m.; got all lumber out of woods; Leon to store.

24 – Tuesday - cooler; Leon to Calais; Mort hauled three loads wood home; Clinton and Thed called; Thed to Calais with Leon.

25 – Wednesday - Mort hauling wood and Frank helping him; boys, Leon and Clinton cutting wood; Billy here to supper.

26 – Thursday - rainy most all day and big wind at night; Mr. Mahar all night; Thed and Clinton to supper.

27 – Friday - 7 above, squals and awful wind, and cold; Mort hauling wood; Leon down in p.m.; Vira and children spent evening; Clinton called.

28 – Saturday - 8 above; Mort hauling wood; Leon to Calais with potatoes; Billy went home; Thed here all day; Dwelleys’ Hall burned (located by Tom Smith’s house, at 428 Cooper Road); We all went to Grange; Earthquake!


1 – Sunday - Bertha and Leon to James’s to supper; Frank and Ella called.

2 – Monday - men killed calf Jennie in a.m.; Mort and Thed down in woods in p.m.; Leon to Calais; Thed here to dinner and supper; Florice and Vira and children called.

3 – Tuesday - Leon to Calais; Mort hauling wood.

4 – Wednesday - men hauling wood and picking up a load; Women here to practice for the pantomime; Ada and Mabel here to supper.

5 – Thursday - Leon and Merton to Calais; Mort hauling wood; Bertha and I called to Winnifred; Merton here to supper.

6 – Friday -raining in a.m.; Mort finished hauling wood.

7 – Saturday - men sawing the rest of the poplar; Thed here to work; Bertha and Leon down to Ina’s; Women met to practice pantomime.

8 – Sunday - we were to Calais; snowing.

9 – Monday - men down to Thed’s to help haul wood in dooryard; Leon and Thed killing his calf; Alice Staples here to dinner; Hi called.

10 – Tuesday - cold, froze hard last night; Leon and Thed to Calais with calf; Mort getting out cedar.

11 – Wednesday - raining; Bertha and I to Ada’s to dinner; Leon and Bertha called on S. Perkins.

12 – Thursday - Leon to Calais; Mort getting out cedar; Vira and children called; Velma Slovich baby born, Dr. Stewart, Lindon Leroy, son of Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Frost, born.

13 - Friday - men sawing spruce; Thed and Ivan here to dinner and supper; Clinton called.

14 – Saturday - snowing and colder; Leon to store. Alton Perkins and Ola Flood married.

15 – Sunday - squally; we were all to Thed’s to dinner, went on sled.

16 – Monday - men down to Thed’s to finish hauling out wood to house; Leon killed calf; Frank here to saw up calf.

17 – Tuesday - Leon to Calais; Billy went home; men getting out cedar; Frank here.

18 – Wednesday - men sawing spruce; Thed and Ivan here to dinner and supper; Bertha out to Carrie’s camp warming; I called to Ella’s; Clinton and Vira called. (Bert and Albert Varnum had built a camp in the woods near the edge of a field. Each spring their mother would cook a big chicken stew and many family members and young neighbors would go to the camp warming. They would play cards and other games, have stew for dinner, and have a good time. Earl and Lindsay didn’t attend, but one year Lindsay sneaked up and stuffed the stovepipe with something that smoked them out.

19 – Thursday - cloudy and misty; finished sawing spruce and moved to Frank’s; Thed here to dinner; Eva and children here to dinner and supper; raining and thundering; Leon to store; Leon and Bertha to Floyd’s

20 – Friday - men sawing Frank’s wood.

21 – Saturday - men finished sawing Frank’s wood and moved over here in forenoon; all to Grange; Winnifred called; Edith McLellan was operated on.

March 22 through March 30 have no entries.

31 – Tuesday - Mort splitting wood; Thed in Calais; Ina and girls here to supper; Florice here to supper; raining.


1 – Wednesday - Leon to George Berry’s, sawed his wood; Mort splitting wood; in p.m. Mort and Frank killed Addie cow; Ina and Alice here all night.

2 – Thursday - Leon to Woodland with Addie cow and turnips; Mort and Bertha splitting wood; I called to Ella’s; Robbie, Stanley, Maxine, Inez, Marjorie called; Eva and Roland and kids here. Eva (Cooper) and Roland Perkins lived.

3 – Friday – Mort and Bertha splitting wood; Leon to Lyons sawing wood; Clinton called.

4 – Saturday - Mort and Bertha splitting wood; Leon finished sawing to James and moved machine to Harry Brown’s (Harry lived in Woodland, but cut his wood on his woodlot across from Earl Varnum’s. Harry was a great whistler!) We are not sure which place Leon went; Bertha and I to Ina’s to supper.

5 – Sunday - ice gave out of Meddybemps Lake; Adla called; Leon and Bertha to Ralph McArthur’s; Mort and I to Calais. (Ralph and Linnie (Cousins) McArthur lived at 87 Spearin Road with their children Ethel, Elbridge and Alberta.)

6 – Monday - Leon to Harry Brown’s sawing wood; Mort and Bertha splitting wood; Mabel Frost called; Thed here to supper.

7 – Tuesday - Leon and Thed to Calais; Mort and Bertha splitting wood awhile, then Bertha and I to Eva’s to dinner; Thed here to supper; Guy and Doreen called; Sold express wagon.

8 – Wednesday - Leon to Harry Brown’s sawing wood; Mort and Bertha splitting wood; Mort down in woods to show Roland where to cut wood; I called to Ella’s; Thed here to supper; Guy and Doreen called.

9 – Thursday - Mort splitting wood; Leon to Harry Brown’s and sawed in forenoon, broke saw and went to Staples after his saw.

10 – Friday - taking away banking and cleaning up yard; Leon sawing wood to Harry Brown’s; Mort splitting wood.

11 – Saturday - taking away banking and cleaning up yard; went after wood machine, finished Harry Brown’s wood; Leon to Woodland; all to Grange, Easter program, pop corn and apples for refreshments.

12 – Sunday - snowed most of day; James called; Leon and Bertha took Merton and Ethel to Woodland; Thed and Ethel and Merton and Alice and Dunk called.

13 – Monday - Leon picking up load; men finished splitting wood; Thed and Guy here to work, to dinner and supper.

14 – Tuesday - Leon and Thed to Calais; we tore plaster off sitting room; Thed and Guy and Alice and Clinton called; Leon to store to send after steel ceiling; Mort ploughing and taking away rest of banking and hauled one load of gravel.

15 – Wednesday - raining; Leon picking up load wood for (King Maxwell?); we cleaned the plaster up.

16 – Thursday - Leon to Baring after boards for ceiling; Gorham here to dinner and supper; Thed here to dinner and supper; we were to church, Wesley Conference by Rev W. H. Stewart; Little Alice here all day.

17 – Friday - Leon, Bertha and Thed hauling in boards for ceiling; Leon to Woodland in a.m.; Mort down in woods to measure Roland’s wood, and after a load of gravel, and put some wood in shed; Alice here for supper.

18 – Saturday - Leon to Calais in a.m.; men ploughing and hauling off witch grass; women to Hall to practice "Uncle Hiram’s Cold".

19 – Sunday - we went out to Baileyville to Staples to dinner.

20 – Monday - snowy and cold; Leon picking up his loads; Clinton called.

21 – Tuesday - Leon and Thed to Calais and fencing; Mort fencing; Guy, Merton and Alice called.

22 – Wednesday - Thed here to dinner and to prune orchard; Mr. Richardson here to dinner; Leon to orchard demonstration to Mort Dwelley’s; Men pruning apple trees and ploughing and fencing; I got cold. (Mr. Richardson was the county agricultural agent from Machias. He had a big chicken operation there. He encouraged the good farm practices like the demonstration mentioned and through 4-H clubs.)

23 – Thursday - Mort ploughing; Leon and Thed pruning apple trees and fencing.

24 – Friday - Leon to Calais after truck; Mort ploughing; Leon fencing; Molly after eggs.

25 – Saturday - Leon and Thed to Fred Brown’s to get body of truck fixed; all to Grange; 1-2 degrees of Charles Lombard.

26 – Sunday - Thed and some of family called; Winnifred and Frank called.

27 – Monday - Mort ploughing; Leon and Thed getting lumber sawed out for truck in p.m.; Thed helped Lindsay burn blueberry ground on the "L" place; Gorham called; Thed here to dinner; we cleaned front chamber and Bertha’s room and finished washing bedding. (Lindsay Varnum lived at 22 South Princeton Road where Phil and Vicki McVicar now live. His blueberry fields included the one south of the house, likely one north of the house now grown up, and the Addison Place west of the house.)

28 – Tuesday - Mort harrowing and plowing and furrowing out. Guy here to harrow and haul dressing; Thed and Gorham here to supper; Leon to Calais.

29 – Wednesday - Leon and Clinton to Woodland after steel ceiling; Thed and Leon putting on ceiling; raining.


1 – Friday - Bertha painting ceiling; Mort ploughing in p.m.; raining; in a.m., Leon and Thed to Fred Brown’s to get truck fixed.

2 – Saturday - Mort hauling manure and harrowing; Bertha finished painting.

3 – Sunday - we called to Ina’s; Morrill and family called; Leon and Bertha to see Della Dwelley.

4 – Monday - planting first peas and potatoes; making truck body; cleaned living room; Leon picking up load for Calais.

5 – Tuesday - raining; finished living room; Gorham called.

6 – Wednesday - Thed and Leon to Calais; Mort down to clean gravel pit; we cleaned hall downstairs and making curtains.

7 – Thursday - Leon and Merlin after fertilizer for Thed; thunder showers and hail.

8 – Friday - Leon to Woodland after grain; we cleaned and painted kitchen floor; Eva and children here for supper.

9 – Saturday - Leon and Leonard P. and Merton fencing; Mort down in gravel pit to work; Leon and Bertha to Grange, 3 + 4 degrees on C. Lombard; Ethel and K____, Hi and Alice called.

10 – Sunday – Ina, Alice, Lucy, Allen, Morrill, Lee & Rhoda and three boys here to supper; Jameson and ______ and Rena called.

11 – Monday - rainy; Lucy and Allen here all night.

12 – Tuesday - Leon and Thed to Calais; Mort down to gravel pit to work; Lucy went home; Thed here for supper.

13 – Wednesday - Mort ploughing down to Thed in a.m.; in p.m. working on garden ground; turned cows out for first time.

14 – Thursday - men down in gravel pit in a.m.; in p.m. Mort working on garden ground; Gorham called; Ralph and Linnie and children here and spent evening; Abner here all night.

15 – Friday - Leon and Thed to Woodland and Calais; Mort hauling out dressing; Edna’s baby girl born; Abner here for breakfast. Edna and Burleigh Perkins’ baby girl born (named Audrey).

16 – Saturday - men planting potatoes and raking of peas.

17 – Sunday - rained most all day; Ivan, Ethel and Alice called; Leon and Bertha to Varnum’s.

18 – Monday - Leon to Woodland three times with lumber; Mort getting garden ground ready; Earl and Maud, Phillip and wife here to supper. Louisa Pearl, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Alton Perkins, born.

19 – Tuesday - Leon and Thed to Calais; Mort working on garden; Bertha working on auto; Alice and Thed here; Ira and Alice spent evening; Leon to Earl Varnum’s.

20 – Wednesday - Leon to Woodland in a.m.; in p.m. went to plant Geo. Seamans’ potatoes; Mort and Bertha planting small corn; Mort hauling manure; Mildred and Frank called; we cleaned ell chamber.

21 – Thursday - Leon to Princeton with potatoes for Thed in a.m.; Mort and Bertha planting garden; Mort harrowing; Leon to Princeton for Thed; Bertha to Hall to practice;

22 – Friday - Mort and Bertha picking rocks; Leon to Princeton with potatoes for Thed in a.m.; Gorham and Winnifred called; Leon to Princeton in p.m.; Mort and Bertha and Thed and Herbert P. picking up potatoes; simonizing Tin Lizzie.

23 – Saturday - Leon and Bertha putting brake linings in truck; Thed here picking up potatoes in a.m.; in p.m. Mort and Thed planting string beans; making Bertha’s blue vail dress; Leon to P. with more potatoes.

24 – Sunday - Bertha to Baileyville and Calais with Varnums; Frank and Ella called; Ethel and Merton and Alice.

25 – Monday -; Alice Staples here all day; Hi called; Mort harrowing and hauling rocks; Vira called; raining.

26 – Tuesday - Leon and Thed to Calais; Mort hauling rocks and dressing; Leon and Bertha setting strawberry plants out; Alice here all day, we called to Ella’s.

27 – Wednesday - men planting our potatoes; Mr. Ruggles and men called; Thed here to dinner.

28 – Thursday - men down to Theds to plant potatoes; Bertha and I to Thed’s.

29 – Friday - Leon to Woodland; Mort planting potatoes for Thed; we cleaned milk room.

30 – Saturday - Leon on road hauling gravel; Mort doing odd jobs.

31 – Sunday - we went to Woodland to Morrill’s to dinner and called to Edna and Will’s; Rena & Shel & Harris & Carrie & Adla & Bart & Ralph & Leslie & and families called. lovely day.


1 – Monday - Leon on road, but came back; in p.m. he and Thed to Calais; Thed and Alice here to supper; Mort cultivating.

2 – Tuesday - Mort planting some in garden and hauling off some tree limbs; Leon on road hauling gravel; we called to Vira’s; thundershower.

3 – Wednesday - Leon helping Frank plant potatoes, then after Mrs. Chandler (Bertha’s mother who lived in Charlotte), and planting beans; Mort hauling dressing.

4 – Thursday - Leon to Woodland and hoeing peas; Mort’s horse hoeing and cultivating; Ella called; Hi and Alice, Thed and Alice called.

5 – Friday - Leon to Woodland; Leon planting Ed Frost’s potatoes; Mort hauling dressing.

6 – Saturday - Leon to Woodland; Thed and Alice here to supper; men planting beans and hauling dressing and planting late peas; we were to Grange; lightning.

7 – Sunday - we were to cemetery; Stanley Jefrey and the girls here to supper; Burleigh, Edna and family and Ellery and Cecil called; Bertha to Waite with Adla.

8 – Monday - Leon to Woodland; sprouting potatoes.

9 – Tuesday - Leon to Calais; Mort hauling rocks.

10 – Wednesday - Leon on road most all day; Mort hauling dressing; Thed here fencing; Mort helping him in a.m.; Alice here all day; Robbie called.

11 – Thursday - Leon to Woodland with wood; Thed began to haul wood. Showered in night.

12 – Friday - Leon to Woodland; Mort harrowing; Leon and Bertha cleaning auto.

13 – Saturday - Mort hauling rocks; Leon to Woodland with wood and to Fred Brown’s.

14 – Sunday - We were all to Charlotte cemetery, to Hi’s, to Carrie V’s calling; Adla, Guy, Ada, Frank Lamb, Elbridge; shower.

15 – Monday - Men and Bertha hauling rocks and weeding; Stanley Jeffrey came after calf; Bertha and Leon weeding; Thed peeling popular, finished hauling spruce and fir. Harry Brown died

16 – Tuesday - Raining; Ella called; Mr. and Mrs. Simmons here to dinner; we were all to Pomona Grange; cleared off cold.

17 – Wednesday - Mr. and Mrs. Simmons here all night and to breakfast.

18 – Thursday - Thed here to work in forenoon; Mort in corn ground; Leon weeding; big thundershower; Vira and children and Ethel and Donald called.

19 – Friday - Men hoeing and weeding; Leon to Woodland; Thed here to work; Alice and Frank called; Leon to Ellery’s after corn planter.

20 – Saturday - Men planting fodder corn; Elly here to work; Thed in woods; Cecil to supper; all to Grange; Drisko Bridges taken into Grange.

21 – Sunday - Clinton took us to Calais in his auto; Elbridge and Frank Lamb here to supper; Morrill, Lu and the boys, Hi and Alice, Bobbie and Mr. Gildart and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Spring and kids, and Robbie called; Marie Flood here at 8:30 in morning.

22 – Monday - Finished planting fodder corn and harrowed; we swept church; Thed and Alice here to dinner and supper; thunder shower.

23 – Tuesday - Leon and Thed to Calais; Mort cultivating; Bertha weeding in a.m.; we were to Noland’s baby’s funeral; (Willis was born on October 20, 1922 and died June 21, 1925) Elmer, Sarah, and Georgie called; Earl, Maude, and Lu and Morrill here to supper; Thed here to dinner.

24 – Wednesday - Mort cultivating and horse hoeing; Bertha weeding; Thed here all day; Billy and Hathaway called; we were to Woodland graduation.

25 – Thursday - Leon on road in a.m.; raining; Leon and Bertha to Woodland with butter; Thed here to dinner; James and Robbie called.

26 – Friday - Leon picking over potatoes; Mort ploughing turnip ground in p.m.; we were to Calais; Thed here filing saw, in p.m. he was down in woods; Adla and Bertha on ride. To Mr. and Mrs. Noland Perkins a baby girl is born, Irma. (Just three days after they buried Willis)

27 – Saturday - Leon and Bertha weeding in p.m.; we were all to Thed’s to Alice’s birthday.

28 – Sunday - Rainy all day; Earl, Maud and children, Sam Brown and wife and children here to dinner; Morrill, Lu and boys called.

29 – Monday - Men cleaning out cellar and sprouting potatoes; Adla and Sumner, Mr. Cox, and Robbie and James called.

30 – Tuesday - Leon and Thed in Calais; Mort mowing orchard.


1 – Wednesday - We were to Calais to have 2 teeth out; Leon (Lela’s son) and (Leon’s wife) Bertha (Chandler) to Charlotte to get the little bull, Fritz; Thed (Scribner, Mort’s brother) and Alice (Thed’s daughter, or Mort’s twin sister Alice Staples) here; Ella Flood, a neighbor) called; Mort cultivating corn (Alvin Morton Scribner, Lela’s husband).

2 – Thursday - Leon to Calais twice with wood; Mort cultivating.

3 – Friday - Mort cultivating; Leon to Calais twice with wood; Bertha out in p.m.; Thed here in p.m.

4 – Saturday - Hauling in first hay out of orchard; Earl and Maud ((Brown) Perkins, Ina’s brother and wife) and family here all night; done up first qt. of strawberries.

5 – Sunday - Earl and Maud and children here all night; Sam Brown and family and Frank and Ellery and Cecil (Frost) called; all over to Crawford Lake on picnic; Robbie (Lehan) called; Bertha on ride with Adla (Varnum); organized S. School.

6 – Monday - Mort and Bertha cultivating and weeding; Thed here to work; Leon to Calais twice with wood.

7 – Tuesday - Leon and Thed to Calais; ploughing and harrowing; big thundershowers.

8 – Wednesday - We were to St. Stephen Fair, showery; Mrs. Chandler to Ella’s all day. (Mrs. Chandler was Bertha’s mother)

9 – Thursday - Men on meadow haying

10 – Friday - raining; Mort working on turnip ground; Leon on road over Crawford way; (weather) cleared away; peddler called; Leon to store (likely Charlie Brown’s Store); preserved 24 qts. strawberries.

11 – Saturday - Thed here to work; Mort and Bertha putting in turnips; Leon on road over Crawford way, hauling gravel from Rose Seavey’s (gravel pit behind the Crawford Church).

12 – Sunday - We were to Sunday School; Elmer and Sarah and Lela here to supper; Morrill, Lu and boys (Perkins), and Leila and Susie and her husband, and Frank and Ella (Flood), and Mr. Rice and wife all called.

13 – Monday - Leon on road; Mort and Bertha weeding; Vira (Frost) and children, Frank, Dana and Mort Dwelley called.

14 – Tuesday - Mort and Bertha cultivating and weeding; Leon on road; Thed here to work; Elbridge and Lyman and Frank called; first mess of peas.

15 – Wednesday - Leon and Thed to Calais; Mort and Bertha weeding; Perry and Billy and family called; Hat called.

16 – Thursday - Leon on road; Mr. Ruggles called; Mort cultivating a little.

17 – Friday - raining and foggy; Leon to Woodland; Thed here.

18 – Saturday - We were to Calais in a.m.; in p.m. Mort harrowing mustard piece; Leon getting tools ready for haying; all to Grange.

19 – Sunday - We were to Sunday School; Elbridge and Grace here to dinner; Earl, Maud and family, Alice and Elmer (Leighton) called; Roy Strout here to supper; Ellery, Cecil, and Bill and family called.

20 – Monday - hot; Roy Strout here to work; Thed here to work; haying, first day.

21 – Tuesday - hot; Men to Calais and haying; Vira called.

22 – Wednesday - Men mowed some; Mort to Thed’s to help; men weeding and cultivating, rain.

23 – Thursday - men haying; Leon to Woodland after grain; Lucy here all day.

24 – Friday - Men haying; Leon to Woodland after grain; we called to store; Lucy went to Ina’s (Thed’s wife).

25 – Saturday - Men haying.

26 – Sunday - We were to Sunday School and down to Meddybemps Lake; Morrill and family plus Ruth and Elsmore here to supper; Billy, Hat, Helen, and Marjorie called.

27 – Monday - Mort helping Thed and Roy hauling pulpwood; Leon and Guy (Scribner) picking peas; killed Tilly; Bertha called.

28 – Tuesday - Leon and Thed to Calais; hauled pulpwood.

29 - Wednesday - Men haying, not very good weather; Vira and children called; small thundershower.

30 – Thursday - Men haying some and picking peas and beans; Leon went to Woodland.

31 - Friday - Men haying.


1 – Saturday - Finished haying; finished peeling (bark); raining.

2 – Sunday - We were to Sunday School and on ride to Crawford in afternoon.

3 - Monday – Haying, men began to Thed’s; Roy went for good.

4 – Tuesday - hot; Men to Thed’s haying; Ethel here to dinner.

5 - Wednesday - Men to Thed’s haying; showery

6 – Thursday - Leon digging potatoes; Leon and Bertha to Woodland; Leon to Floyd’s; raining.

7 - Friday - raining; Leon to store.

8 – Saturday – raining; All to Calais; got my coat.

9 - Sunday - All to Sunday School; all over to Ella’s; Winnifred and Madeline called; Justin, Inez and Altina (Frost) spent evening.

10 – Monday - raining; Vira and kids here to dinner; Leon and Frank to Calais three times with wood.

11 - Tuesday - Leon and Thed to Calais; Mr. Rice and Vira and children called; Mort spraying potatoes; thunder shower; Mr. McGraw, Sandy and his wife and child here to supper.

12 – Wednesday - Men to Thed’s getting in oats; paper man and Alice called.

13 – Thursday - Men to Thed’s part of day haying; Bertha and Ella raspberrying; Ella and Vira called.

14 - Friday - raining; Leon to Woodland; put puff (quilt) in frames.

15 – Saturday - Men helping to Thed’s; Aunt Emma (Erma??) came; the Fenlason boys called; Bertha and Leon to Grange, 3 – 4 degrees on Leota Cousins and Evelyn Flood.

16 – Sunday - Elmer and Sarah here to supper; Elbridge and Grace called; Mrs. Chandler went to Charlotte.

17 – Monday- Men finished haying to Thed’s and getting load ready; Linnie, Edna, Adla, Roy, Katie, Eunice and Ray called .

18 - Tuesday - Leon and Thed to Calais; Mort cultivating turnips; Aunt Emma to Ada’s; Will and Phebe called.

19 – Wednesday - Leon to Calais twice for Thed, for Bill; Vira and children called; Biggest thunder shower, burned Charlie Brown’s store!

20 - Thursday - hot; We were to Woodland to Will’s all day with Aunt Emma; Mort digging potatoes.

21 – Friday - To Woodland in a.m.; in p.m. to Calais calling on Gert W., Minnie S., and Hattie; Mort to Woodland and digging potatoes.

22 – Saturday - Men digging potatoes; we called to Mrs. Tom Frost’s; Morrill and Lou and boys called.

23 – Sunday - Bertha to Sunday School; Stanley and Adelbert called; we were to Elmer’s to supper, took Aunt Emma up; Robbie and Pheobe called.

24 - Monday - Leon to Milltown with wood for Gene Malloy; Mort thinning out turnips.

25 – Tuesday - Mort weeding turnips; Leon to Calais.

26 - Wednesday - Leon and Bertha to Calais with wood; Mort weeding turnips.

27 – Thursday - Leon to Calais with wood; Mort finished turnips and made calf fence; we were to Woodland and to Princeton to see Sarah; George, Ada and Marshall called.

28 - Friday - Men in Baring three times with cedar; Watkins man called.

29 – Saturday - Mort and Leon to Baring with cedar; Leon to Calais with Frank to take wood out; all to Grange, 3 – 4 degrees on Evelyn Flood and Leota Cousins, Mr. and Mrs. Brown to Grange.

30 - Sunday - showery; We were all to camp meeting to Jacksonville; Morrill, Elbridge and Grace, and Mrs. Chandler here.

31 – Monday - Leon getting load ready and went to Woodland; Mort cultivating; Roy Strout and Alton called.


1 – Tuesday - Leon to Calais; Mort ploughing and raking weeds.

2 - Wednesday - We were all to St. Stephen Fair.

3 – Thursday - Men on meadow.

4 - Friday - Men on meadow; raining; men put iron stanchion in for bull.

5 – Saturday - Leon over to Clayton P. to get tank soldered; men on meadow; Mort ploughing pea ground.

6 – Sunday - We were to Sunday School; Robbie called.

7 - Monday - We were all to Woodland. (Labor Day)

8 – Tuesday - Leon to Calais; Ivan here to dinner; Orin here to dinner; ploughing; got BBL flour.

9 – Wednesday - Mort and Thed on meadow; Thed and Alice here to dinner; Leon on road.

10 - Thursday - Men on meadow in a.m.; in p.m., Leon, Bertha, and Guy cleaned engine of truck; Guy here to dinner and supper; all to C. Choir play.

11 – Friday - 80 in shade; Leon to Woodland in a.m.; in p.m. hauling gravel; Mort ploughing and cultivating turnips and cow corn; Ham Davis and man called; Guy and Dana here to dinner; big thunder shower.

12 – Saturday - Leon to Woodland after grain for us and Thed and to Calais with wood; Mr. Wallace and Guy here to dinner; big thunder shower.

13 – Sunday - Raining; Frank and Ella spent afternoon.

14 – Monday - Raining; all to (Grange) Hall to vote; Leon to Hall all day; getting load ready; Ellery and man called; killed Brownie; Ella called.

15 - Tuesday - Leon and Thed and Frank to Calais; Mort after mowing machine and cleaned barn yard; Thed here to supper; Bert Flood, and Roy and Eunice Carlow called.

16 – Wednesday - Mort and Leon over to the Flood’s; men and Bertha putting in wood; Leon to Milltown with wood; men to Ella’s after corn cutter.

17 – Thursday - Leon to Calais with wood and hauled back shingles; Mort getting load ready.

18 – Friday - Men here cutting fodder corn; Vira and Richard, and gasoline man called; thunder shower at night.

19 – Saturday - Men here cutting fodder corn; Ivan Jeffrey here to dinner; Ella called; Cecil here to supper.

20 – Sunday - Agnes here to supper; we were to Sunday School, nine came; raining; Robbie called.

21 – Monday - Men killing calf; Justin, Floyd, Frank, Ellery.

The next four days are blank.

26 – Saturday - Mort and I gathering apples; Bertha cutting up wood; Leon sawing Gillespie’s wood; Guy here to dinner and supper; all to Grange.

27 – Sunday - We were to Sunday School, last one for year; Arnold Brown and wife, Wallace and girl, Th. Gillespie called; Adla called.

28 – Monday - Leon on road; Mort to Thed’s hauling dressing; Thed here; Alice here to dinner; Ella, Morrill and Lou called; I called to Ella’s; Frank finished topping out chimneys.

29 – Tuesday - Leon on road; Mort to Thed’s to haul dressing; Vira called.

30 – Wednesday - Leon and Thed to Calais; Alice here all day; Mort and Bertha fixing potato bin; we to Crawford.


1 – Thursday - Leon sawing wood for T. Gillespie; Mort and Bertha gathering apples; Ella called; Guy here to dinner; T. Gillespie and Clinton and Frank and Nolia and Annie Kelly called.

2 – Friday - Leon to Arnold Brown’s to saw wood; Mort, Frank and Clinton to Fred Brown’s and to Baileyville; Bertha gathering apples; Gladys Perkins and her children called; Minister and Donald called.

3 - Saturday - Raining; Leon, Mort and Clinton to Baileyville after digger, then Leon went to Arnold Brown’s.

4 – Sunday - We were to Charlotte to dinner to Elbridge’s; Earl and family, and Morrill and family to supper.

5 - Monday - raining; men digging potatoes; Billy and Lucy and Mr. McDonald and wife here to dinner and supper; Ada here to supper; Marshall and Guy called.

6 – Tuesday - Leon, Frank and Thed to Calais, took our pig out; Mort and Clinton digging potatoes; Bertha to Davis’s and on ride with Adla; Mr. McGraw and Lewis and Pliney and Thed called.

7 – Wednesday - Raining; Bertha and I down to Ada’s all day; Mr. McGraw out; Leon to Calais, and down to Fred Brown’s; Mort over to Frank’s on thrashing machine.

8 – Thursday - Mort on thrasher all day; Leon to Calais twice with wood.

9 – Friday - Raining; finished digging potatoes here; Leon to Calais with wood.

10 - Saturday - Raining, wind and snowing at night; Leon to Post Office; Clinton called.

11 – Sunday - Snow blowing and cold.

12 - Monday - Snowy; began to dig potatoes at Frank’s; gathering apples.

13 – Tuesday - Men digging potatoes for Clinton; men to Calais.

14 - Wednesday - Men digging potatoes at Thed’s; we finished picking apples.

15 – Thursday - Leon helping Floyd to fix auto; in p.m. they dug potatoes for Thed; Billy and Lu and Charles and C. Nason called; we cleaned sitting room and bedroom, set stove up.

16 – Friday - Men to Thed’s to dig potatoes; Bertha to Thed’s to get hair cut; I called to Vira’s; we cleaned chambers.

17 - Saturday - Rainy; men to Thed’s to dig a few potatoes; Ella called.

18 – Sunday - Mort and I were to Edith’s to dinner; Leon and Bertha to Roe Fickett’s to dinner; Frank, Ella and Robbie called.

19 – Monday - killed one of Frank’s calves; men digging Frank’s potatoes and finished.

20 – Tuesday - Leon and Frank to Calais; Mort to Thed’s to finish digging his potatoes.

21 - Wednesday - putting in the last of wood and gathering carrots; Hi and Alice here to dinner; we were to parsonage to work. Leon to Calais with wood; Billy and Lu here to supper.

22 – Thursday - Bertha and I to Calais and to Hi’s to dinner; Leon to Calais three trips for Frank. Pulling carrots and turnips and topping them; Billy and Lu here all night.

23 – Friday - Mort and Billy down in woods and pulling carrots and turnips; Billy and Lu here; Leon to Calais twice.

24 – Saturday - 28 degrees; we were to Eastport and to Grange.

25 – Sunday - rainy and snowy; Ivan called; awful wind.

26 – Monday - awful windy; Billy, Thed and Guy here to dinner; Leon out to Crawford after wood and to Calais; Guy here to supper; killed Thed’s calf.

27 – Tuesday - Leon to Calais; Mort and Bertha topping turnips; Mort taking corn cutter home.

28 – Wednesday - killing big bull; Billy here to dinner and supper; Thed here to dinner and supper; Len & Mrs. Preston Lawrence called; Leon to Calais with wood for Frank; we were to Four Corners School to entertainment.

29 - Thursday - Leon and Billy to Woodland with bull, and to Calais for Frank with wood. Mort topping turnips; Frank and the men to Lecture; Ella spent evening.

30 – Friday - 20 degrees; Mort gathering in turnip tops and putting on storm doors; Leon to Calais three times with wood for Uncle Thed, and hauled a load of gravel home; Guy here to dinner; Ethel and K and Louis and Mr. Harris called.

31 - Saturday - Leon to Calais with wood for Frank; Mort putting on storm windows and cutting boughs; Adla and Bertha on ride; Leon to shop.


1 – Sunday - 18 degrees; we were over to Crawford on a ride and to Ella’s; Leon and Bertha to Earl Varnum’s; Earl, Maud and family called.

2 – Monday - Mort ploughing; Leon on Lovering Road; Alice here to supper; Thed, Clinton, and Mr. Lyons called.

3 – Tuesday - Leon to Calais with Thed’s calf; Bertha and I to Ina’s to dinner; Mort ploughing; I called to Ella’s.

4 – Wednesday - Leon and Bertha cleaning truck; Mort ploughing; Leon and Guy to Calais with Thed’s wood; Guy here to dinner; I went to store, Ella’s and Vira’s.

5 – Thursday - Mort ploughing in a.m.; in p.m. pulled turnips; Leon to Baring and Calais with potatoes and wood; we were to Hall to decorate. Milton Hitchings died, a Granger.

6 – Friday - Mort finished getting in turnips; Leon to Calais with wood for Thed; we were all to Grange Fair.

7 – Saturday - Mort ploughing; Leon and Bertha banking house and boughing it; Thed called; Leon to store.

8 – Sunday - Raining.

9 – Monday - Mort helping Frank kill pig and ploughing; Leon finished sawing Wallace Brown’s wood; Robbie called; Billy, Lu and Allen came.

10 – Tuesday - Leon and Thed to Calais with Frank’s hog; Mort ploughing; Billy, Lu, and Allen here; we called to Ella’s.

11 – Wednesday - Mort ploughing; Leon on road; we called to Ina’s; Billy, Lu, and Allen went home; Billy’s birthday, 41 years old; Lucy 38 years old on March 16.

12 – Thursday - Leon on road in forenoon and to Woodland with Burleigh’s wood in p.m.; we were to Marjorie’s twice, took in $33 and made $19. Mort ploughing.

13 – Friday - Rainy all day; Leon and Clinton to Crawford to take potato planter home.

14 – Saturday - Raining some; Leon took potato planter home to Woodland; Mort ploughing in afternoon; Leon picking over apples; Mort putting machinery away; Mr. Harris called; we were to special meeting to Grange.

15 – Sunday - Morrill, Lu and three boys here to supper; Lee and Florence called; Adla called.

16 – Monday - Raining; men and Frank killed Nada; opened silo; bad black cloud went over with rain and hail.

17 – Tuesday - Leon and Frank to Calais; Winnifred and Madeline called; we called to Ella’s; cold, cold! and windy.

18 Wednesday - Mort sawing pulpwood and ploughing in p.m.; Leon hauled in a load of wood, and to the Hall; and sawing pulpwood; two more to store.

19 – Thursday - Mort ploughing; Leon sawing pulpwood; Bertha to store.

20 Friday - Mort banking barn and to Walter’s to get horses shod; Leon to Walter’s and came back and went sawing pulpwood.

21 – Saturday - Men yarding pulpwood; Thed helped a little while and here to supper; we were all to Grange.

22 – Sunday - Lovely day; Mort and I to C. Brown’s and to Ada’s a while; Adla here to supper; Bertha to Eda’s with her.

23 – Monday - Rained hard all day; Clinton called; we killed 15 chickens and 6 fowl; Leon to Woodland with chickens and butter for Kate Smith; Mort yarding a little while.

24 – Tuesday - Leon and Frank to Calais; Billy and Lucy here to dinner; Leon and Bertha to Earl Varnum’s to spend evening; Mort down yarding some wood.

25 – Wednesday - Men yarding pulpwood and Leon hauled one load of gravel; Bertha to store; we sent orders away; Clinton called.

26 Thursday - Men yarding pulpwood; Ella and Robbie called.

27 Friday - Men yarding lumber, Thed here to work; snowing some; Inez here to dinner; Vira and Richard called; Raining hard.

28 – Saturday - Men down digging sled runners and to Fred Brown’s; Ella and Clinton called; Leon to store.

29 – Sunday - Leon to Ed Frost’s, then to Harry Frost’s; Frank, Ella, Clinton, and Winnifred called.

30 – Monday - Zero; men yarding lumber; Leon to Woodland in p.m. after grain.


1 – Tuesday - 4 above zero; Mort down in woods yarding lumber; Leon, Bertha and I to Calais.

2 – Wednesday - Mort in woods yarding lumber; Leon and Thed to Calais twice with cordwood; Bertha and I to Ella’s; James, Thed, Guy, Ivan; and Harold P. called.

3 – Thursday - Mort down in woods; Leon to Calais twice with wood for Thed; Bertha and I to Ella’s.

4 – Friday – Mort down in woods; Leon and Thed to Calais twice with wood; Vira’s baby died; Norris Guy, he was born on October 4; Bertha and I to Vira’s.

5 – Saturday – Mort down in woods all day; Leon to Calais once; I were to Vira’s; raining; Ella and Adla called; Marion here to dinner; Bertha to Vira’s.

6 – Sunday – Rained all day; we were to Vira’s baby’s funeral; Justin and Emery called; Doris Harriman called; Richard and Alice Frost here to supper.

7 – Monday – Mort down in woods; Leon to election all day to vote; Ella, Frank, Robbie, Eva and children, and Leota Cousins called.

8 – Tuesday – Leon to Calais; Mort down in woods; Guy, Ina and Elwood called;

9 – Wednesday – 4 above and windy; men yarding pulpwood.

10 – Thursday – Finished yarding pulpwood in a.m.; men cutting bushes in p.m.

11 – Friday – Zero; men cutting bushes; Bertha to store; Guy here to dinner.

12 – Saturday – Raining; Robbie, Clinton, Frank, and Marshall called; Leon to Barber Shop; Leon to Milltown with wood for Thed, the last load.

13 – Sunday – Bertha out to Varnum’s to spend the day; Leon to Varnum’s; Bernard Seamans called.

14 – Monday – Leon sawing wood for T. Gillespie; Guy and Percy Hanson here to dinner; Mort cutting wood and helping Frank kill hog.

15 – Tuesday – Leon and Thed to Calais; Mort cutting wood; Thed here to dinner; Leon to Walter’s, got number plates.

16 – Wednesday – Mort cutting wood in sheep pasture; Leon sawing wood for Gillespie; Guy here to dinner; I called to Ella’s.

17 – Thursday – We were to Calais to do shopping.

18 – Friday – Boys finished sawing wood; Guy here to dinner; we were to schoolhouse for entertainment; Mort cleaned out calf trough.

19 - Saturday – Men doing odd jobs; Hi and Alice here to supper; we were all to Grange choosing officers.

20 – Sunday – Mr. Foss here to dinner; Robbie, Mertin, Alice , and K called; began on meadow hay.

21 – Monday – Snowing most of day; Mort after Xmas tree; Leon to store.

22 – Tuesday – Snow, then rain; Leon to Calais; Ellery and County Agent called; Leon to Farm Bureau meeting. A little girl born to Lee and Hattie Frost, Virginia Mae.

23 – Wednesday – Snowing and blowing, some going with pungs; Ralph Wallace and McDowel here to dinner; Adla here to supper and all night, girls to store.

24 – Thursday – Men hauling wood from sheep pasture and in afternoon hauling out cordwood; Bertha to store; Muriel, Lillian, Greg Cavanah, and Munson boy called.

25 – Friday – Mort hauling wood from sheep pasture; Leon over to Crawford after wood for Hall; Hi and Alice and the men called.

26 – Saturday – Justin here to dinner; hauled the rest of wood out; Leon to Floyd’s.

27 and 28 blank

29 – Tuesday – 2 below; Mort shoveling snow 4 and ½ hours on road; Leon to Calais.

30 - Wednesday – Men sawed wood to burn; Bertha to Varnum’s; Leon to store; Gorham called.

31 – Thursday – Mort hauling wood for Frank in a.m.; Leon under hill to work in p.m.; men moved wood machine down; Ada and Vira and children here to dinner.







At the end of the diary is a page on cattle;

Daisy’s calf born December 23, 1924, named Robin, killed

V’s calf born Jan. 18, 1925 named Snowball

Nada first calf born Feb. 5, 1925, killed

Purebred bossie born March 18, 1925, Blackie, sold to S. Libby

Leon’s cow’s bossie born March 18, 1925, Brownie, killed

Broad Lane bossie born April 11, 1925, name Tulip

Evangeline bossie born April 21, 1925, Betty

Pansy’s bossie born April 23, 1925, Lettie

Lindsey’s bossie born April 4, 1925, Mae

Millie’s bossie born June 6, 1925, Tillie, killed

Frits born June 11, 1925 in Charlotte