Loaned by Mildred Holst; this dairy was not published in the A-CHS Newsletter

[Editors comments in brackets. A certain few entries that cannot be read or don’t make sense have been deleted. The Scribner family lived on the Airline Road about across from the road to Cooper. In 1911 Lelia is 39 years old; her husband Mort is 36 and their son Leon is 16. When one travels to Woodland, it is to the village in Baileyville. Lelia kept the diary, but readers will note that activities of the men fill the pages. Actually this diary gives an excellent picture of the farming calendar in Alexander]


1 Sunday - Were all day at church, Leon to Albin’s [Albin Carlow 40]

2 Monday - Mrs. Cousins died; Leon to shop [Nancy (McLaughlin) Cousins age75; to shop apparently meant to go to the local store, Charlie Brown’s to shop]

3 Tuesday - Mort to funeral; Leon to shop

4 Wednesday - Mort. & Frank were all to Circle, went on sled. [Frank Flood]

[What was the Circle? Marian (Dwelley) Cousins provided the following: The Ladies Aid or Sewing Circle met at a different house each month. The women made aprons, socks and mittens. They tacked and quilted quilts. Why were the men there? They sold these things at a Church benefit supper and gave some things to the needy. Sometimes they raffled off a quilt at an ice cream social, or sold tickets on quilts and had the drawing at a chicken supper. Some meetings were like a bee helping any member wanting help with tacking or putting together their family quilt. Quilting was usually at Arthur Flood’s. Nelson’s wife Leota (Cousins) had the frames set up at her house and left them up until the quilt was done. At the meetings, they worked out plans for suppers and socials, and make arrangements for the next meeting. Sometimes the noon meal was pot luck, and at other times the hostess would furnish the hearty food and the guests would bring the desserts.]

5 Thursday - Mort to Calais with hay; Leon to skating party; Leon cutting wood.

6 Friday - Leon cutting wood; Mort to Frank & Thed; Leon skating [Theodore Scribner is Mort’s younger brother]

7 Saturday - Mort to Woodland with Leon hauling hay; Men all to Grange No. 26.

8 Sunday – Mort, Leon, G. Scribner & I were to Mrs. Frost’s; We were to Frank’s [George Stillman Smith Scribner, Mort’s father, age 82. He was known by his second name, Stillman or Still. The "G" likely was an abbreviation for "Gump" as he was called on January 14]

9 Monday - Leon to Orrin H.; I went to Dora’s to supper; Les & Lottie & Frost’s. [Orrin Hunnewell, Dora, wife of Thomas Edward Frost]

10 Tuesday - Men to Woodland with hay; Went to Ella’s to sing. [Ella (Lehan), wife of Frank Flood]

11 Wednesday – Mort & Leon to Calais with hay.

12 Thursday – Men to Calais with hay; Lottie & I to Ina’s. [Ina (Perkins) was Thed Scribner’s wife]

13 Friday –

14 Saturday – Mort to his fathers hauling wood for Gump; Were all to Grange Installment [Alexander Grange #304 was just up the Cooper Road from the Scribner home. It was built in 1908 between the Methodist – Episcopal Church and Charlie Brown’s store.]

15 Sunday – Were all to Church in afternoon & evening; Maud here all day.

16 Monday – Were to hall to work; Mort to Machias; Leon helping Frank kicking hay; Maud here all day.

17 Tuesday – Mort to Machias; Leon to shop.

18 Wednesday – Men in woods; Leon to shop.

19 Thursday – Mort to Baring with CW; Were all to Circle. [cord wood]

20 Friday – Mort in woods; Leon to Baileyville.

21 Saturday – Mort to Calais; we were to Hall; Roy to supper; Leon to Frank’s.

22 Sunday – Leon to Albin’s; All were to Church; Were to Albin’s to sing.

23 Monday – Leon cutting wood; Mort & G. S. hauling wood.

24 Tuesday - Mort, G. Scribner, Leon down in woods.

25 Wednesday – Mort to G. Scribner’s with colt; Leon to Orrin H

26 Thursday – Mort to Baring with Dora & family

27 Friday – Mort to Calais; Leon to Mr. Scribner’s & to Calais

28 Saturday – Mort to G. Scribner’s; Leon to Thed’s; Leon to shop.

29 Sunday – Nelson to Frank’s; Raymond here.

30 Monday – Mort to Baileyville; Leon to Albin’s.

31 Tuesday – Wilson went to woods; Mort to Baileyville; Leon to shop [likely Stephen Wilson Frost]


1 Wednesday – Mort with Leon to shop.

2 Thursday – Mort in woods & to Baileyville

3 Friday – Men in woods; Down to Ina & Thed’s in evening.

4 Saturday - Leon to shop & to Albin’s & to Frank’s.

5 Sunday – Were to Church; Leon & Lottie to Church [Lottie Flood, Frank’s daughter married Wilson Frost in 1905]

6 Monday – Leon in woods, to Baileyville

7 Tuesday – Leon in woods; Mort to Calais; Leon skating.

8 Wednesday – Leon in woods; Men all to Circle.

9 Thursday – Mort to Calais; Leon to Frank’s; I to Ella’s with Lottie

10 Friday - We were to Hall.

11 Saturday – Leon to Mel's [Hunnewell]; Mort to his fathers; Leon to Baileyville; were all to Grange.

12 Sunday – Were all to Church; Leon to Baileyville after phonograph.

13 Monday – Leon to Baileyville; Mort in woods

14 Tuesday – Men in woods; I was to Ella’s; Nelson came here.

15 Wednesday – Leon in woods; Fancy’s bossie born; I was to Ada [Berry]’s & Phebe’s [likely her mother Phebe Crafts]

16 Thursday – Men in woods; We were to Hall. [Grange Hall]

17 Friday – Leon Cutting wood; Dora & family here.

18 Saturday – Leon to Baileyville; Mort to foot of hill; Mort to his fathers after hay.

19 Sunday – Quite a number [to Church]; Leon to his Grandpa’s. [Another name for G. S. S. Scribner]

20 Monday – Leon to Calais; Mort down in woods; We were to Rhoda [Perkins]’s.

21 Tuesday – Leon to Dora’s; Mort here.

22 Wednesday – Leon to Baileyville; Mort to Baileyville; All to Circle.

23 Thursday – Leon to Baileyville; Mort to Baileyville; I went to Baring.

24 Friday – Leon to G. Scribners; Mort to Calais; Ben came. [Mort’s brother from Portland]

25 Saturday – Leon to Calais; Mort doing odd jobs; Lottie & Frank were here.

26 Sunday – Leon & Ben to G. Scribner’s; Lottie & Leon to Church.

27 Monday – Leon to G. Scribner’s; Mort cutting & we were to Hall.

28 Tuesday – Leon to Calais; Mort & G. Scribner Killing hay; were to Hall.

MARCH 1911

1 Wednesday – Leon to Calais; Mort to G. S.

2 Thursday – Killing pig & getting wood; Mrs. Frost here.

3 Friday – Leon & Wilson to Calais; Mort cutting wood.

4 Saturday – Mort to Calais; Leon & Wilson cutting up wood; Were to Grange.

5 Sunday – Leon to Albin’s; We were to Church.

6 Monday - Men cutting lumber

7 Tuesday – We were all to Hall.

8 Wednesday – Were to Hall all day.

9 Thursday – Were to Hall; Mort to Baring; Were to entertainment.

10 Friday – Men in woods; Wilsey to Harry’s. [Wilson Frost to Harry Frost’s likely to work]

11 Saturday – Mort to E. Wilson’s & to Calais; Wilsey to Harry’s. (Ernest Wilson of Alexander)

12 Sunday – Blanche’s baby born; We were to G. Scribner’s all day. [Blanche (Seamans) and Ernest Wilson’s second child, Pauline who eventually married Albert Wormell]

13 Monday – Leon to Baring; Mort to Thed’s killing hog.

14 Tuesday – Men in woods; Mother & Rhoda here.

15 Wednesday – Men in woods.

16 Thursday – Mort to Frank’s; Leon to Thed’s; Were all to Circle.

17 Friday – Mort in woods & to Baring; We were to Ella’s. [Ella Flood, wife of Frank]

18 Saturday – Mort to Baring; Wilson, Lottie, & Leon to Grange.

19 Sunday – Lottie & Wilsey were to Arthur’s; Leon to Church. [Arthur Flood had a general store near Cooper town line]

20 Monday – Men hauling wood.

21 Tuesday – Mort to Calais

22 Wednesday – Mort to Calais

23 Thursday - Mort to Crawford line.

24 Friday – Men breaking roads; Men up to G. Scribners.

25 Saturday – Men to Calais; Leon to Frank’s

26 Sunday – Lottie to Church; Leon to Albin’s.

27 Monday – Foolish bossie born;

28 Tuesday -

29 Wednesday – Leon to Scribner’s

30 Thursday – Played marsh smell Violet; Men to Albin’s & Lottie to Ella’s.

31 Friday – Mort in woods; Leon sawing wood.

APRIL 1911

1 Saturday – Mort hauling wood; Leon & Lottie to Grange; Mother here.

2 Sunday – Mort’s calf born; Leon to sing [at Church or at Albin Carlow’s?]; Chimney burned out.

3 Monday – Mort hauling wood; Leon Cutting wood; [Millie or Myrtle] here to supper.

4 Tuesday – Mort to Calais; Leon to Fred Brown’s; Leon working on [town] road. [Fred Brown was a blacksmith who lived on the Spearin Road]

5 Wednesday – Men helping E. W. stow away hay [Ernest Wilson likely had moved again]

6 Thursday – Lottie & I to Ada’s; Men helping E. W. move his cows.

7 Friday – Men hauling wood; Lottie in Calais.

8 Saturday – Mort to Princeton; Leon to Dwelley’s; Mother here; Rena’s baby born.

9 Sunday – Men to Wilson’s in forenoon & to Church in afternoon.

10 Monday – Leon to Thed’s, Mort hauling manure; men cutting wood.

11 Tuesday – Mort to Calais;

12 Wednesday – Men all to Circle; Mort to Mr. Scribner’s.

13 Thursday –

14 Friday – Men cutting wood.

15 Saturday – Mort & I to Calais all night. Lottie & Leon to Grange

16 Sunday – Ina’s baby born; Came home. [Ina and Thed’s daughter Ethel]

17 Monday – Mort to Woodland; Leon to G. Scribner’s; We were to Ina’s.

18 Tuesday – Mort to Calais; Leon to Ed Frost’s.

19 Wednesday - Mort to Baring twice; Leon’s bossie born.

20 Thursday – Men cutting wood

21 Friday – Leon to Albin’s; Mort to Cooper.

22 Saturday – Mort to Frank’s; Mort & I to Baileyville all night.

23 Sunday – We came home; Were to Albin’s to sing; Mr. & Mrs. Brown to supper.

24 Monday – Leon to Fred Brown’s.

25 Tuesday – Leon to G. Scribner’s; Lottie to Ella’s

26 Wednesday – Mort to Calais; Began to clean house; Grace came. [Likely Grace Wallace]

27 Thursday – Men on road.

28 Friday – On road.

29 Saturday – Were to Grange.

30 Sunday – Auto broke down; Lottie & I were down with Ina; Lottie & Leon were to Church. (Ina, wife of Mort’s brother Thed Scribner)

MAY 1911

1 Monday – Mort ploughing in E. W; Leon fencing; Ice out of Meddybemps Lake.

2 Tuesday – Leon on road; Mort ploughing in E. W; We were to Frank’s. [Ernest Wilson’s field]

3 Wednesday – Mort to Calais; Leon taking banking away.

4 Thursday – Mort ploughing in E. W; I was to Ella’s.

5 Friday – Mort ploughing in E. W.

6 Saturday – Sam B. to supper; Philip all night; farming to E. W.

7 Sunday – Frank & family here; Leon to Albin’s; Lottie to see Gordon.

8 Monday – Leon on road; Mort sowing oats on hill.

9 Tuesday – Mort planting potatoes up side of hill; Leon on road.

10 Wednesday – Mort to Calais; Leon on road; we were to Rhoda’s.

11 Thursday – Men farming on hill.

12 Friday – Men ploughing on E. W.

13 Saturday – Mort to Calais; Leon to Cooper; Rena here; Got Prince.

14 Sunday – [Ernest] Wilson & wife over to Ad Knowles; We were over twice.

15 Monday – Men ploughing up in E. W; Lottie to Albin’s.

16 Tuesday – Men in E. W. field harrowing.

17 Wednesday – Mort to Calais; Leon & E. W. cutting potatoes (for seed); Were all to Circle.

18 Thursday – Men planting potatoes on E. W. for Mort.

19 Friday – Leon to Woodland for E. W; Mort putting in garden on hill.

20 Saturday – Mort & I to Calais to Holland; Leon working for E. W.

21 Sunday – Leon & Lottie to Church in AM & eve; Nora Perkins buried.

22 Monday – Men to Thed’s planting potatoes.

23 Tuesday – Men planting potatoes for Thed & E. W.

24 Wednesday – Men helping Frank plant potatoes.

25 Thursday –

26 Friday – Leon working in garden; Mort to Calais

27 Saturday – Lottie to Baring; Men putting in garden; Were all to Grange; Mr. Brown ____.

28 Sunday – We were to see Maud; Rena awful sick.

29 Monday - Men harrowing back of house; putting in beans & corn.

30 Tuesday –

31 Wednesday – Men harrowing & putting in potatoes in upper field.

JUNE 1911

1 Thursday – Leon fishing; Mort set tomatoes out

2 Friday – Mort to Princeton after P. [Likely Paris Green for potatoes]

3 Saturday – Men planting P in upper field; Mort putting P on P.

4 Sunday – We were to Wallace’s to dinner; Grace came here.

5 Monday – Lottie went to her home & Brown’s mare ploughing over the road.

6 Tuesday – Putting P on P in afternoon.

7 Wednesday – Mort to Moonshine after lumber [Sidney Cheney’s mill]

8 Thursday – Mort & Thed put P. on P.

9 Friday – Mort & I to Calais; Leon hauling Manure; Dance tonight.

10 Saturday – Mort sowing oats over the road; Leon to ballgame.

11 Sunday – Mort, Grace & I to Woodland after Mrs. Brown; Were to Church.

12 Monday – Leon to Baileyville; I was to Rhoda’s; Mort down to F. Browns in forenoon & to EW ploughing.

13 Tuesday – Mort ploughing; Leon & E. W. cleaning out cellar.

14 Wednesday – Mort to Fred Brown’s; Leon fishing.

15 Thursday – Mr. Dunham here for lumber.

16 Friday – Mort after lumber for [William] Dunham [minister of the M-E Church] & Grange Hall.

17 Saturday – Mort to Calais; Leon on Flat & at ballgame.

18 Sunday – Leon to Ada’s all night; We were on ride.

19 Monday – Men in garden; I was to Ada’s.

20 Tuesday – Men hoeing weeds

21 Wednesday – Mort on state road; Leon fishing.

22 Thursday – Mort in E. W. cultivating; Leon weeding.

23 Friday – Mort to ballgame, Princeton & Alexander.

24 Saturday – Were to Hall in afternoon; Grange in evening.

25 Sunday – I was to Rhoda’s & Leon to Albin’s.

26 Monday – Men harrowing back of the house & working up the hill.

27 Tuesday – Mort to Milltown; Leon working on state road; We were to Ina’s

28 Wednesday – Leon on State road; Mort cultivating & horse hoeing potatoes; Putting in turnips.

29 Thursday – Fixing sprayer on a rainy day.

30 Friday – Fixing sprayer on a sunny day.

JULY 1911

1 Saturday – Men to Calais; Leon got wagon.

2 Sunday – Were to Church in afternoon & evening.

3 Monday – Planted turnips & sowed oats; Cultivated & hoed garden.

4 Tuesday – Were to Meddybemps Lake to picnic; Children to dance.

5 Wednesday – Men hoeing garden; Mort in E. W. field.

6 Thursday – Mort horse hoeing potatoes on E. W. field; Leon on state road.

7 Friday – Big wind! Mort horse hoeing on E. W. & to Fred Brown’s; We were to Princeton.

8 Saturday – Mort to Calais; Leon to Baring; Leon cultivating; I was to Lottie’s to bake food.

9 Sunday – Were to Albin’s to sing.

10 Monday – Ethel came here; Mort horse hoeing.

11 Tuesday – I was to Ina’s; Men haying, got one load of hay in.

12 Wednesday – Men spraying potatoes in E. W. field; Men haying; To Circle.

13 Thursday – Men got in six loads of hay.

14 Friday - ditto

15 Saturday – Mort horse hoeing in other field; Men haying & spraying.

16 Sunday – Marshia & Lena & Phebe & Rena to dinner; We on ride.

17 Monday – Grace to Calais; Mort fixing mowing machine.

18 Tuesday – Leon fishing; Mort to Calais after stove.

19 Wednesday – Rhoda here; Men haying

20 Thursday – Separator men here; Men haying.

21 Friday – Men haying; We were on the road.

22 Saturday – Mort hoeing the garden; Leon fishing; Were to Grange.

23 Sunday – Were all to Church in afternoon & evening; Started S. S. (Sunday school)

24 Monday – Men picking peas.

25 Tuesday – Men in Calais; Leon fishing & playing ball; We were to Grange.

26 Wednesday – Men haying & spraying potatoes. On E. W. & other field.

27 Thursday – Men haying

28 Friday – Men haying

29 Saturday – Leon fishing; Mort fixing stable.

30 Sunday – Leon to Albin’s; We were to Moonshine Lake.

31 Monday – Hail storm; Men haying.


1 Tuesday – Leon working for E. W.; Mort & us getting load ready. [Likely the load was garden produce to be sold in Calais]

2 Wednesday – Mort to Thed’s; Leon & E. W. to Calais; Mort thinning out turnips.

3 Thursday – Men haying; Mother and Sis called; Finished haying & had ice cream.

4 Friday – E. W. began to hay; Charlie [Brown]’s colt died.

5 Saturday – Men haying on E. W. I went to Sis’ & Ella’s; were to Grange; Gene on 1st Degree.

6 Sunday – Were to S. school & down to Thed’s; Leon on ride.

7 Monday – Men haying; We were to shop and to Albin’s.

8 Tuesday – Men haying.

9 Wednesday – Men haying.

10 Thursday – Men haying.

11 Friday – Hauled in hay.

12 Saturday – Getting load ready; Hal & Billy & family over.

13 Sunday – Were all to M [Meddybemps] Lake, men fishing, and had dinner; To George’s to supper. [Likely George Dwelley’s]

14 Monday – Were all to Princeton, men fishing; Had ice cream & were to Calais.

15 Tuesday - We were all to Dwelleys’ Lake.

16 Wednesday – Billy & crowd went home; Leon to shop & to Albin’s.

17 Thursday – Men mowing oats.

18 Friday – Mort finished mowing oats & were to Scribner’s.

19 Saturday – We were to Grange; men getting load ready.

20 Sunday – Leon to Cooper; Elmer, Sarah, Eda, & family, and Thed & family here to dinner.

21 Monday – Mort to Calais.

22 Tuesday – Men got in oats.

23 Wednesday – Men sprayed potatoes & got load ready.

24 Thursday – Mort to Calais; Leon to shop; Lilly & family came.

25 Friday – Men to Ball game, Alexander & Meddybemps; Men digging potatoes.

26 Saturday – Men getting load ready for Monday; I took Lilly to Dwelley’s; Leon to Cooper Grange.

27 Sunday – Were to S. school; Ira & family here.

28 Monday – Mort to Calais; Leon to shop.

29 Tuesday – Bull died; Men jobbing around; Leon to Thed’s.

30 Wednesday – Men on Church; Ada here all day.

31 Thursday – Ina & family & I were to Dora [Frost]’s to sing; Men on Church.


1 Friday – Men getting load ready for Calais.

2 Saturday – Mort to Calais; Leon digging potatoes; Were all to Grange.

3 Sunday – Were to Church all day.

4 Monday – Were to Woodland to Labor Day.

8 Friday – Mort to Princeton with potatoes; were all to Circle.

10 Sunday – Were to S. School.

11 Monday – Dug and hauled in potatoes.

12 Tuesday – Maud Perkins picked up potatoes.

13 Wednesday - Were to St. Stephen Fair.

14 Thursday – Were to Maud’s funeral.

15 Friday – Were to chicken supper.

16 Saturday – Mort to Calais; Were to Grange; men jobbing around.

17 Sunday – Were to Sunday school.

18 Monday - Mort to Calais, got pigs; Leon getting load ready.

19 Tuesday - Men to Calais; Lottie & I in house.

20 Wednesday – Were to Princeton Fair.

21 Thursday – Leon to Princeton Fair; After potato digger; Mrs. & Frank to Cooper.

22 Friday – Men dug on Leon’s potatoes; Thed got pigs.

23 Saturday – Dug E. W. potatoes, and gathered his garden; Done my tomatoes up.

24 Sunday – Were to Church in afternoon.

25 Monday – Digging potatoes; Lottie & Guy [Scribner] here.

26 Tuesday – Went to Calais with load of potatoes.

27 Wednesday – Dug potatoes for Frank; We were to Ella’s.

28 Thursday – We were to Calais Fair.

29 Friday – Dug 379 bushels [of potatoes] for Frank.

30 Saturday – Mort to Calais; Were to Grange; Leon jobbing around.


1 Sunday – Church; Were to Ina’s in afternoon.

2 Monday – Digging potatoes.

3 Tuesday – Thrashed oats with T. machine; Dug potatoes.

4 Wednesday – Thrashed to Frank’s; Woodman Jessie arrested. [A search of the Calais Advertiser and Machias failed to identify Jessie or his crime]

5 Thursday – Men helping put Frank’s straw away; Dug potatoes in afternoon.

6 Friday – Finished digging potatoes on E. W. & began on other field.

7 Saturday – Men digging potatoes.

8 Sunday – Mort & I to Princeton.

9 Monday – Finished digging potatoes here and began to Thed’s; I were to Ina’s to supper.

10 Tuesday – Men digging down to Thed’s; I were to Lottie’s to dinner & to Lizzie [Brown]’s to supper.

11 Wednesday – Finished digging potatoes down to Thed’s; Were all to Circle.

12 Thursday – Leon to [James] Lyons to work; Mort digging few potatoes & gathering turnips.

13 Friday – Leon working for Lyons; Mort picking apples; were to dance in Woodland.

14 Saturday – Mort to Calais; Leon hunting; were to Grange.

15 Sunday – Were to Church in afternoon & evening.

16 Monday – Mort Worked on P Planter; Leon to Will’s & to Thed’s in thrashing machine.

17 Tuesday – Leon to Lyons; Florence [Frost] here all day.

18 Wednesday – Mort to Calais; Leon picking over potatoes and to shop.

19 Thursday – Mort to Calais; Leon picking over potatoes.

20 Friday – Mort to Princeton with potatoes; Leon picking over potatoes.

21 Saturday – Mort to Delmont Dwelley’s spreading manure; Leon picking over potatoes.

22 Sunday – We were to Mr. Scribner’s for supper, Ben & Ethel here.

23 Monday – Ben & Ethel to B.

24 Tuesday – Mort to Calais; I were to Ella’s.

25 Wednesday – Were to Circle; Repairs on stable at Church.

26 Thursday – I were to Phebe’s; Mort to Princeton

27 Friday – Leon to G Scribner’s banking house; Mort getting in corn.

28 Saturday – Mort & Leon gathering turnips; Floyd [Frost] here to work.

29 Sunday – I were to Ada’s to dinner.

30 Monday -

31 Tuesday – Mort to S.S.S. ploughing; Leon to Baring.


1 Wednesday – Mort to Baring with potatoes.

2 Thursday – Mort to G. Scribner’s ploughing; Leon to Baring.

3 Friday – Picked up potatoes.

4 Saturday – Mort to Calais.

5 Sunday – Were to Church in afternoon & evening

6 Monday – Mort to G. Scribner’s ploughing; Leon banking house.

7 Tuesday – Men picking up potatoes & plowing some.

8 Wednesday – Mort to Baring with Leon after G. S. horse; all to Circle.

9 Thursday – Leon to Baring with potatoes; Mort ploughing for G.S

10 Friday – Leon to Baring; Mort banking house.

11 Saturday – Mort to Calais; Leon banking house; Were to Grange.

12 Sunday – Leon to Albin’s; Mr. Wells here.

13 Monday -

14 Tuesday –

15 Wednesday – Mort to Baring; Leon to G. Scribner’s.

16 Thursday – Leon to Baring with potatoes; Mort to G. S. S. ploughing

17 Friday – Leon to Baring with potatoes; Mort banking house.

18 Saturday -

19 Sunday – Were down to Thed’s.

20 Monday – Mort to Calais; I were to Phebe’s; Leon hunting.

21 Tuesday – Mort ploughing in E. W. field & after wood over to Mr. Niles. [Fred Niles on Arm Road]

22 Wednesday – Mort ploughing to E. W; Leon picking up potatoes; Were all to Grange.

23 Thursday – Mort to Calais; Leon to Will’s; I were to Ada’s.

24 Friday – Mort to Princeton; Leon hunting; I were to Dora’s all day.

25 Saturday – Were all to Grange; Had Town Meeting.

26 Sunday – Were to Church in afternoon & evening.

27 Monday –

28 Tuesday – Mort ploughing; I were to Ella’s.

29 Wednesday – Mort ploughing.

30 Thursday – Mort ploughing; Leon hunting; I were to shop & Lizzie’s.


1 Friday – Mort ploughing.

2 Saturday Mort to Calais; Noland [Perkins] here.

3 Sunday – Were to Hiram Staples.[on Staples Road in Baileyville; Mort is brother of Alice Staples]

4 Monday – Leon to Calais; Mort cutting wood.

5 Tuesday – Were all to Farmers’ Institute.

6 Wednesday – Men hauling dressing out.

7 Thursday – Men hauling dressing out.

8 Friday – Were to Calais all day.

9 Saturday – Mort killing hog; Up to Frank’s.

10 Sunday – Thed & family here all day.

11 Monday – Cut up pig; Baked apple pies.

12 Tuesday – Mort to Calais after hog; Leon to G. S. pressing [hay]

13 Wednesday – Were to Circle; Leon to Baileyville after cow.

14 Thursday – Mort ploughing; Leon to S. S. pressing; Mr. Dunham here.

15 Friday – Mort to Calais Hospital [likely with produce]; Leon to G. S. pressing; I were to Sis & Lottie’s.

16 Saturday – Were to Grange, chose officers; Leon pressing hay to G. S; Mort putting in brake wood.

17 Sunday – Leon to Church & in evening.

18 Monday – Mort after wood; Leon to S. Scribner’s.

19 Tuesday – Mort to Calais; Were to Lottie’s cleaning house.

20 Wednesday – Leon to S. Scribner’s; Mort hauling wood; I were to Ina’s all day.

21 Thursday – Ina’s kids all here; Mort to Calais; Leon home.

22 Friday – Leon to Fred Brown’s; Mort doing odd jobs.

23 Saturday – Mort to Calais in afternoon; Were all to Grange; Got bracelet.

24 Sunday – I were to Albin’s; Leon to dance.

25 Monday – Got my bracelet; Leon skating; Men in woods.

26 Tuesday – Mother here.

27 Wednesday – Were to Circle.

28 Thursday – Ina & family here.

29 Friday –

30 Saturday – Men in woods; Leon skating.

31 Sunday – Frank’s family here; Leon up road.

2 acre piece – 65 bushel potatoes; on Frank’s 420 bushels; on E. W. 218 bushels